Mr Paterson. Fracking’s not your only crime against humanity.

By Jon Rappoport

July 3, 2014

Claire Robinson has written a stunning article exposing hidden proof Monsanto’s
Roundup herbicide is poison:

“The glyphosate toxicity studies you’re not allowed to see,”, July 2,

Glyphosate is the main ingredient in Roundup, Monsanto’s product, which is used
in hurricane-like proportions on GMO crops.

Robinson doesn’t baldly assert these secret studies prove the
poisonous nature of
Roundup, but her piece certainly leads to that conclusion.

Here are the facts:

In China, this year, the Ministry of Agriculture admitted that
legalizing the import
of Roundup was based on a single toxicology test done in St. Louis.

Monsanto then stated, as Robinson reports, “that the study constituted
its own commercial
secret, adding that the company had never disclosed the study anywhere
in the world
and did not agree to disclose it now.”

Why not? Because the study proved Roundup was safe? Are you kidding?

In Europe, two studies on Roundup toxicity are also hidden in the closet.

The European Food Safety Authority and German regulators, Robinson states, “have
 refused… requests to release the studies, on the grounds that they
are commercially
confidential information.”

In other words, the studies are owned by a corporation(s).

No problem. Nothing is riding on the results of those studies except the health
of the population of Europe.

In 2011, a group called Earth Open Source issued a report: “Roundup
and birth defects:
Is the public being kept in the dark?”

Robinson writes: “The report found that industry’s own studies conducted in the
1980s and 1990s showed that glyphosate causes birth defects in
experimental animals.
While the industry studies themselves are held by the German
government and remain
secret, the Earth Open Source authors examined Germany’s summary
report on the studies,
which is in the public domain. This report was submitted to the EU
Commission and
led to glyphosate’s European approval in 2002.”


Germany’s summary report invented various “redefinitions” of birth defects that
downplayed their significance, and Roundup was approved for sale.

And again, the actual studies are being held secret.

Let’s see. Studies on the toxicity of Roundup are hidden by Monsanto
and government
regulators. The studies are called “corporate property.” That’s the

“We own this science and we’re not releasing it. But don’t worry, it’s
not important,
you’re safe, Roundup is safe, it’s all good.”

Here’s the bottom line. If corporate science is used to justify the
safety of corporate
products, then that science must be made public in every detail, so it
can be examined
by people who don’t owe their souls to the corporations.

Anyone who stands in the way of this happening is a rank criminal.

But in this respect, we live in a lawless society. Government protects
the corporations
and itself.

The US Justice Department wouldn’t arrest and prosecute Monsanto executives who
hide toxicity data in a million years.

But poisoning Americans? No problem.

Jon Rappoport

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am starting to see more and more food manufacturers labeling their foods that contain GM in the ingredients list, and also a rise in the those that don’t by way of noticeably stating it in larger letters, quite often on the front of the packet.
    It’s almost as if food companies themselves are waging their own silent war against GM’s by making the public aware.

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