Is sacked Paterson plotting with Lord Ashcroft to seize the Party leadership?

Lord Ashcroft on holiday with Owen Patterson in Croatia

TAP.  That’s a very big smile for a minister who’s just been sacked.  The sacking was a big surprise to all commentators, and Paterson showed real anger that he’d been booted out of his DEFRA appointment.

It must be very nice being in sunny Croatia, but knowing the ambition of politicians, you have to wonder what lies behind that big smile.  It’s kinda sending a message to Cameron –

‘I’m a lot more dangerous outside the tent pissing in, mate, than I ever was inside the tent pissing out.’  He tweeted –
“Spent the day discussing the future with Lord Ashcroft.”  What did that mean?


Paterson is clearly not headed for the EU as Commissioner. He and Ashcroft are discussing the future, they say, and that future might just include pushing Paterson all the way to the top in Westminster.

Liam Fox is a wounded bird after the Werrity affair, and David Davis has little profile these days.  Ken Clarke has decided to quit.  The path is open.  Conservative MPs are all stressed out with the rise and rise of UKIP.  

Nigel Farage was signalling at the Game Fair that he’d be well in favour of a Paterson regime at his Tory ‘opponents’.   Both suffer from excessive ambition and are looking very excited by planning what comes after Cameron.  Paterson, thought of as a eurosceptic, is perfectly placed to offer a platform against UKIP or form an electoral alliance with UKIP.

The big problem for the people of Britain is that Paterson is not a eurosceptic and is sold out.  He attended Bilderberg. He’s a fracker, a GMO-supporter and won’t admit that chemtrails can be seen trailing across our skies each day. Farage is little different bar the Bilderberg attendance.


The system usually rigs the seats of those it wants in position at the top.  Postal ‘voting’ is heaviest in the constituencies like Mandelson’s and Ken Clarke’s and vote counts sometimes surprise in these kind of seats.  Is Paterson being put on the protected species list, if he agrees to continue and advance the sell-out?  

His ambition is not sated yet, it seems, and he’s shown by what he’s done during his tenure at DEFRA he’ll agree to the programme’s (Murdoch’s) measures as long he gets political position.  He’s the ideal candidate for them.   The words he spoke to me about GMOs still ring in my ears.

‘It’s going to happen anyway,  Henry.  It’s just tough.  OK.’  In other words, right and wrong are of no concern.  He just wants to be in there with the powerful, serving their agenda, as that’s what best serves his own interests.  His constituents’ concerns don’t make much or any difference.  

It’s clear enough he’s really miffed that Cameron made the big fracking expansion announcement, immediately after sacking him.  Cameron has a habit of knifing people in the back and claiming the credit for their work.  Paterson suffered it over the floods finance announcement previously as well as now over fracking.  He wants to get even.


There is a possible outcome here.  He’ll play local politics in North Shropshire, by agreeing that unconventional gas extraction (fracking) is unsuitable in his own Constituency, where the issue is climbing fast up the list of priorities, but still back the destruction of Britain by fracking elsewhere where the voters are still alseep.  The Shropshire Council appears to be moving to an anti-fracking position, so he merely needs to endorse that.

Look at the picture he posted of himself.  That’s a very big smile.  His tweet shows he’s also a sold-out European politician as well as a sold out destroyer of the environment.  Will he agree to absolutely anything?  He posed as a eurosceptic to win over his voters over many years.  Now he’s up for being the new Blair.   

He’s clearly in favour of environmental destruction and anything else as long as he gets his face back in front of the cameras.  North Shropshire would do Britain a big favour if they were to sling him out at the next election.  He’ll need to move along way on a lot of key issues before he’ll be getting my support again. 

TELEGRAPH Paterson and Lord Ashcroft ‘discuss the future together’

Owen Paterson MP, who was fired as Environment secretary in David Cameron’s reshuffle last week, has posted this photograph of himself with Lord Ashcroft, the former Conservative millionaire donor and now a pollster.
Mr Paterson and his wife Rose have been holidaying with the peer and his wife Susan in Croatia since last Saturday.
The MP – who is a darling of the Conservative Right – captioned the image: “Spent the day discussing the future with Lord Ashcroft.”

Lord Ashcroft is currently funding a new biography of David Cameron, the Tory leader and Prime Minister.

Last week Mr Paterson was pictured with Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party, at the Game Fair in Blenheim Palace.

Mr Paterson who only took to Twitter after he resigned was writing on the social network on Monday, following the Government’s fracking announcement.

He wrote: “Europe risks condemning itself to oblivion as global manufacturer if it does not embrace fracking. UK must get a move on.”
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Blame the Jesuits. Ha, ha….

  2. Anonymous says:

    email your israeli embassy and tell them what eveil murdering shits they are
    please see this

  3. Chris says:

    It’s pretty depressing to know that these lying, thieving, parasites will continue to be elected again and again by a large portion of the population who just can’t seem to get enough of being betrayed, lied to and thieved from. Not for the first time I ask: just what the fuck is wrong with people???

  4. Anonymous says:

    what i cant understand is how people were so gullible as to go fight W W 2 for churchill and the jews, many people knew it was all bullshit after W W 1 yet our boys still went. why ???

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