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A good mix of articles from the Activist Post!  And the following note from me with links to Jobbik Party of Hungary and Nodisinfo (for ongoing real news) and several videos.

Zionist Jews are working hard to start a war against Russia in order to destroy Russia once again.  Over 66 million Russians were murdered by Bolshevik Jews during the Bolshevik Revolution which the Zionists (who were the Communists in Russia) try to keep secret.

There is also a possibility of America going to war with China on behalf of the Zionists.  Another country they want to destroy is Iran.

Zionist owned Mainstraem media has started once again to warn people about a possible black out in the US which means they are planning a false flag to start WW 111 and they will falsely blame it on Russia, China or Iran. What ever takes place it will be Zionist orchestrated. It is all about creating disasters to harm humanity which is a Zionist trade mark. Israel also has a plot to nuke many American and European cities (Sampson option) when ever Israel wants.

Those are large scale Zionist operations to cause havoc to the lives of millions of people. Then there are also free energy devices Zionists use to radiate people who oppose their tyranny and during the course of the day especially in the morning this microwave energy is directed at me. I know what they do to people and I know the symptoms of this energy weapon.

Here is another way to harm. Our water is oily and they have been adding some new poison in addition to the poisons like Fluoride which they started decades ago. Recently there were some unnecessary and suspicious replacement of water and gas pipes in the area I live which could help them to poison people selectively with the new technology at their disposal. When you are dealing with a vicious tribe your life is at risk but if it can save humanity it is fully worth.

Late President Hugo Chavez blamed Zionists for his cancer and I believe what he said. Cruel Zionists kill people in a variety of ways one way is to radiate them using a cell phone tower or smartmeter technology both of which use free energy. Americans have funded all different types of research including research to have them killed and most of them have no clue about these dangers from new technology available to the Zionists paid for by the American public.

Zionists also spread false propaganda and lies about others as well as give a hard time to anyone who wants to do some good for people. Zionists have given the British politician and UKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP a difficult time. He even had a plane crash.  We can only thank God for saving his precious life!  Hungarian Jobbik Party leader and other politicians have come under Zionist attack.  Jobbik appears to be the only political party that has addressed the Zionist Jewish problem openly and courageously.

It is time for other politicians to do the same.  Without addressing this issue there can never be freedom for people and prosperity for people and their countries and true victory for humanity.  Belgium MP Laurent Louis has been a light to the world.  Not only he stood up against the war agenda he also exposed child sex trafficking and Zionists hate him.  They also hated the US politician David Duke who should have been our president for two terms if not for these trouble making Zionist Jews.  They sabotaged his political future.

Thanks for supporting Jobbik Party in Hungary to be the governing party and Belgium MP Laurent Louis in order to get him re-elected.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tap, the pervs and paedophile protectorate in Whitehall are making it difficult to access the site.

    You must be upsetting their bumboy masters 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    this was a truly wonderful article, i was at the sharp edge for many years and can verify and endorse everything said here
    and hpe people take notice
    you see ifa politician suggests and english loby he is denounced asa racist but we all have so many in the jewish lobby, so how come ? you cant have one and not the other can you ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    this should be read by everybody
    it shows waht bratsrds the isrealis are and how they target their guns on children

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Zionist owned Mainstraem media has started once again to warn people about a possible black out in the US.”

    First thing I said to myself this morning while doing the news rounds was “Here we go again.” Before-its-news; NASA Issues New Warning Telling Us To Prepare For A Once In A Lifetime Solar Storm, while at we’re told that the sun is going through one of its weakest cycles.

    So who’s right? Who’s wrong? I’m inclined to believe theisweather because I’ve seen NASA put out too many of these non event reports over the last year that I believe they are working on a EMP false flag strike on America.

    Notice that only America is to be hit. No such warnings to the rest of the world. Fact is, an EMP strike from the sun would affect other countries also.

  5. Anonymous says:

    like a lot of people i stopped reading david icke when he had as his first guest the unrepentent boy-nobber peter tatchell
    but this was on davids site earlier and its a must read,
    it shows how racist our sports people are

  6. shirlz007 says:

    Hugo Chavez was killed by Castro (who secretly answers to CIA/CFR/Rockerfeller… possibly being a cryto Jew himself)

    It’s unclear exactly how and when Chavex got cancer 9the CIA have their methods)… but IT WAS THE CUBAN GOVT (one of best healthcare systems in the world?) WHICH MISDIAGNOSED HIM (TWICE) AND CONTINUED TO MISTREAT HIM!

    I saw him with my own eyes in Havana! in a coma! (Jan 2013)… why was Castro and the Cuban Govt reassuring the Venezuelans (and the world), Chavez was making a full recovery? (and produced faked photos)
    … HE WAS A DRIBBLER, AND HE DIED TWO MONTHS LATER! (allegedly, I think he was dead long before)


    Heres one for the hippies!

    ‘Planet Earths Sixth Mass Extinction… evolution or extinction’

  7. shirlz007 says:

    Samson Option…
    research Israeli Dolphin Class Submarines, plus many Israeli embassiesa round the world, are suspected of having small- medium yield nuclear devices in their basements!

    ‘The Insane Israeli Terror Posse’ AKA The Mossad

  8. Anonymous says:

    @ 7:42 and the ‘Samson Option’.

    Perhaps there’s nothing to fear but (Illuminati engineered) fear itself?

    I’m certain Hiroshima and Nagasaki were conventionally carpet-bombed (with the resultant fire-storm similar to Hamburg, Dresden, Tokyo, etc) and not ‘nuked’. People were wandering around the ruins of Hiroshima and Nagasaki days (hours even) after the supposed atomic explosions and seemingly suffered no ill effects from radiation.

    Don’t get me wrong; the conventional hi-tech explosions made possible today are huge (Gaza for instance looks like a Moonscape and not unlike having been ‘nuked’) and I suppose on a par with the imo fabricated images of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – but they are conventional and not nuclear wastelands.

    A nuclear chain reaction is the complex and large stuff of atomic laboratories, and being able to deliver such a destructive force by missile or bomb means, is quite frankly the stuff of science fiction and Hollywood.

    The Nuclear Bomb Hoax – TV Fakery and PSYOP

    Also, Albert Einstein (“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”) was a patents clerk who allegedly stole other scientists’ ideas. Nikola Tesla ridiculed him as a ‘long haired crank’ or something similar.

    I’m also suspicious that so-called Nuclear Power Stations are ‘Dump Loads’ to protect the National Grid(s) to dissipate power when demand suddenly falls but that’s another story. We’ve been seriously lied to and deceived on a Biblical scale.

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