‘My child was totally normal’. What happens when you vaccinate children.

Asthma is a much bigger problem than measles. 

Tetanus kills only two people a year.  Yet 500,000 are vaccinated against it.  Mumps doesn’t kill anyone and is a normal childhood disease, yet is vaccinated against.

MMR victims always tell doctors, when they try to deny the vaccine damaged their children, ‘our child was perfectly normal’. 

 Many other interesting facts from Mark Windows and Anna of Arnica, who believes we should be challenging the medical profession and the media much harder than we are, with their wrongful information, and mostly false disease scares.  Below is a woman who is doing just that, and not pulling he punches, Dr Rebecca Carley.

Her website – reversing vaccine induced diseases has a section as follows –


For 15 years I have been shouting from the rooftops that autism IS SSPE (subacute sclerosing panencephalitis), and that they changed the name to hide this fact.  I informed Andrew Wakefield of this a decade ago, yet he continues to promote the single jab.  As the research of Christina England proves, they have known for 30 years that what I have been saying is true.  Since their documents were kept secret from the public, the ongoing death and destruction of millions of children is a crime against humanity.  All participants in this are aiders and abettors.  As I have always said, vaccines are bioweapons.

This article comes out at a perfect time, as Bill Gates is now going after people who speak the truth about vaccines…

It is time for people of conscience to stand up for the truth, and stop this assault on humanity.


Dr Carley 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ive been vaccine free for ten year’s since I came down with lukemia had a bone morrowtransplant changed blood types to my donors and im nearly 30 I never get sick if people are sick with the cold I won’t get it, I work with the public everyday, you think id get a sniffle or soar throat once in a while, but nothing. So much for vaccines, most people I know who get a flushot are usually the ines who end up getting it thst year etc. Long live free choice! Fuck the system.

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