Shirlz on likely whitewash child abuse enquiry

AangIrfan… the dangers of this inquiry being a ‘whitewash’
(plus Peter Bottomly, Kincora, MI5, Bill Maloney)

-Justice Denied
‘At last Gvt forced to agree to child abuse inquiry’ 
(Tim Fortescue, Leon Brittan etc)

‘Butler-Sloss sister of the Attorney General who helped bury the Dickens Dossiers and closed down the investigation into Elm Guest House, to chair abuse inquiry??’

-The Needle

-Spotlight on Abuse
(The hidden scandal linked to the Sir Peter Hayman case 
1983-84: The 3 Dickens Dossiers and the 2 Scotland Yard PIE Files)

-Irish Times!!!!!!!! ;D
‘Call for Kincora to be included in British child abuse inquiry

Amnesty, Sinn Fein and Alliance says claims MI5 and British Ministry of Defence knew of abuse at home must be investigated’


Westminster abuse inquiries: At least 10 famous politicians ‘named again and again’ by child abuse helpline callers

-The Guardian (are you sure you want mincey Milliband as the next leader… have me!)
‘Children’s homes were ‘supply line’ for paedophiles, says ex-minister

Lord Warner says an inquiry he conducted in 1992 showed how children’s homes were targeted by powerful people’
Children’s homes were ‘supply line’ for paedophiles, says ex-minister

Daily Mail. Mirror… THE SUN WENT TO WAR WITH THE MET! (wonder why? ;D)…
Is this what we call ‘Muckraking’?


RUSSIA TODAY… (I was rather hoping to see the lovely Sarah Firth do a piece… she is a piece!)
– 20 strong ‘powerful elite’ abused children for decades – whistleblower (PETER MKELVIE)

-RT Past coverage 
‘Claims of child abuse cover-up heighten tensions in Westminster’ etc

MI5/MI6, child abuse, powerful elite paedophile rings, MPs, Lords. 

What where you all doing before I came along? :/ You don’t have to like me, just respect me for what I do! 

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3 Responses to “Shirlz on likely whitewash child abuse enquiry”

  1. NPP says:

    Half time. I know many of you don’t do football, but it is Brazil 0 Germany 5 and I recall that TAP article ‘don’t watch football’ or something with a photo of dead bodies. Brazil is not going to be a happy place just now and it might get worse… watch this space? If you know what you are watching, it is quite incredible to behold.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Have the sheeple got the devient leaders we deserve?


    for decades past now the guilty die of old age.

    the sad sufferers look on, the sheeple all fools do nothing.


    no surprises there then

  3. Anonymous says:

    NPP My mature aged son said precisely that this morning when I called to wish him a happy birthday.

    I asked if he had been watching the soccer, to which he replied he gave it away some years ago, when he realised how ‘dirty’ the game really is.

    I was horrified by the photos we saw on the Tap, of children shot dead by police-cleaning up for the Big Party.

    And I saw the tears and despair amongst the Brasilians after their 7-1 trashing. My son warned me of deaths as a result of soccer rage.

    NPP my son was a gifted artist as a young man, but became a plumber to support his child and her mother. Needless to say she ran away….taking the child with her. But I pray that he returns to his art and that the child will choose him when old enough to know who is the Loving parent.

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