The angel with a broken heart

God created us equal. So what went wrong? 

The answer lies in my book, “The Angel With A Broken Heart.” It describes in detail why Lucifer, the most magnificent of the angelic hosts chose to challenge the power and majesty of God. Yes, Lucifer was proud but why would a third of the angelic hosts join him in the rebellion, just because of his pride? There was a real and compelling reason to rebel – so compelling that an incredible battle for Heaven took place.

I realize this is self serving, but there is not enough space to explain that compelling reason. So please read the book.

Leslie Michael

TAP – not really my bag to be honest.  Yet I did ask the question. The ‘world’ beyond our perception is of great interest if we could only understand it.  My problem with the groups who meet and talk about having a close relationship with God is that their emphasis is on the effect this has on their own lives.  They cease to take responsibility for the world around them, and stop looking at the evil forces at play in the financial and political world as something for them to address and sort out.  No wonder the  powers that be spend so much effort on supporting the Church.  It neutralises so much potential opposition.  All is not alright with the world.  In fact almost nothing is alright.  Yet the God Squad go around believing that it is.

Prayer is powerful, inwardly and outwardly.  Don’t hand all that power to an institution which is linked to the oppressive powers that seek our slavery.  Stay independent at all times.  Don’t trust any group, which you don’t create yourself.  Keep it free from those who arrive with funds to help you.  

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  1. shirlz007 says:

    Yep! I was kinda introduced to the whole Lucifer is the bringer of light, wisdom and knowledge thing. Venus the bearer of light, morning star… I DO KINDA BELEIVE IN IT TO AN EXTENT.

    I always think of Dogma! Ben Affleck and Matt Damon… kinda feel sorry for them! (Its not like I cry at the end or anything!)

    I really am going to make a positive contribution! :'( things are soooooooo fucking bad!

    Putin? :’/

    Im not trying to divert attention away from MH17 (OR GAZA!!!)

    ‘MH370… commercial flights don’t just disappear (unless the Pentagon says they do)’


    even if Im the only fucker that reads it! Il carry on… then write a book! (probably be the only fucker that buys it! Signed copy!)

  2. Anonymous says:

    My copy is on its way and shirlz007 if you ever get round to publishing your book you can count on two copies having been sold i.e. one by you and one by me.

    Gadaffi, yes, quite a remarkable man really with a strong sense of doing right by his people. More than I can say for dual national pro Israeli Zionist scourge we have.


  3. Anonymous says:

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  4. Anonymous says:

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  5. Perhaps there are some people who would be happy to spend money to read an apology for Lucifer / Satan. I’m not one of them. Lucifer is the false light bringer. He is a fraud. The light he has – the intellect – is nothing in comparison to the true light of love from your Father. Lucifer’s only interest in you is to make you his food.

    Lucifer is currently running the world. Do you think he’s doing a good job?

    He/She designed and directs the world-beast-system of lies, slavery, pedophilia, and suffering, and yet Mr Michael expects people to pay to read a bunch of propaganda excusing it. The sad thing being, some people probably will.

    Support for Lucifer is the same thing as support for the NWO. The NWO is his. Why *anyone* would be on Lucifer’s side is beyond me.

    His website’s still down BTW.

  6. Anonymous says:

    In part I have to agree with you Tap but I feel the problem is that people are just not educated enough nor understand the true meaning of life, our human existence and potential, what happens after physical death and the realms of the spirit world.
    People have been falsely educated in part due to their fear and laziness in not questioning the authority of religion just blindly accepting whatever comes out of the mouth of these institutions. How can one be educated from such institutions when those in them are falsely educated and so the world goes round in circles.

    The world is not what it seems!

    My advice would be for people to get off their lazy backsides, question everything leaving no stone unturned and get true knowledge from here a little, there a little.


  7. Anonymous says:

    So it`s not like we have massive problems with SRA , then….
    Afterall people here think that Lucifer is a good thing , the bringer of light and knowlege ….
    Confuse , divide and conquer…

  8. Anonymous says:

    I often wonder if it’a all a deliberate double bluff…
    Lucifer -(the bad guy) is really the good guy and God of the bible is really the bad guy.

    The catholic church is satanical so the God they worship (supposedly that of the bible) is really Satan, leaving the biblical Satan – ‘Lucifer’ to be the true good God.
    They don’t want the people worshiping the good God they want us worshiping the bad God so what better way to achieve that than by lying to us about which God is really the good guy

    The bible cannot be relied on for correct information as it has been altered and is not true to original scripture. Few people would ever know that though as few people can translate original scripture and the church leaders know that.

  9. Somewhere in Europe says:

    In this duality illusion that we live in there’s the dark and the false light. They are both sides of the SAME coin – that’s a clue. Look at masonic symbolism such as the black & white chequered floor. Dark and false light are keeping us trapped in the matrix. The true light which casts no shadows is where our source is. Doesn’t ask or need to be worshipped. Its were the ‘all’ started and each one of us is a fragment of the ‘all’.

  10. somewhere in Europe says:

    Following on from the above this gives one explanation of how it all happened according to gnostics and the original illuminati.
    Divine Suicide/The Creation Myth

  11. Anonymous says:
    ‘God’ punishes those who disobey him. They are allegedly condemned to hell, wherever that is. Satan allegedly punishes those sent to his domain, hell. That should make Satan good shouldn’t it? ;>)

  12. Anonymous says:

    Total garbage!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Is it Tap Blog or Albert Pike/ Freemasonry garbage .
    It `s all this Luciferian ideas popping out everywhere….
    The same with making peadophilia acceptable .
    Old ,good fasion conditioning ,proven and tested by our beloved CIA.
    I thought that MSM was pushing those agendas 24/7. I also thought that alternative media was against it ….

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