Social Services continue to assist paedophiles

Dear Mr Hogan-Howe
As the Association of McKenzie Friends we are ‘public interest advocates’ and follow white collar crimes associated with organised child sexual abuse and child snatching closely, as we are getting more and more requests for help.
Hence we alerted you about a crime in HMP Holloway which resulted in a US mother being deported whilst her child was kept for adoption.
This is to report a crime against a Lithuanian boy who was forcefully removed from his mother and grandmother, after they escaped his father’s persecutions in Lithuania – despite a judgement in the mother’s favour of the Supreme Court. Fortunately, the mother recorded the removal on video.
Unfortunately, however, Brent Social Services and HHJ Million operate in the father’s interests rather than those of the boy who needs to be protected from his ‘red banana’, as he calls it which we attach and publish on
Since the father comes from Kaunas where he is clearly part of a ‘team’ and where a major paedophile scandal was revealed in 2012, I trust that your investigative arms will stop him from taking the boy, despite the judgement in his favour. After all, the real reasons for the perfidious and hypocritical secrecy of family courts are becoming blatantly clear now, aren’t they!?
The boy’s autism has not been taken into account even though the Contact Notes say:
·         that he was crouched in the corner of a room for 3 days after his removal
·         that what makes him sad is “to go out with his father”.
I trust that you are aware of the connections between #childsnatchuk and #paedobritain and how the Police plays along.
If not, please look at whistleblower James Patrick’s evidence to a Select Committee in Parliament.
As the Association of McKenzie Friends, we feel pretty powerless when we hear of snatches with fake ‘Emergency Protection Orders’ that get justified after the event. Hence I presented the problem inBrussels to the EU Petitions Committee which promised a fact finding mission just as has been carried out into Germany and Denmark.
Will you please let me know what you will do to save this boy from a criminal father and the mother and grandmother from a fake criminal trial?
We have seen enough cases evidencing systemic patterns that are all institutionalised violations of
1.       the UN Convention of Child Rights
2.       the EU Rights to fair trial and family life.
When will enough be enough, please?
With many thanks in advance,
Sabine K McNeill
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  1. Anonymous says:

    There is a twisted femail couple in north west yorkshire UK (NW of HULL)

    done & doing serious evil stuff

    yep work for social services

    you wont believe years of damage

    one is “currently” known as Rachelle Smith

    if you’ve had a run in with this couple please share

    wonder why they have to move & change names?

    cirtainly not good guys


  2. Anonymous says:

    driffield northfield

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s us against them. Sadly, people only realise when it smacks them in the chops personally. The only answer, as far as I can see, is that we stop co-operating with them. Just refuse, on any level, to engage with them. These filthy parasites only have power over us because WE LET THEM. freebornman.

  4. shirlz007 says:

    there you go! (il refrain from ‘imposing’ my will onto others)

    Im going back to 2011/2012 Danny Hurley! (WHEN I WAS GREAT!)

    I will refrain from profanity.

    I swear on my soul to try as hard as possible not to post any dis-infomation regarding ‘Operation Peadogeddon’. It’s such a serious topic, that if feel passionate about (I think I got ta thing for standing up against bullies! Child abuse is the worst kind of bullying in way).
    Il go into graphic detail, and I will name names.

    Il show ya’ll how much of a Jewish shill I am!

    Il post graphic photos to make a point!

    Il get others to write aswell… Hippies, Ickesters…

    Mark Passio! ALOT ON NATURAL LAW!

    Im going to Peru to do Ayahauasca!
    I also want to go to Gaza! I want to see it for myself… Id fight if I could! well?)

    No homophobia or blindless anti-Semitism! (won’t even bother publishing it)… discussions about sexual morality, child abuse and attraction… debates about Israels foreign policy, The ‘Jewish’ question… don’t mind Anonymous comments, but prefer psudonames or whatever.

    Don’t know where to start with ET’s/Supernatural… can’t not take it seriously!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sabine K-M is getting quite popular around here. If you ask a lot of serious people, they will not be so sure about her role. Thing is, in this area (“truth”) no one can point the finger…..but I am.

    And I speak on behalf of many decent truthers, TAP. Just because someone makes the right noises and all that……

    Watch it.

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