Malaysian 777 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpa has crashed over Eastern Ukraine, no sign of survivors.
Possibly shot down…

Not in Europe! Not on a our fucking doorstep! (as bad as that sounds)…

something’s got to give now! 2014!

Stalemate over Iran, Syria is a warzone… they’ve kicked over a shit bucket right on our fucking doorstep! A DANGEROUS ONE, INVOLVING THE TWO SUPERPOWERS! Reignited the cold war… and it’s turning hot. Ukrainian ‘Government’ are INSANE (understatement)… no understanding of geo-politics… REALITY!

shirlz007 said…

My first suspicion, IF it has been shot down… the Ukrainian, Neo-Nazi, Anti-Russian groups, who are fighting pro-Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine… possibly with the backing of the Ukrainian ‘Government’…

WITHOUT the backing of US (maybe some elements of US, doubt it though).

I personally can’t imagine ANYONE being stupid enough to think they down an international flight in Europe, and expect the desired results.
(I don’t see this being CIA)

The Ukrainian Government is already saying it was shot down?
(How the fuck do you know!!!)

… It’s Malaysian flight again.
Possibly Chinese passengers? Can’t see anyone of importance being on a flight from Amsterdam to Malaysia. Someone from another flight (US, Europe… Malaysia?… a handful of passengers at most?)

IF the ‘alternate media’ took more of an interest in solving MH370, and broadcasting what they believed occurred, collectively… THIS MAY NOT HAVE HAPPENED!!! (EVERYONE THAT I CONTACTED!!!)

I personally think (first hunch)… The Ukrainian Government has lost the plot, and inteneds to try and pin this on pro-Russian forces… they may NOT have had the CIAs backing… and the CIA/US may not be able to control what it’s unleashed (Frankensteins monster once again!)

TAP – Malaysia’s being given the treatment.  Running common law courts finding Bush and Blair guilty as war criminals can’t be helping.

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  1. shirlz007 says:

    That is a biggie concerning the Malaysian War Crimes trial (seems more so for Bush than Blair!)… it seems Malaysia is being intentionally targeted.
    (I just can’t see the US/CIA, as a whole, being so brazen)

    let’s ALL approach this logically, checking the facts, whilst considering the possibilities and scenarios we know are possible…

    Go ahead Israel! Invade Gaza… The world is now pre-occupied!
    (it could have the backing of Mossad?)

    I may comment again before 12.00…

  2. Anonymous says:

    why not cia? usa basically runs ukraine.
    why be one voice? to easily bash us down by accepted lie?
    try harder!

  3. Anonymous says:

    See John Perkins video on youtube ‘Confessions of an economic hitman’ then you will be able to recognize the USA’s MO on all the countries involved in the ‘Arab Spring’. Before that it was Iraq. Now its Ukraine. If you can’t see alphabets behind this then you should’ve gone to specsavers.
    USA is B_R_O_K_E. The way these bozos get money is by creating a problem via covert ops which they call ‘insurgences’ then the reaction from the sheeple is ‘ooh look! the ——- (insert any race, religion of political persuasion you like) extremists are murdering/maiming the innocent. Then USA will persuade all the other members of UN who they’ve got dirt on to send in troops to rescue the country. For rescue read ‘invade by stealth’. Population gets reduced, infrastructure destroyed, usual playbook enacted. All rebuilding contracts go to USA contractors and puppet government set up to ensure debts paid back forever and a day to USA banksters.

    Previous Ukraine govt was anti joining EU – that should tell us something. This new one isn’t. It all boils down to the once mighty petrodollar which is being ditched by Russia and China. Even the froggies have come out and said there’s no need to deal in dollars! Tide is turning against the USA bully-boys and this is a last ditch attempt by them before they crash.


  4. shirlz007 says:

    it’s too obvious for CIA… like I said… this won’t have the backing of the CIA as a whole (I would be 95% certain of that)… this move has the potential to escalate things too quickly and too uncontrollably for The Agencies liking!

    Yeah the US/CIA have backed Neo Nazi fighting groups in Ukraine, yeah they’ve trained, armed and supported them… that’s not to say Ukrainian Government hasn’t gone rogue and decided to pull this off, WITHOUT the support of CIA.

    Geo-politically… there ALOT of in-fighting and factioning within Ukrainian interim Govt, a lot between elements of CIA/Pentagon and Europe…

    The CIA doesn’t fully control every monster it unleashes upon the world! It likes to think it can, but in reality? :/

    I strongly suspect elements of Ukrainian Govt have done this on their own, and will be expecting the CIA to back it…
    whether it will or not is another matter.
    The CIA don’t like things happening without their knowledge or consent…
    As the Zenmaster says… ‘we’ll see’

  5. Anonymous says:

    Question 1: Who was on board?
    Question 2: What was in the cargo hold? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Anonymous says:

    Odd how those passports are sitting like new on the ground from a plane that exploded on impact reminiscent of the passports found at Twin Towers on 9/11.

    Odd how after his 6 day tour of Latin America Putin arrives home today to yet further escalation of the West/Russia crisis by the downing of a Boeing 777 on East Ukrainian soil.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Mendacious BBC showing images of multiple pristine passports supposedly from the crash sight! Bodies burnt beyond recognition (if the fireball being shown as the plane hits the ground is anything to go by) but passports – misappropriated from the bodies/luggage – look like they’ve just been received in the post from the passport office! A lot like that pristine passport found from one of the ’19’ after the 9/11 false flag Twin Tower attacks. What a load of bollocks!

    Also, how did the ‘in place’ camera know exactly where to look, as the Malaysian plane supposedly hit the ground in a huge fireball? It all looks like the usual ‘by deception shall we make war’ narrative.

    The lie merchants at BBC, Sky News et all are totally complicit in the deception and are equally culpable as those who shot down the plane.

    Zionist Occupied Ukraine is most likely behind the atrocity.

  8. Anonymous says:

    @ 7:03 pm – It’s pathetic isn’t it? Passports that look brand spanking new! I posted my similar comment without first seeing yours. Passports are usually retained on the person – so what were ‘first responders’ or even ordinary civilians first on the scene – doing rummaging about broken and bloodied bodies collecting passports?

    The reporting is so painfully biased against Russia and the Ukraine Separatists. Some dick-head of a former UK Ambassador (Sir Andrew Wood? – wood for brains) said dismissively: “The Ukraine Separatists wouldn’t know a Black Box if they saw one!” when asked about them finding the FDR and/or CVR first. What a gob-shite! We all know that the Flight Data Recorder and the Cockpit Voice Recorder are actually orange in colour and the Ukraine Separatists would know exactly what they were as they are unmistakable when seen!

    We had better get used to this sort of crap during engineered World War 3.

  9. Anonymous says:

    An interesting development (apparently) is that President Putin’s very similar looking presidential plane (on his return from South America) was only 20 or so minutes away in similar – not exact – airspace (fore or aft) from the Malaysian plane shot down.

    Also the Malaysian plane’s maiden flight was 17 July 1997 and its fateful flight was 17 July 2014! The Illuminati just love to leave a calling card.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Latest: there were 80 children on the stricken plane’s manifest. Cowardly Israel has now got to be the prime suspect as they are dab hands at killing Palestinian children, one every three days on average before the current Gaza massacres. The IDF are also experts in the killing of pregnant Palestinian mother and child, referring to the unborn as a ‘snake’ as they sniper the womb. Brave soldiers indeed!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Of course, it’s gotta be them Jews, it’s so obvious. Anyone with half a brain cell can see straight away. Most people commenting so far have just that.

  12. Anonymous says:

    It seems likely that, whatever plane was shot down, it wasn’t flight MH17, as this flight is recorded as not having taken off, because it was cancelled. Also, the aircraft which was blown out of the sky was being accompanied by two Ukrainian fighter planes at the time. See:

  13. shirlz007 says:

    When MH370 disappeared, people contributed with some superb comments on Aangirfan, and on here I suppose (to be honest I didn’t check much on Tap at time). Points and possibilities I would never have considered, sources I wouldn’t have found, etc etc. I think most people came to same conclusion (similar)… IT WAS ON HERE SOMEONE FIRST SAID ‘DIEGO GARCIA’!!!

    In this case, possibly more simpler in terms of whats happened (Shot down? 70% certain?)

    Slightly more complicated in terms of geo-politics, and the actual culprits?
    By whom? Why? How? Who gains? Who loses? What follows? Which media attempts to spins what? Anyone profit? Anyone have prior knowledge?

    I haven’t been up to date with fighting in Ukraine for past three/four weeks (paedophilia… never thought I would use that as an excuse)

    Im asking why, months prior, planes where ‘advised’ not to fly over Crimea and Southern Ukraine… when ALL the fighting has been in the East. (Crimeas been Putins since… March? Mother Russia!)
    What region has this happened? Donestsk? IS THAT IN THE EAST? !!!

    Boeing 777’s!!!
    1 Missing!
    1 in Tel Aviv!
    1 Downed in Eastern Ukraine!
    THAT’S JUST PLANE SILLY! (see what I did there)

    I would take that Putin Assassination attempt with a pinch of salt! (provide evidence Duff… WE DO! ;D )

    Im sticking with what Im saying thus far… maybe putting more emphasis on possible Israeli Mossad involvement! (THE INSANE ISAELI TERROR POSSE)… if ANYONE is crazy enough, brazen enough… IT’S THE MOSSAD! (should be it’s Motto… through shear insanity, thou shalst wage war)

  14. shirlz007 says:

    I still don’t see the CIA being behind this? (not in terms of CIA… elements would have known)… I don’t see this as US Operation.


    Jim Stone? Regarding MH370, he may well have nailed it, in how and why? but if I was heading that Operation… first thing I would have done is execute everyone that was not needed… not allowing them to stick phones up their arse, and send messages. Apologies to those who may be offended… but come on! EVERYONE (that was/is not needed) from MH370 is dead. Probably within first two/three hours of it landing. IF that’s what happened.

    I think elements of Ukrainian Govt have made demands from the CIA and US for past couple of months… promises where made that the CIA and US could NOT deliver… AND THEY’VE GONE ROGUE! (so yeah… it is CIAs fault!).
    That’s how I read the situation!

    Promises where made, the Ukrainian Gangster Govt (delusional psychopaths with no bearing of reality… reality in terms of geo-politics and intelligence!) where promised unbelievably silly things from the US (and NATO/Europe to an extent)… and they’ve realised their nothing but small fry!
    They think they can pull this off, act big time… and CIA will go along (possibly with Israel/Mossad whispering in their ear!)… maybe the CIA will have to! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Some of you think these conspiracies are all organised, and satanic… maybe with 9/11… NOT WHEN IT COMES TO FUCKING SHIT LIKE THIS!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ chaos, stupidity, insanity, madness.

    Madness… why not? :/ alweays good time for Madness! ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. shirlz007 says:

    When it comes to geo-politics and shit… IM A LEGEND SOMETIMES! (when it comes to other stuff aswell it seems! come on CIA… Im good!)

    (I don’t see us making it 15/20 years… if we do it’s Mad Max style!)


    COME TAP COMMENTATORS!!! (I wont comment until Tommorrow afternoon… 17.00)

    GO FOR IT!!! (please try not to remain Anonymous… it’s fucking gay! Is Russel Brand the best Team GB can fucking give us! Ask him if he’ll put a bullet in Lord Rothschilds head (two) if we get him close enough)


    Enlightened Tap commentators…. the floor is all yours!

  16. Anonymous says:

    @ 9:55 pm Typical Zionist MO BS – attack the person(s) and never address the argument. You would make me sick if I cared.

    Many if not most on here are looking at numerous live news feeds and forming an informed opinion about what really happened in real time.

    Suggestion: Instead of having a sarcastic ‘go’ at those who at least TRY to analyse world events and their true objective(s), why don’t you give a honest opinion and make a comment on what you believe really happened today?

  17. Anonymous says:

    esides finding Bush and BLAIR guilty,the Malaysian special courts also found THE STATE of ISRAEL guilty!

  18. Anonymous says:

    shirlz007 I wrote to your email address published here a few weeks ago. It was returned to me.

    Please could you publish it again?

    I used to write at Aangirfan, but was spooked when their address changed-somehow it did not ‘feel’ like Aangirfan. We are living in spooky times.

    Others have made more expert analytic comments re the Malaysian Air crash in Ukraine.
    For me it seems that reality is being made to happen to fit someone’s Plan.

    Anyway, I try once more to email you.
    Keep up the good fight. WIth thanks.

  19. Anonymous says:

    @ 11:27 The bodies ain’t cold yet so to make any opinion on who done it is not informed Just stupid speculation. As for trying to analyse it, as you say, how can you? Your pissing in the wind, any old crackpot theory is an educated quess then. That’s called bullshit

  20. NPP says:

    07.31hr UK time


    Just heard at 7.15am Sabrina Tavernise of the New York Times reporting live from Malaysian crash site talking to BBC R4 Sarah Montague.
    I paraphrase:
    “The local villagers seem to be sure it was the Ukrainians. I know that’s not in accordance with the US, but there is little doubt it was the Ukrainians. Locals saw a rocket. Locals say the Ukrainians frequently fire from here…”

    Not exact words, but as best as I can recall.

    They cut off from the report instantly after Sabrina had calmly given her report.
    This is a blog referencing Sabrina Tavernise:

    BBC all morning putting slant on Russian shoot down, blame Putin.
    They are now 07.24hr airing an alleged phone call between Russian separatists and Russians talking about having brought down the plane.

    Bloody BBC. I’m afraid my gut feeling is Bias Bias Crap.

  21. NPP says:

    BBC R4 Today broadcast again part of Sabrina Tavernise’s call, only a description of the scene, they omit
    “The local villagers seem to be sure it was the Ukrainians. I know that’s not in accordance with the US, but there is little doubt it was the Ukrainians. Locals saw a rocket. Locals say the Ukrainians frequently fire from here…”

    The BBC go onto suggest it was pro-Russian rebels.

    Incredible bias. Crap reporting at best.

  22. Somewhere in Europe says:

    I think this woman is onto something and has connected the dots very well. Addresses the issue of the type of missile used which are old Russian ones no longer used by Russsia but are used by Ukraine. Its all about the dollar and the US cabal becoming Billy No Mates. http://futuristrendcast.wordpress.com/2014/07/17/blatant-falseflag-ukraine-missile-targeted-putins-plane-hit-malaysia-mh17-instead/

  23. Anonymous says:

    Jim Stone’s take on it. Jimstonefreelance.com

    Strong emperical evidence Israel shot down plane
    Plane shoot down: approximately 14:15 UTC. Israeli assault on Gaza: 14:00 UTC. See a connection there? And when you consider the fact that it took time to confirm the downing, the two times actually match even more closely. Israel’s assault on Gaza is viewed badly by the world community, what better way to bury it in the news than a plane shoot down, complete with the threat of a war with Russia?

    And even if Russian forces did do this, it only takes a couple Jews among them to cause something like this. In my opinion it is case closed regarding this, with the only question being: was this used as cover for disposal of flight 370? Come on now, TWO MALAYSIA 777 AIRCRAFT IN 4 MONTHS? YEAH RIGHT. Any three year old would catch that B.S. if it involved airplane cookies instead.

    UPDATE: Flightradar24.com now shows flight MH17 taking off ON TIME (July 18.) Yet when flight 370 vanished, it took weeks to resume. So either Malaysia airlines has multiple planes on this route, or they did not lose one. AND EVEN WITH THE NEW DEPARTURE TIME ESTIMATED, THE OLD DEPARTURE TIME FOR JULY 17 IS NOT LISTED AND THE FLIGHT STILL SHOWS AS CANCELED.

    UPDATE: BUSTED: High level tampering with this web site over MH17 DOCUMENTED. If I log in to administer this web site, and I click the front page link to Flightradar24, I get This version of events, yet if I am not logged in to administer this site and hit the page like a random user, Flightradar switches the page served to THIS PAGE And they show a departure time of 10:31. Why then does this WIKIPEDIA report show the departure time as 10:14? THEY HAVE SCREWED UP AND DID NOT GET THE TIMES STRAIGHT IN THIS FALSE FLAG. PEOPLE HOP ON THIS AND GET AS MANY CONFLICTING TIMES AS POSSIBLE DOCUMENTED.
    CONFIRMED:Flightradar24.com is messing with results and screwed up a non existent departure time as proven by THE MSM. This inconsistency first noticed in a Wikipedia post is not a false edit or mistake
    Keep in mind it is the minutes that matter here because time zones vary. 10:31 does not equal 6:15 no matter where you are on the globe, and for the record, this now confirms 3 different departure times, proof of a B.S. departure and re-enforcement of the possibility this really was the disposal of flight 370.

    Shoot down now confirmed and therefore top posted
    Gaza carnage has disappeared from the news over this shoot down, is this a secondary motive?

    Judging from what is happening now, I am going to un officially call it – Flight 370 has been disposed of, Russia will be blackballed, and ISRAEL DID IT ALL, because under the waves generated by this shoot down story The ground invasion of Gaza has started and there is not a PEEP in the MSM about it. how convenient!

    Heads up: Flightradar24.com which is the defining site for flight history says MH17 was canceled and never departed, with no departure time listed. Hmmm . . . . . Good cover for flight 370? Not enough substance to make a call on that one, but this is something to make note of at least. The site is down now, possibly overwhelmed? That is OK, I got a photograph of this.
    And keep in mind that it is all in a blender now, with the necessary lies being told to bury this connection. Someone already has a Wiki up with the entire story including departure time, but no legitimate travel site site I came across in two hours searching actually listed it.

  24. Anonymous says:

    more from Jim Stone:
    Additional info as it comes in (copy paste links)
    Jordan sent:

    I found something else interesting about this. Flight 777 was being escorted by 2 Ukrainian fighter jets until just before the “disappearance.” The air traffic control tower was then taken over by foreign personnel.





    I watched CNN this morning and saw the story about the shoot down. They are already saying it was Russia who did it without providing a single piece of proof, NOT EVEN A MOTIVATION or reason for them to shoot it down, and claiming they know it was Russia, long before they even knew where the damned plane wreckage was! They were also claiming they lost contact with it at the Eastern border of Ukraine, yet somehow knew it went down in the Eastern areas, yet somehow did not know where the plane was?

    You want to know why the plane “lost contact?” Because an American AWACS system jammed its communications so there was no evidence when it was shot down by Ukraine to provide a pretext to go to war with Russia. This is exactly what happened, anything else is a lie!

    My comment: Good info there. One question about those “Ukraine jets” which could have been spoofed in as cover for American jets? What about them as an escort for flight 370? Would that not be ideal for remote control to its death?

  25. This vid shows the crash site, and bodies. I’m no expert – can anyone tell me – can dead people hold their arms up in the air?

    There’s a naked body, burned, with arm held up in the air… Another with arm & perfect fingers – it looks unreal.
    Sure with rigor mortis it’d be possible, but that would set in after they were dead, and collapsed on the floor…

    It looks like they were all dead before the crash!

    In fact rigor mortis only occurs between hours 3 and 12 after death. Were they killed on the runway before takeoff?

  26. Roy Wright says:

    Its clearly a tidy up on mh370 disposing of evidence, bonus it starts ww3 or at least worsens the situation in Russia. Yea I to saw the passports on the news, nice and shiny. What a load of bullock the mass media expect us to eat.

  27. Anonymous says:

    What was flight MH17 doing flying through a war zone when airline flights had been rerouted bypassing Ukraine months ago?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Shirlz, Your mental energy is phenomenal, your mental agility knows no bounderies, your brainstorming is inspiring. Don’t stop.

  29. shirlz007 says:




    GCHQ and NSA like to try mess around with my email accounts (Its actually quite a pain in the arse! so if you do email me, do it to two of the above, and forward it on to a number of personal emails, it helps ensure it hasn’t been changed, or tampered with)



    Im at a loss with this.

    Again… don’t be too quick to blame the CIA.

    Im saying the Ukrainian military, backed by elements of Ukrainian Govt.
    (flight was escorted by Ukrainian jets, unitl 3 mins before the shoot down)


    Questions over whether the flight should have been flying through that airspace.

    Who gave this attack the green light? CIA or Mossad? (both?)

    With last nights invasion of Gaza, the way the Zionist controlled media are spinning it at pro-Russians and Putin… you looking at Israeli involvement at some extent.

    ‘shoot first, ask CIA later’??? :/

  30. stedra rulz says:

    Did the Diego Garcia story really start here on the Tap blog?

    I don’t really see how they can start WWIII out of this. Trying to frame Russia for this is really bad idea. Trying to frame the independent republics either is hardly a smart move. I, for one, am not buying it.

    Were there any chosen people on the plane? I would hope not.

  31. shirlz007 says:

    I read it first on here… a few hours before Aang or JimStone.

    God damn it RT! the hottest journalist you had is a gonna! (I won’t be tuning in as much now!)… FUCK YOU UNCLE PUTIN (not entirely telling the truth regarding ‘creepy Ed’ either, are we!)

    A fucking commercial plane has just been blown out the fucking sky!


    ITS THE SAME WITH ANY CRIME!!! Who benefits? certainly not pro-Russian forces… certainly not Putin!

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