Latest fracking news from Ian Crane before the ATVOD shutdown and after

If you want to get some idea of what’s involved with a drill site convoy arriving in your village, watch at 4 minutes onwards.  

Contaminating aquifers is said to be lawful by the Police, carrying out the corporate agenda.  West Newton in Yorkshire.  Local people are shocked by the scale of the invasion.

Planning conditions are ignored.  Local Authorities are told whatever they want to hear, as are local communities to get planning permission.  The Police sent twenty officers per protector.  It’s an isolated site.  Miles from any town.  100 officers.  3 protestors.  Overkill response.  Raflin Energy were obviously lying saying they won’t frack.

They are turning this country into an industrial wasteland.  Drilling is about to begin.  Lights on 24 hours.  Noise 24 hours.  Pollution.  Traffic.  Poisoning of water, soil and air.  2nd July 2014.

The mainstream media were prevented from observing the installation.  The local population has a massive role to play.  If the public start reacting, investors will start to get cold feet.

In this case residents reacted after the event.  Pity.  Other towns in the East Riding like Beverley nearby seem to be waking up fast.  As Ian says, there will be eight wells per square mile, with enough gas to extract for thirty years.

The water, the air and the soil will be contaminated with appalling negative health impact on the communities around.  70% of voters are against fracking in the UK.  If Labour go anti-fracking, they’ll get a landslide, says Ian.

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  1. shirlz007 says:

    I once threatened to knock Ian Crane spark out! 😀
    (I’ve threatened a lot worse!)

    well… Im having a go at this! (and I gave a shout out to Icke! ‘right about ALOT of things’)

    (you’ll see a lot less of me, Il post my links if I feel it’s relevant)… don’t be scared! Contribute, speak up! Like Aang/Irfan (my inspiration) im checking comments before I post (no blindless Anti Semitism or Homophobia… too intelligent for that!)

  2. Anonymous says:

    the reason that the convoy arrives all together is because otherwise the dickhead protesters make it too difficult

  3. Anonymous says:

    If only these useful idiot cops knew what they were ‘defending’. Defending the indefensible that’s what. Cops are effectively killing their own children, grandchildren, other loved ones and friends.

    Then again, they’ve got to think of their jobs and pensions, right? They’re only carrying out their orders, right?

    Agenda 21 – Water

    WATER MONOPOLY – World Bank, Bechtel, Veolia, Nestlé and other NWO corporations are pushing global privatization of our planet’s water supply making clean water unaffordable. artificially-created droughts by weather manipulation plus the intentional poisoning of wells and ground water with hydraulic fracking chemicals are methods Zionist globalists use to seize control of Earth’s clean water.

    WATER – NOW AN OWNED COMMODITY – Not a Universal Human Right

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