Israel’s slaughter of Palestinians dressed up as conflict

 NY Times: After Brief Lull in Gaza Crisis, Airstrikes Resume

After a short, one-sided cease-fire, Israel and Hamas on Tuesday resumed their latest battle in the Gaza Strip.

“One-sided cease fire”? “Resuming their latest battle”? What utter Zionist rubbish! First of all, their is no “battle” in Gaza, only a slaughter!
And how can there be a “one-sided cease fire” when Israel actually controls both sides of the conflict? The Zionist deceivers at Sulzberger’s Slimes know bloody damn well that Hamas, with its arsenal of essentially harmless “rockets”, is run by Arab agents working for Mossad. With the small Gaza Strip under complete land, air & sea blockade, how are all of these rockets being smuggled into Gaza right under Israel’s hooked nose?
The only “one-sided” elements of this recent bloodbath are the West’s mendacious media coverage and the actual body count; 170 dead Palestinians (and counting) vs. ZERO dead Israelis. Even the “three dead Israeli teens”, which served as the convenient pretext for kicking off this slaughter, appear to have been fictitious “Sandy Hook” type deaths.

Pillows stuffed under Israeli flags / fake crying

How does Israel get away with this? Simple. The NY Times and the Washington Post are controlled by Jewish dynasties (Sulzberger-Ochs and the Meyer-Grahams). CBS was established by a Zionist (Bill Paley), as was NBC, (David Sarnoff) and ABC (Leonard Goldenson). The Chicago Tribune and the LA Times are both Jewish owned (Sam Zell & Sam Zell), as is the New York Daily News (Mort Zuckerman). The list is endless! And is it really even necessary to name names to prove the kosher status of Hollywood? 
Yes indeed. It’s a clean “one-sided” media sweep for the Zionists of America. Bibi Satanyahoo could torture and execute every last man, woman, and child in the Gaza Strip, and the press would spin the genocide into an act of self defense which the “terrorist” Palestinians brought upon themselves.
Tragically, your typical American knucklehead and Christian-Zionist retard would swallow such kosher manure without even chewing – and then ask for more.

Jewish writers even admit that they control the media.

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  1. NPP says:

    Germany and Arsenal superstar Mesut Ozil’s representative has denied claims that the star was set to donate his £350,000 [$600,000] World Cup winnings to the children of Gaza following his country’s triumph in the global spectacle…..

    C’mon Mesut. Do it!

    Is it true over 82% UK Conservative MP’s are Friends of Israel?
    Can anyone name them?
    Both Camoron and Silliband have recently given speeches declaring their allegiances to Israel:

    If so, these are the type of people they support…
    Naftali Bennet:
    Mark Regev:

    The killing and lying must stop.
    Demand your MP demand in parliament that it must stop.

    Young American Jew Stands up for Palestine:

  2. salty says:

    21 MARCH 2016.

    Israel to steal 1,200 dunams of Palestinian land in Nablus district


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