Lawyer David Howard researches Agenda 21. Sustainable development means 80% depopulation of the planet. Mark Windows interviews him.

ICLEI – Local government for sustainability means bins will only be emptied every four weeks, not every two weeks.  Rats will move in.  Cholera.  There is nothing that Councils will be able to do to stop it.  Public health is going into reverse.

Carbon fines are so high that it’s cheaper to build windmills.

There are going to be power cuts across Britain.  The EU is forcing the rules – not Parliament.  Maybe Nigel Farage can get us out of it.

Climate change deniers are being jumped on by online trolls like paid for by Soros.  The Green agenda is very cleverly done.  It’s all about brainwashing, removal of democracy.

The school curriculum has to teach about global warming, or else teachers get sacked.  This is totalitarian.  The government is removing cheap power away from us deliberately.

Both sides of global warming should be taught.  It’s programming peoples’ brains.  The Rockefeller Foundation admits its aim is to destroy the American way of life.  They think they will succeed as there aren’t enough people intelligent enough to see through it all. They have endless useful idiots to impose it on the rest.

All the time new data is coming out, yet the BBC won’t have climate debates any more, claiming the science is settled.

UN agents are being placed inside Local Government to promote the depopulation agenda.  You get so-called volunteers pretending to be amateur, who are in fact plants.  Parish Halls and Community Centres are receiving money, apparently from all over the shop. It’s all coming from the Rothschild Foundations.

The fake Green agenda became Agenda 21.  1984 was not fiction.  It was a prediction.  Words with meaning are being abolished.  New words are being brought in, mostly meaningless.  It’s  away to achieve mind control.

HOW GOVERNMENTS ARE STEALING LAND FROM FARMERS.  Different interviewee from Wales. Tim.

The tricks they’re using to steal farmer’s land is amazing.  Footpaths are invented.  The ‘collective’ has the right before the individual.  Roads are being built for farmers and then afterwards being compulsorily adopted by the Council as a public road.  Councillors are blocking farmers’ access roads, and cutting them off from their lands.

This is criminal activity being engaged in by Council’s legal departments.

Occupy movements are destroyed from within by facilitators.
Fracking is another con.  George Soros is behind it all.  It’s not about gas.

The first thing they’ll do is take out the leaders.  Those like Tim who can see through these agendas (controlling us and reducing our rights) are targeted for ‘attentions’.  The programmes are secret.  Once they’re exposed, they cannot operate, and fall to bits.

They try to set up a hornets’ nest between people within communities.  They don’t like changing targets, and keep attacking the same people.  They have no respect for private property.  They claim to be volunteers, but clearly have backing from somewhere. 

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I remember someone posting a comment about how much money (millions) Local Authorities actually hold in offshore accounts.
    Who is doing this and why? If true, it can’t be legal. What are the auditors doing? Is it a slush fund?
    We need to start asking questions.
    Chris Everard has pointed out that the interest alone on what we pay in taxes runs this country – the trillions in capital goes…..where exactly?

  2. shirlz007 says:

    Tap… pleas post this! (no-ones reading my blog :'( YET!)… I Posted on The Needle… Il make sure ALL child abuse activists are made aware of what Im proposing! (can’t argue with this!)


    ”please take what Im saying seriously (I don’t bullshit when it comes to child abuse.. EVER! I admit it’s not my speciality or expertise. Its not something I ever wished to confront)

    London Assembly report has found the Metropolitan Police Force is over whelmed with child abuse allegations, and is stretched to it’s limits (plus its greatly compromised! WE ALL KNOW HOW!)… use this to call for a National Child Abuse Unit to be formed (campaign, get the MPs and Social Services on board, EVERYONE who’s wishing to see an end to this)

    A National Child Abuse Unit, that is properly funded and resourced, headed by The National Crime Agency and Serious Crime Agency, access to ALL the intelligence, with the power to investigate any agency or Government department, working closely with Social Services, and other agencies (Prison Services?)… NATIONAL DATABASE, ACCES TO IT ALL!… it’s members handpicked, passing vigorous psychological tests and vetting processes, specially trained in investigating child abuse and child snuff networks (the organisation, funding, psychology, EXPERTS!!!)… HAVE THE PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT FOR THE OFFICERS/DETECTIVES INVESTIGATING IT!

    Watson? Dancuk? Hamming? Loughton? Needle? Exaro? Ian Pace? ANYONE??? :/

    NATIONAL CHILD ABUSE UNIT!!! (and only child abuse for the time being)”

  3. shirlz007 says:

    ”investigating high level child abuse means taking on the might of the CIA and it’s friends”… THAT COMMENT WILL LIVE WITH ME FOREVER AANG! ;D

  4. shirlz007 says:

    concerning the article!!!

    ”maybe Nigel Farage can get us out of it” RALMFAO!!! TWAT! FUCK OFF AND EAT YOUR OWN HEAD!

    Oh theres people that may be able to get us out of this! (GLOBAL PLANETARY MULTI THOUSAND YEAR OLD FUCK UP!)… Im one of them! Putin another! Mark Passio! David Icke! (although Im not to sure of him) erm… AangIrfan… maybe some others, maybe people Im not aware of!… NIGEL FUCKING FARAGE SURE AS HELL AINT ONE OF EM! (trust a Lawyer to be so intelligent and yet so stupid!)

  5. Anonymous says:

    I read your blog Shirlz

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