Israel Uses Deadly Airstrikes in Gaza to Cover-up Their Massacres and Kidnapping Crimes

21st Century Wire says….

Western media outlets will have you believe that this was a violent incursion caused by the actions of Hamas but history tells us a different story…

In November of 2008, during the Israel-Hamas cease-fire “for the Gaza area,” a DC based NPO called The Jerusalem Fund reported that it was Israel who had first violated the Egyptian brokered cease-fire during that period:

Palestinian launches have been rare and sporadic and occurred almost always after successive instances of Israeli cease-fire violations, adding that, “Israel has violated these simple truce points continuously since they were agreed upon. Not only are the crossings still very restricted, but the fire into Gaza continues, with the first one occurring the next day after the truce agreement.”

Below is a YouTube video called “Who Broke The Cease Fire – Hamas or Israel 2008″ that appears to coincide with the Jerusalem Fund findings…

This latest conflict seems to be playing out after the apparent deaths of three Israeli teens and the brutal beating of an American visiting Palestinian relatives. It turns out that Tariq Abu Khdeir, may have become targeted by Israeli border police for attending a protest following the subsequent burning of his cousin a week before his attack. 

According to reports Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri has stated that Israel has commited “massacres” against women and children in Khan Yunis:

The Khan Yunis massacre against women and children is an ugly war crime. All Israelis have now become legitimate targets.”

 The Palestinian Authority spokesman Nabil Abu Rudaineh, suggested that the sudden attacks have been exacerbated by the lack of concern from the international community, in particular the US:
The silence of the international community and US Administration is no longer acceptable,” continuing, “This will drive the Palestinian leadership to take fateful decisions to defend our people against this aggression.”Incredibly, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have justified the Israeli Air Force bombings on civilians because the location was allegedly the home of a member of Hamas. Israel is now calling for 40,000 ground troops from reserves to be on the ready for a possible ground invasion.

On July 1st, Israel had removed a gag order on information surrounding the apparent kidnapping deaths of three Israeli teens. The information revealed that the government was aware of the kidnappings three days after June 12th incident. The timeline seems strange as it was reported that one of the young students abducted had called the Israeli police emergency hotline during the kidnapping. This has prompted some media outlets to claim incompetence butaccording to the Israeli news outlet Ynet:

The investigation raised other frustrations related to the hesitant response of security forces to the emergency call: IDF forces had been rushed to an area mere kilometers from the scene of the kidnapping, following up on a report of an Israeli vehicle entering the village of Beit Fajjar.”I think the public deserves some answers in regards to the proximity of the IDF to the crime scene, how is it that police had knowledge of the crime taking place at the same moment the IDF was just a few kilometers away from the scene of the apparent kidnapping?The bodies of the young Israeli students were not ‘officially’ discovered until June 30th.
Other accounts suggest this entire conflict has been orchestrated to derail the Palestinian Authority’s ability to hold general elections, breaking up the unity government prior to the election cycle

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