I’m back from medical pursuits outside the NHS

I’m back in harness.  

The hospital was very efficient and we did all that was necessary in one day.  The other patients as usual had fascinating stories.  The nineteen year old who had a chest bacteria which conventional medicine couldn’t resolve, and was impermeable to anti-biotics.  The patient had found their way to a hospital in Georgia where doctors are using phages to eat bacteria.  These had cured her in two days after months of serious illness.  This cure is not available anywhere inside the UK,  yet Russia  and former Soviets have been using it for decades – phages.

The other  patient that sticks in my mind was the about thirty year old with Lyme Disease, who was taking a high dose of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) intravenously.  Anti-biotics were helping to some extent, but after months had not cured him.  He had read about very high doses of Vitamin C (20,000 mg an hour) being able to throttle viruses, and prevent them breeding.  Some unconventional doctors are claiming they’ve cured Lyme Disease using this method.  It will be interesting to see how he gets on.

My own case is not so interesting.  I am being taught how to breathe less oxygen (Overbreathing), to stop me losing my Carbon Dioxide too quicky when under stress.  This (Overbreathing) creates an alkaline environment for the mitochondria, which then stop producing energy, and even less CO2.  It takes me far too long to recover from physical exertion as a result.  If I can master the techniques, I should get a full improvement and be able to do the things I want to do once again, and have struggled with all my life.  They only had the kit to measure these kind of things in the last few years.  The treatments are not available in the usual medical outlets within the NHS,  let alone a correct diagnosis.  I quit bothering with the NHS about ten years ago, and have found all kinds of ways of improving my health as a result.

Now then, what’s been happening while I’ve been incommunicado?

Oh no.  The email virus is still pumping out virus emails to all my contacts.  Sorry about that.  I’ll need to get a better virus checker.  Maybe the wife can sort it.  She’s pretty handy with that sort of stuff.

Owen Paterson is running around complaining about being sacked by David Cameron.  He’s had a very lucky escape in my opinion.  If he’d start talking to his constituents and find out what’s going on all over his own backyard – viz .  a highly fired up anti-fracking campaign – and start helping us to stop the madness of drilling for gas where the geology is totally unsuitable, according to recent government research, he might just make it back in next may.  Otherwise I wouldn’t rate his chances of re-election.

I notice Ian Crane is favourable towards Bez of The Reality Party. Maybe that’s the next pathway for politics, with UKIP sold out to Murdoch, fracking and the other corporate agendas (Agenda21), as well the LibLabCon.  I’ll start checking that out in the next few weeks.  The local fracking battle is hotting up with over 500 objections lodged against Dart Energy’s planning application for Brooklands Farm, Dudleston, which is a mile from Owen Paterson’s private residence.  

500!   You normally get about five objections maximum to a planning application in North Shropshire.  Can you imagine the coming battles if this all goes ahead.  The Council will surely at least delay the decision-making process, and work around the inevitable coming confrontation between thousands of distressed and angry residents and the local constabulary.  Somehow country life is never going to be the same again, whichever way this pans out. Trust in authority is already rating at zero.  The hatred of government and sold out politicians could not be greater.  


A wave of plague and pestilence is descending upon our world all of a sudden: Bubonic plague, Chikungunya virus, airborne MERS, superbugs and other exotic diseases are cropping up everywhere with no unifying explanation.

Is this the beginning of Biblical-class plague?

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  1. I disagree, I think your own case is very interesting… 🙂
    Overbreathing – I’d never heard of that. And so the treatment is to change your breathing habits? Fascinating.
    If you over-oxygenate your blood – do you have a reduced red-cell count as a consequence? Have you always done it, or could it have been triggered by a childhood trauma?
    Esoterically speaking, perhaps if you have a tendency to too much ‘air’, then more ‘earth’ would balance it out? 🙂

  2. Tapestry says:

    I try not to know everything about the condition! The parent problem is sleep apnea. That makes me short of oxygen on occasions, for which various strategies and interventions have been deployed. I then developed a tendency to overbreathe/take in too much oxygen, and become short of carbon dioxide.

    That makes the blood too alkiline which inhibits the mitochondria. We are now deploying a strategy (breathing techniques) to stop the overbreathing. This should help the mitochondria to keep producing CO2, and turn the vicious circle into more virtuous performance.

    That’s enough to know for me!

  3. NPP says:


    I know, I think, you’ve done Biology of belief etc… also do Louise Hay’s ‘affirmations’ or whatever they are called in her book You Can Heal Your Life. There’s a list of problem, diagnosis, recommended solution… seems to help from lower back pain to teeth and gums. It’s free. You just gotta remember and think.

    UK Column down at the moment as I sit down to supper. Boy, they are doing great stuff.

    Israel? Bollocks. Palestine? Fucked.

    Malaysian airlines: my money’s on Putin did not do it, even pro Russian ‘rebels’ did not do it. Ukrainians? CIA? Mossad? How the f— do I know, but the official story is so weak verging on pathetic. Of the numerous links and articles, one could sum up with InfoWars:
    About 10.30 mins in, they do The Daily Mail:
    The Daily Mail article:
    Gerald Celente recommends: Guilt By Insinuation — Paul Craig Roberts:

    This is among the best just to observe the BS the spokesperson is giving – ‘Anything other than social media?’ State Dept’s MH17 evidence secret: White House PR is spouting bollocks:
    “What would that version be Matt?”
    Matt, why didn’t you tell her? We think it was Ukraine, US or Israel!

    I sense the child abuse issue is a huge concern for those on the wrong side of concern. It’s been side lined, except by the people on the ground and they ain’t going away.
    ‘Mumsy’ (Louise Collins has interviewed this OAP woman, Bill Maloney knows exactly who she is) protesting outside The House of Commons… ordinary people can make a huge difference. She is not going away and the arrogant bastards within parliament are going to know about it.

    Painted like a maniac. I’m off for a week. Ah yes!

  4. I heard of a folk remedy from somewhere near you, involving a couple of sharp bamboo straws inserted into the nostrils (by an expert hand of course), which would cut away a clear passage in the soft tissues at the back of the throat. It was purportedly 100% effective, and rarely lethal… 🙂
    Have you tried homeopathy?

  5. Anonymous says:

    “Trust in authority is already rating at zero. The hatred of government and sold out politicians could not be greater.”

    “…government and sold out politicians… I’ve never heard child-killing paedophiles and shirt-lifters referred to that way before.

    I see Britain is doing away with the costly annual Electoral Register of Voters nonsense – as in, if voting achieved anything they would make it illegal anyway. The millions of pointless forms for pointless elections (to keep the Usual Zuspects in power with the illusion of democracy) are no longer to be sent out, but instead, persons automatically included in each subsequent years Electoral Register – unless a Council is advised otherwise.

    I’ve long ceased to vote in this Zionist election/democracy charade anyway. The (Western) World will NEVER be saved from the N/JWO by a pointless cross on a pointless ballot paper placed in a cardboard ballot box. The Palestinian way is the only way.

    A friend recently told me that she asked her adolescent granddaughter what she wanted to be when she grew up. “A Palestinian” came the response. Our future torch bearers of truth seem to be finally waking up.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have Lyme disease/chemtrails infection and also overbreathe, but this was caused by lack of oxygen and the remedy of an oxygen machine which has now caused overbreathing. I suffer particularly under stress. Funnily enough, I am investigating high dose IV Vit C and can get it privately.
    I am lucky to have had that same oxygen test as you…left to the NHS I would be dead. I was suffering anyway until I went in a plane and this nearly killed me off and I have been on the oxygen machine for over a year now and slowly improving, but now have a different mask to combat the overbreathing. So I have too little oxygen and carbon dioxide,. My immune system is failing and not in a good way. Chemtrails wrecked my life for over 15 years now, but still optimistic that Ii can recover and get better if only everyone wakes up.

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