The genius who brought us the PC, the Tesla of computing, Gary Kildall

I’d never heard of Gary Kildall.   The PC didn’t start out of IBM and the big corporations.  It was put together by a tiny company working from a house.   Gary was the founder.

Unfortunately he went on TV and had conferences revealing his ideas and projects to others, such as Bill Gates.  His technology was inevitably copied.  He was removed from the scene before he could bring the PC industry into being and others took his ideas and converted them into the CIA/NASA control system we have today, aged 52 in 1999.  

He was the Tesla of modern computing, a little naive about the people who wanted to gain wealth and power from his ideas, regarding them as his friends.

His CPM ended up in competition with MS/DOS, which heavily undercut CPM by 6:1.  Bill Gates had access to big money that Gary didn’t have, and knew that a PC monopoly would be created, and the control system.

The true story of IBM and Bill Gates is told.

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