Should North Shropshire Conservatives be voting Labour in May 2015?

Paterson is still pushing fracking harder than ever even though he’s been booted out by David Cameron from DEFRA.  UKIP are pro-fracking as well as the Conservatives.  Could it be that Labour will be the only party to vote for come the election for people who want fracking stopped?  Can you imagine the slogan like ‘Kick out those Tory frackers?’

North Shropshire has been a Conservative seat for over 100 years.  Unless Paterson starts repairing the damage he’s done to the trust he used to be held in pretty soon, North Shropshire’s 100 year Conservative run could be over.  Labour are not fully there yet on the policy front, but are making some of the right noises.  I notice Ian Crane mentioned the chance of Labour becoming Britain’s environmental saviour in his latest video –

Fracking Nightmare –  

Press Releases

Monday 28th July 2014 | 08:03

Labour: Response to announcement of fracking licenses – Greatrex

Labour press release
Tom Greatrex MP, Labour’s Shadow Energy Minister, commenting on the Government’s announcement of an onshore licensing round, said:

“With 80% of our heating coming from gas and declining North Sea reserves, shale and other unconventional gas may have the potential to form a part of our future energy mix.

“There are legitimate environmental concerns that must be addressed before extraction is permitted. Robust regulation and comprehensive monitoring are vital to ensure the public acceptability test is met. David Cameron’s Government must take these issues seriously rather than drawing simplistic and irresponsible comparisons with the USA.”,2012-06-29

If Labour comes up with an antifracking policy in time for the election, it could pose a threat to Paterson.  His 50% is matched by a split of 20% Labour, 20% Lib Dem.  With Lib Dem in free fall, Labour could find their way to 30% easily enough, or even 40%.  With UKIP in the ascendant, Paterson’s seat, with a surge of ill feeling based on his support for fracking, GMOs and Neonictinoids (bee killing pesticides), and he could become vulnerable.  Check out the figures –

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  1. Anonymous says:

    my god dont say vote labour, that would be ed milipede who hated the UK
    stop at home anything but dont vote for any of the main parties
    remember the old adage, vote main parties, get rothschild

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