NEW MH17 SENSATION: German experts point finger at Ukrainian air-force jets.

July 28th, 2014

ukrainejetsSurface to air missile attack ruled out as calibre of cockpit bullet holes puts Ukraine pilots in the frame for MH17 murders

This is what a German pilot-cum-air technology expert Peter Haisenko has just published on the subject of the MH17 disaster (my emphases):
‘The misfortune of the Malaysian MH 017 is known to all. The flight recorder is in England and is being evaluated. What can come of this?
May be more than you want to accept….if you look at the image of Cockpit-Fragments, this picture is certainly shocking.
Entry And Exit holes from bullets in the area of the Cockpit. This is not speculation, but analysis of clear facts: the cockpit shows clear evidence of bullet holes. You can see the entry holes and some exit points. The edges of the bullet holes are bent inwards, these are much smaller and round in shape. A 30mm calibre. The exit holes are less well formed and the edges are torn outwards.

Furthermore it is visible that the exit holes have torn the double aluminium skin and bent them outwards. That is to say, splinters from inside the cockpit blew through the outside of the cabin. The open rivets have also been bent outwards….There is only one conclusion one can make, and that is that this: the
aircraft was not hit by a missile. The damage to the aircraft is exclusively in the cockpit area….
Armour-Piercing Ammunition. Russia has published radar data that a Ukranian SU 25 was close to MH 017. this corresponds with Spanish air traffic control that two Ukranian fighter aircraft were in direct contact with MH 017. Examine the weaponry of the SU 25: it is fitted
out with a 30mm cannon Type GSch-302 /AO-17A, with 250 rounds of splintering exploding bullets on a belt – shrapnel rounds. The cockpit of MH 017 was hit from TWO sides, as there are entry and exit holes on the same side….’
Very compelling stuff, is it not?
Now read this (also German) article by defence expert Bernd Biederman, who offers equally sound reasons why the
shooting down could NOT have been from a surface to air missile:
‘ the shooting down of the Malaysian
Boeing on July 17 in the Eastern Ukraine “could not have been hit by a surface to air defense missile” .
This is the assessment of retired Colonel Bernd Biedermann in an article for the daily newspaper published in Berlin “new Germany”(Thursday edition). Had splinters from a surface to air missile hit the plane, it would have immediately caught fire, argues the NVA anti-aircraft missile specialist. His reasoning is because of the “enormous frictional heat that the splinters generate on penetrating the fuselage. A single splinter contains the same kinetic energy as a
40-ton freight car hitting the buffers at 60 kilometers per hour.” In the case of the Malaysian Boeing, scattered fires had broken out after the impact with the ground, because hot debris from the aircraft had come in contact with combustible materials.
Biedermann is familiar with Soviet and Russian air defense technology, he led units in the duty officer system in East Germany and taught at the Military Academy in the field of anti-aircraft missile troops.’
Articles are beginning to appear across the Web to the effect that Angela Merkel is disturbed by (and growing tired of) the incessant US propaganda being emitted in favour of its energy agenda….and so we must perhaps in turn view these articles in the light of her alleged new agenda concerning the creation of an alternative bloc to that of America. (More on this here in the near future).
But spin or not, these analyses make sense. The US State Dept has now shifted its position from ‘Russian atrocity’ to ‘tragic accident’. The above opinions suggest that neither are true: they suggest strongly that the Ukrainian air force took out MH17.


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5 Responses to “NEW MH17 SENSATION: German experts point finger at Ukrainian air-force jets.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    BS how about a bomb in the plane planted by zion ICTS at Schiphol airport. Motive Means Opportunity
    Motive to create a media storm to cover Gaza genocide timing timing timing Russia blamed & kept busy after countering zios / US attack on Syria
    Ukraine zio conflict inflamed.
    Means ICTS already have a track record see underwear bomber

  2. Anonymous says:

    To the comment at 5.22pm,
    My thoughts exactly, although Tap is right to mention the German shift, ie being fed up with Washington D.C. and its spooks.
    As an amateur pilot, I can tell you that the aircraft could not be brought down so catastrophically with the loss of all life, simply by firing bullets into the cockpit.
    Doing that plus a bomb on board might account for the hell on board, but bullets into the cockpit alone would not have created that death machine.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hard evidence is being withheld from this inquiry, eg:
    The air traffic controller audio.
    The audio of the two Ukrainian military jets that were with the downed airliner minutes before it exploded.
    The visuals from the U.S. spy satellite over the scene at the time that the airliner was downed.

    Now, who would do that and why?
    Who gains from this atrocity?
    That’s where honest inquiry should focus.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Bullets into the cockpit? That would stop all further communication from going out of the human variety and would stop conversation which would end up in the black box..

  5. Mick Jones says:

    Curious about Colonel Bernd Biedermann. The only source I find is an article in the newpaper “Neues Deutschland” the official party newspaper of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany. The SED is the Marxist–Leninist political party. You state that the retired Colonel led units in the duty officer system in East Germany? Would that be the German Democratic Republic a satellite state of the Soviet Union? Then there is Peter Haisenko, born of Russian ancestry, who claims to be an “aviation” expert, yet his expertise seems to be more political, he is the author of two conspiracy books “Bankraub globalisiert” and “England, die Deutschen, die Juden und das 20. Jahrhundert.” Haisenko also announced that Air France 447 flying from Rio to Paris ‘exploded in mid- air – therefore concluding, it must have been a bomb. It was later established that an aerodynamic stall, on the Airbus A330, from which it could not recover was the cause.

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