Bill Maloney ‘Paedophile investigations are catalyst to today’s government reshuffle’

UK Column on now 13.25hr UK

Lou Collins aired interview with Bill Maloney who says this article is a catalyst to today’s government cabinet reshuffle:
Tory child abuse whistleblower: ‘Margaret Thatcher knew all about underage sex ring among ministers’:

FYI ref: Leon Brittan Update. Bill Maloney & Chris Fay:

Bill and Chris met with police, MPs and mainstream media last night. Bill and Chris have been threatened.
he said Gadhafi and Saddam Hussein knew about UK parliamentary child abuse…
He calls for the public to contact their local police.

I visited my local police yesterday to deliver a 6 page letter, same letter posted to my MP and MEP so they have information in writing and a demand to do something.
I told them the Maloney / Fay conversation made me cry while listening as I worked. I stopped painting. It was so upsetting I felt an urge to write to aforementioned parties. I mentioned Robert Green and several links.


Were non-paedophile cabinet members sacked?

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  1. Fred says:

    Lou Collins, Bill Maloney, Chris Fay, Brian Gerrish Paedo update July 16th

    MUST HEAR 1 hour

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