Paterson on child abuse

Owen Paterson on child abuse.  

He sent a letter to a constituent on the matter.

He was alerted to the Hollie Greig affair, but did nothing about it.

TAP – I wrote to him about it.  He seemed incapable of taking in that abuse had taken place.  He said that Robert Green was a bit of a nutter and a trouble-maker.

Also at UK Column –

Barrie Trower handed over names of MPs and Establishment figures.  He says he was recruited by MI5 to report on senior politicians who visited sexual partners from young inmates at Wormwood Scrubs prison.

Listen to the UKColumn livestream report.  It’s packed with information.  

400 children were put in ‘care’ this morning.

They use a technique of accusing innocent people of paedophilia to discredit the investigations being carried out.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    Something seems to be being done.

    more more more

    however ive heard many innocent men have been historically imprisoned for years on settups & flimsy cases etc


    its my thoughts that all those in high places have been opportunists
    locking up all too easily innocent men.

    it makes it look as though they are dealing with this problem when really they are creating another major mess effecting many families.

    its about time many come forward to expose this crime.


    they keep saying many helpless innocent are imprisoned

  2. shirlz007 says:

    Tap… please post this. (I go a little crazy concerning other topics… but this Op is mine! ‘We’ (plenty of others are involved) worked and planned hard, and I sacrificed a lot to put this into place. Some of you can see how this has been orchestrated, how it’s played out in MSM, in the political field, and alternate media.)

    Operation Paedogeddon!

    The timing of this was no accident, I apologise to those who say the issue of child abuse has been used for political purposes… it has to an extent concerning David Cameron’s cabinet.
    Im ashamed to say it has… sorry

    BUT, thats not to say their aren’t individuals in and around ‘The Establishment’ who want to see an end to institutionalised child sex abuse and trafficking in UK (and elsewhere!), and have put this Operation into effect, to expose past crimes, investigate present networks, and prevent anything like this happening in the future.

    MPs such as Simon Danczuk and Tom Watson are genuine in their pursuit of justice.
    Police officers (retired and serving are prepared to come forward, divulge what they know, either to an inquiry, or to national media)

    You can see now, why I have been proposing (DEMANDING!) for the National Crime Agency (NCA) and it’s predecessor, Serious Crime Agency (SOCA) to lead an ‘all encompassing’ investigation into -institutionalised child abuse and snuff rings. (I have connections to SOCA… only ‘friends’ I have left!)

    660 arrests concerning child abuse networks (ex police, doctors, etc… Masons!)… 400 children saved from the clutches of depravity. (I know there’s issues regarding care homes!)

    -NCA are equipped and resourced to take on such a task… SOCA boys are the ‘new kids on the block’ so to speak… they don’t give a fuck about London Met or MI5! SOCA is leading Operation Pallial (Bryn Estyn, North Wales… the most successful Operation thus far, and they have not given a flying fuck about Freemasonry! ;D)

    NCA is being sued by an Israeli Mossad connected tycoon! WHOOPS ISRAEL!

    -UK Column… Im afraid Barry Trower is MI5 disinfomation. Im not attacking YOU! (I posted it myself)… but it’s bullshit im afraid.


    -I don’t want to make this into anything against homosexuality (it’s child abuse we’re going after)

    -EXARO news! MWAH! BRILLIANT!!! the mainstream media (Mail, Express, Mirror, Guardian, Telegraph… BBC and Sun cos they have to)

    -Aangirfan is ALWAYS brilliant concerning child abuse (YOUR INFOMATION IS INVALUABLE AANG!), The Coleman Experience, The Needle, SpotlightonAbuse, TheDuckShoot, Bill Maloney… and of course The Tap! 😉
    (thankyou for sticking with me… Im not easy to put up with, even harder to work with according to some!)

    -Ex police and whistleblowers… Lenny Harper, Clive Driscoll, Chris Fay, Andrea Davison.

    -ALL 15,000 UK Social Workers have been emailed regarding this… and they’ve contacted others in the field, they’ve contacted others!

  3. shirlz007 says:

    -The victims of child abuse… past and present.
    This inquiry IS the real deal… people are backing it, and pushing hard for a REAL inquiry, with a criminal investigation to follow (NCA and SOCA!). You WILL have a voice, your story will be heard… and the perpertrators WILL be brought to justice! :’)

    -British Intelligence WILL shut down any paedophile networks or child abuse blackmail operations they are currently operating.
    YOU ARE implicated in a major way now, Dolphin House, Thatcher Government… IT WILL ALL BE BROUGHT TO LIGHT!
    Today, most low level Intel Officers are sickened by the thought of being complicit in such crimes. (MOST… NOT ALL!)

    Israeli Mossad are being shut down aswell… this isn’t a ‘Jewish’ thing… it’s another countries (ISRAELS) intelligence services, having major influence over UK politics and foreign policy, because of a vile and horrifying Intelligence trick (SICKENING!)

    -CIA… stay the fuck out of it!

    Kurupt – I Call the shots! ;D

  4. shirlz007 says:

    Now it’s revealed Barbara Castle drew up dossier on VIP paedophiles: File seized by Special Branch ‘heavy mob’

    Paedophile dossier naming VIP figures was drawn up by Barbara Castle

    But it was confiscated by ‘national security’ officers in 1980s, it is claimed
    Files listed 16 MPS, senior policemen, headteachers and clergy, it was said
    Baroness Castle handed files to editor of her local Bury Messenger paper
    But he claims a ‘heavy mob’ of Special Branch officers took them away

    … Frank Sinatra – My Way! ;D
    (if I get bumped off for this (CIA), its what I want at my funeral… EVERYONES invited… even Rothschild!)

    plus we have some top toff totty in Cabinet! A bit of thigh! (might straighten them out!) sorry! 😀

  5. shirlz007 says:

    CIA KNOW WHAT I CAN DO!!! 😀 (I AM TELPATHIC! I CAN READ MINDS… I DO HAVE ESP… not as good as what it once was, but it’s still there… ask Castro!)

    Im willing to provide my services to The Agency… if it means blowing the lid on 9/11! 😀 (5/10 years time? realistically?)


    ‘they let the Texas boys take over the map!’ 😉

    Has Daddy Bush popped his clogs then or what?

  6. Anonymous says:

    shirlz – re Poppy Bush – looks like an ‘or what’!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Way to go Shirlz… you done good mate. Don’t stop till you drop.They is coming down faster than they took to get here… We are behind you all the way sir. You are the hero of our day !!xx

  8. shirlz007 says:

    Im suspecting Leon Brittan rape claim could be bull-shit! NOT The Elm Guest House stuff, the rape of a woman in 67’… used to discredit the child abuse.
    (just warning Exaro… ‘some’ police could be in on it)

    When your under surveillance, and they have kids with em… I wonder? Ive had it being surveilled in a car, and their using radios and bollocks, and they got two kids in back! 4 and 6 year old girl & boy. ???:/ who takes their kid on surveillance… saying that if I had kids!

    Unless your a peado… sicker and more murderous the better… you aint in the club! THAT’S WHY PAST MURDEROUS PEADOPHILE NETWORKS… IT’S SILLY TALK! None of it is corroborated fact… so fuck off!

    The ‘London look’ (it doesn’t have to be in London, but it’s usually from someone from London, or concerning someone from London, or concerning London)… I got one when David Camerons son died! YOU KNOW IT!!!

    Don’t know about US, but over here in ‘UK’ (whether it’s ‘United’ and whether it’s a ‘Kingdom’ is debatable)… Freemasonry is rife with peadophelia! 😀 from the average scout leader, to Royalty we suspect, and MP’s in between. A ‘satanic’ secret Society (WHATEVER THE FUCK THAT IS!), with in a ‘peadophelia’ secret society, within a ‘stupid annoying fucking glass ya in the face you bellend’ society (FREEMASONRY)…

    ”I still believe the Intelligence services are the only true measure of a nations character” – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Series not film… surprisingly better I thought!)… WELL! ;D

    I tell you what… post some Fracking or Bee or Chemtrail stuff… I don’t comment on stuff like that!… The Black Knight! A ‘30,000 year old’ (how do they know that?) Satellite in perfect Earth Polar Orbit, people (MILITARY) have known about it since early 20th century.
    Apparently fucking so! (it makes me wonder if most ET stuff is bullshit… considering they have NO idea what it is… can’t even find it… even though they know its in perfect Polar orbit… so they know its there…. like it wants to be found!)…. I don’t think we been to The Moon!!!

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