News today was conspiracy ‘theory’ yesterday

Grammar lesson too. Cool. Made me smile.

I recommend My Big Toe by physicist Tom Campbell.
toe = theory of everything.

Leon Brittan story 2nd on ITV 10 pm, 3rd or 4th BBC 10 pm.

Lead story BBC R4 Pm at 5 pm.

In theory, why do we need inquiries? Why don’t the police do their their job, investigate and where the law is breached take action? Because pigs don’t fly?

The public must just keep pushing along with those MPs brave enough to step up.

This goes all over, parliament, intelligence agencies, aristocracy, church… hurting children. It is still more than most can contemplate.

Lost dossier. As if….

Still, yet again, what was ‘conspiracy theory’ is now on the BBC. The internet is doing this, so be aware of ATVOD.
HUMANITY vs INSANITY – The Crane Report with Pippa King discuss UK Column (apparently too television like so must pay £250K) and ATVOD: 

Episode 18:

Who has the time to check all this stuff eh TAP? 

That is why TAP is good – pools people and shares info. 


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  1. NPP says:

    … and within days the net gives us poignant comedy about ATVOD:

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