Every area in Britain needs a Community Protection Group – to protect citizens from government.

Here is one that appeared on our doorstep only yesterday,  and the leaflet they asked me to write, the text as they spoke their purpose to me.

We set up camp at Brooklands Farm on the 23rd July at 6 pm, and declared the field containing Dart Energy’s targeted drill site as ‘occupied’ under Section 6 of the Public Order Act.

We’re an independent environmental group here to protect Shropshire people.

We’re Shropshire people ourselves from different parts of the county, including places like Whittington, with previous experience helping to stop the destruction of communities and beautiful environments in Sussex, Chester and Manchester.

Anyone is welcome to ‘pop in’ and talk to to us.  We’re using a tiny space in the corner of the field, keeping everything tidy and clean.

We want to meet you.  

If you want one of us to attend local meetings and talk about what we do, we’re very happy to come along.  Just let us know.

We can explain what we have learned from our previous experiences fighting ‘unconventional gas extraction’ in other threatened areas.

North Shropshire is too beautiful to be sacrificed.  The huge Shropshire aquifer which starts right under our feet, is under threat.  

As are farm animals.  
and the health of people living around this area.

Come and see us.

Support us.

Our fight is your fight.

Written and printed on behalf of the North Shropshire Community Protection Group by Henry Curteis.

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5 Responses to “Every area in Britain needs a Community Protection Group – to protect citizens from government.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent idea. Every County needs to start one of these groups

  2. Anonymous says:

    Florida: RJ Reynolds Tobacco Firm Pays out $23.6bn in Damages to Chain Smoker’s Widow



  3. shirlz007 says:

    ‘have you heard the news Danny Boy?’
    … !!!
    ‘you are f*****g joking me aint you!’

    Air Algerie (116 lives) goes down over Mali
    (im praying this one is a genuine accident!)

    (im not getting a chance to get these blogs filled with the relevant information!)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have just found out that any Parish has a right to have a referendum when they choose. It is laid out in the British Constitution and Parliament has to act. So why dont we get some referendums organised in these Parish’s and have fracking stopped. Apparently there has been 47 referendums since the Constitution was presented to Prince William as a contract in 1668 to become King.
    The same Constitution also say’s we are only obliged to pay tax when our countries at war???

  5. Nollidge says:

    Anon 7.25;The Bill of Rights you refer to was in 1689.It was a contract that the incoming William,Prince of Orange had to agree to in order to take the throne.(The throne of England was “in
    the gift of the people”,not by automatic inheritance.It also entitled you to be armed.The moment the first gun control law was passed the Royal family had broken the contract & are no longer entitled to the throne.

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