Killary explains why she wanted the MH-17 false op on the Charlie Rose Show. Wake up Europe.

by Scott Creighton
Shades of Cheonan?

Hillary Clinton went on the Charlie Rose show the other night and carefully explained the motivation behind the false flag operation known as Flight Mh17. She laid it out very clearly: European nations weren’t joining Obama’s sanctions against Russia so Russia decided to blow-up a plane flying over Europe.

Simple, right?

In the weeks prior to the supposed downing of Flight MH17 several European nations decided against joining Obama’s new sanctions against Russia for allegedly invading Crimea and destabilizing eastern Ukraine so Obama, President Peace Prize, was going it alone. The reason they gave, repeated by Killary herself: they didn’t buy it.
The vast majority of Europeans understand that Crimea held a referendum and decided to politely bow out of the fascist neo-Nazi run Ukraine. Russia didn’t invade though you wouldn’t know that watching Fox News or listening to Killary. But they know it.

They also understand that Gazprom is the leading supplier of energy to Europe and without them, they would be at the mercy of the same globalist for-profit entities that Killary and Obama and Bush before them work for. So, they rejected Obama’s call for humanitarian sanctions against Russia on the grounds that they didn’t BELIEVE the bullshit.
Now, you have to understand, this about far more than simply some oil and LNG contracts in Europe. It’s about more than simply the Caspian Sea Basin and all those glorious profits waiting to be had. It’s about more than simply making Pipelandistan a profitable venture after it’s launch on Sept. 11th, 2001.

What’s at stake is the stability of Russia and by extention, Putin himself and ultimately… BRICS.

Yes, these sanctions will so cripple Gazprom if enacted across Europe that Russia will undergo a sort of economic warfare the likes of which they haven’t seen for decades. That will “make the economy” of Russia “scream” to borrow a line from an old globalist.

It’s economic warfare designed to undermine not only Putin’s place in Russia, but also Russia’s ability to lead the alternative to the IMF and World Bank… BRICS.
Killary doesn’t actually think leaders of European nations are as gullible as the brainwashed people of the United States. She knows those leaders will see through this timely ruse in an instant. That doesn’t matter.

If they can create a pretext large enough to help fascist globalist leaders of European nations to hide behind, they can impose on their own people the hardships that these anti-Russia sanctions will inevitably create and all the while stand back pointing to the false flag of Flight 17 saying “I had to do it”

That is her message. That is the point of the false flag Flight 17 psyop. It’s pretty clear. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to Killary herself lay it all out for you in plain English.

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4 Responses to “Killary explains why she wanted the MH-17 false op on the Charlie Rose Show. Wake up Europe.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I got as far as 1.09 and had to stop the tape.

    disgusts me at every level.

    I am femme and believe in equality fraternity/sorority
    and liberty.

    Peace to all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t beleive a word that comes out of this womanss mouth

  3. Anonymous says:

    She had a stroke not that long ago and I thought she had disappeared from public life, to beg forgiveness for her monstrous crimes against humanity from her Maker. Clinton should be aware that ‘Karma’ is always watching and ready to strike again if necessary. Clearly the first warning shot across her considerable bows was insufficient for this murderous hag to take heed, and another killer stroke this time may be in the post. Arriving tomorrow if possible.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Consider the following, which became known on Thursday. Very few sites are mentioning this “evidence”. It is either on the table for further investigation, or maybe somebody can prove “beyond any reasonable doubt” that it can be “completely” discounted. Was the shoot down a genuine mistake?

    Note the footprint in Google cache after the “Pro Russian’s” social media post was removed when it became known to him that the aircraft shot down was Malaysian Airlines and not Ukranian. Bear in mind that the “Pro Russian” separatists had been posting of shoot down successes in the days prior. They clearly have a capability, but how did they get the capability to target aircraft at 33K? Did it come from those who had “switched sides” and decided to support the “Pro Russian separatists?

    Whatever the truth, Putin cannot be involved. It makes no sense and there would be no motive due to the successes he is achieving [BRICS] elsewhere. Putin is a chess master, not a pawn.


    Remainder of “evidence” footprint:-

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