Many are fighting back against the growing tyranny

Zionists have hijacked governments of many countries including Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan etc and the result is tyranny and oppression of people.

There is more information coming regularly about the fake global war on terrorism that has killed millions of people and set the stage for the police state in the US and other countries.

Zionists are behind this fake global war on Muslims as well as the police states in the US and many other countries as well as countless other undesirable things and unbalanced Jewish power has taken the world to the edge of a cliff and people are being severely oppressed by the Zionist tyranny which is trying to take away the freedom of all of mankind and it is crucial that we take an interest about what is happening beyond America’s borders to citizens of other countries on a global scale especially those who have been courageously standing against Zionist tyranny and oppression and Zionist crime as individuals (MP Laurant Louis of Belgium, Peter Markan of Queensland, Australia and others like them) or as a political party like the Jobbik Party of Hungary.

Tiszavasvari is the home to the “Jobbik Party” in eastern Hungary where 12,000 Hungarians live. Mayor of Tiszavasvari and other Jobbik Party politicians no doubt have enraged the Jews.

Jobbik Party is referred to as “the country’s ultra nationalist, anti Jewish party” by the Jews.

Erik Fulop, the mayor has initiated a relationship between his city and Ardabil an Iranian city. Juhasz Oszkar, mayor of Gyogyospata has done the same thing. Party leader Gabor Vona is also a supporter of a friendship between Hungary and Iran. So is MP Marton Gyongyosi who in fact grew up in Arab countries because his father was a diplomat.

Jobbik wants no part of the European Union and wants to be free from being controlled and manipulated by the European Union and the US and they have every right to protect their country’s interests. Jobbik wanted to have all Hungarian Jews (or all Hungarian Israelis?) registered.

According to a Hungarian American who has continued to follow Hungarian politics Jews have bought nearly 80% of the Hungarian land and Jobbik politicians who care about their country naturally are frustrated with the Jews majority of whom don’t seem to care about their host country which is a well known fact and we see this Jewish behavior right here in America.

“It is anti-Semitism that binds the Hungarian ultranationalists with the ayatollahs of Tehran in a nexus of hate,” Abraham Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, wrote in 2011. “That is all they have in common.” according to the Zionist ADL.

This is what Zionist Jewish organizations always do when patriots try to take their country back from organized Zionist Jewry who have subverted their country. Here we see a total disregard for the needs of Hungarian people living in their land. Millions of White Hungarians have to give in to the whims and fancies of 400,000 to 500,000 childish and selfish Jews who have taken control of their country.

This is what has happened to Americans. And this was the situation in Germany before Hitler came into power as well.

And any effort on the part of Hungarian politicians to change the dire situation in their country is viewed as anti-Semitism by the corrupt Zionist Jews which is the race card they play to manipulate people into submission.

This is how Wikipedia describes the Jobbik Party of Hungary:

“Jobbik, the Movement for a Better Hungary (Hungarian: Jobbik Magyarországért Mozgalom), commonly known as Jobbik (pronounced [ˈjobːik]), is a Hungarian radical nationalist[3][4] political party. The party describes itself as “a principled, conservative and radically patriotic Christian party”, whose “fundamental purpose” was the protection of “Hungarian values and interests.”[12] Jobbik has been described as fascist,[13] neo-fascist,[14] Neo-Nazi,[15] extremist,[16] racist,[17] anti-Semitic,[18][19] anti-Roma[20] and homophobic.[21] After the Hungarian parliamentary elections on 6 April 2014, the party polled 1,020,476 votes securing 20.54% making them Hungary’s third largest party in the National Assembly.”

Marton Gyongyosi, Gobor Vona, Erik Fulop, Juhasz Oszkar and other Jobbik policians need to watch out for their safety just like President Putin of Russia, President Maduro of Venezuela, Iceland president Grimsson , interior minister Jonasson and other politicians of Iceland, UKIP leader Nigel Farage, Belgium MP Laurent Louis, Pakistani politician Imran Khan because the organized Jewry can be ferocious.

Peter Markan has been one of the few people in Queensland Australia with courage to have fought and continue to fight this battle on behalf of humanity.

Peter Markan seems to have been convicted using fabricated evidence!

It is very clear why he had be framed on false charges and sent to prison!

The entire world need to support political parties and/or individuals who are standing against Zionist tyranny and oppression on behalf of humanity!

The patriotic Jobbik Party of Hungary and Peter Markan of Queensland Australia deserve the world’s attention and support!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “UNITED NATIONS, July 15 (APP): Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the U.N. mission in Afghanistan strongly condemned two attacks that took place Tuesday, one in Kabul and the other in the eastern province of Paktika, which have killed and injured scores of civilians”.

    Not one iota concerning Israeli attacks on Gaza killing and maiming innocent families in their homes while destroying infrastructure and denying Palestinians water.

    TALMUDIC JUDAISM posits that “JEWS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN by their TRIBAL GOD Yahweh to OWN THE EARTH and RULE over non-jews… AS OVER ANIMALS” !!!
    What a load of PIG-SHIT!!
    Read more:

    Mr. Putin counters,“God created us equal,” as he argues that it “is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional.”

    Obama on the other hand sees himself as God and wants the world. Including your CHANGE!


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