Royalty no longer rules

The Bill of Rights was in 1689.

It was a contract that the incoming William,Prince of Orange had to agree to in order to take the throne.

The throne of England was “in
the gift of the people”, not by automatic inheritance.

It also entitled you to be armed.

The moment the first gun control law was passed, the Royal family had broken the contract & are no longer entitled to the throne. 


TAP – Yet Prince Charles controls the United Nations from behind the scenes (Read Joan Veon or find her on Youtube to watch her research into the United Nations, or search on Tap Blog),  and is the driving force behind the sustainability agenda, and the depopulation of the planet.

The UN is just an extension of the power of the British Crown.  Removing arms from human populations is a key goal of Prince Charles and the totalitarians.

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3 Responses to “Royalty no longer rules”

  1. I’d suggest that relying on constitutional law is a minefield.

    It’s much simpler than that: A legitimate government requires consent – right?

    How do you give consent? Via contract – that’s the only method in law by which you can give consent.

    So where the contract then?

  2. stedra rulz says:

    The ballot box? Filling in that paper is what does it.

  3. Hi Stedra, a voting form is not a contract. It confers no consent in law. (Proof of voting’s not required for one to be prosecuted in court.)

    The point is – the only way to give consent is contract – there is NO valid contract – so govt. claims of legitimacy are flawed.

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