Internet Reformation sends BBC reputation down the plughole.

Internet Reformation Stymies BBC Reduction of Climate-Change Denial
By Staff Report – July 08, 2014
From the perspective of the power elite, there’s a lot riding on the success of the climate change meme. But it’s not really working out.
The idea apparently was that a carbon crisis would allow governments to centralize regulation in the UN and to spread it around the world. People everywhere would face regulation literally of their every action, or every action that used energy, anyway. Food, bathing, transportation, any computer-based activity – all would have to be regulated in order to ensure the world didn’t heat up too fast or too much………………….
More than any other major meme, global warming/climate change has proven problematic. The nomenclature of the dominant social theme itself proved so troublesome that it had to be changed. And yet climate change has not proven an effective substitute. The warmist argument still pervades the dialogue.
And it is an increasingly dubious proposition to defend it. Anti-warmists have significant arguments to deploy. In a rebuttal to the BBC report, the UK Daily Mail published a long article that included the following sidebar by anti-warmist Andrew Mountford.
For years, computer simulations have predicted that sea ice should be disappearing from the Poles. Now, with the news that Antarctic sea-ice levels have hit new highs, comes yet another mishap to tarnish the credibility of climate science.
Climatologists base their doom-laden predictions of the Earth’s climate on computer simulations. But these have long been the subject of ridicule because of their stunning failure to predict the pause in warming – nearly 18 years long on some measures – since the turn of the last century.
It’s the same with sea ice. We hear a great deal about the decline in Arctic sea ice, in line with or even ahead of predictions. But why are environmentalists and scientists so much less keen to discuss the long-term increase in the southern hemisphere?
In fact, across the globe, there are about one million square kilometres more sea ice than 35 years ago, which is when satellite measurements began. It’s fair to say that this has been something of an embarrassment for climate modellers. But it doesn’t stop there.
In recent days a new scandal over the integrity of temperature data has emerged, this time in America, where it has been revealed as much as 40 per cent of temperature data there are not real thermometer readings. Many temperature stations have closed, but rather than stop recording data from these posts, the authorities have taken the remarkable step of ‘estimating’ temperatures based on the records of surrounding stations.
So vast swathes of the data are actually from ‘zombie’ stations that have long since disappeared.
This is bad enough, but it has also been discovered that the US’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is using estimates even when perfectly good raw data is available to it – and that it has adjusted historical records. Why should it do this?
Many have noted that the effect of all these changes is to produce a warmer present and a colder past, with the net result being the impression of much faster warming. They draw their conclusions accordingly. As their credulity is stretched more and more, the public will – quite rightly – treat demands for action with increasing caution…
What we call the Internet Reformation is truly a polarizing force. It makes elite promotions of dominant social themes arduous. The more the damage control, the more the alternative media broadcasts its appearance and questions its necessity. The damage control itself ends up being the story. The cover up, as the saying goes, is worse than the initial problem.
This is just one of the conundrums that the Internet offers those who want to use globalist promotions to frighten people and push them to give up wealth and freedom …
Those behind the current internationalism still don’t have any idea of how to tackle the Internet. They’re working on it, of course. But they’ve not yet succeeded.

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3 Responses to “Internet Reformation sends BBC reputation down the plughole.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    There is climate change – it’s getting colder!
    I can’t remember the last time we had a cold Northerly wind in July here in the Midlands like we have now. The North winds come in the winter hence the old saying …’when the North wind doth blow we shall have snow’
    The weather reports give temperatures of 23 degrees but my outside thermometer is not even reaching 20. There is a very cold wind today coming in from the North which we have had for a few days now – when we should be getting the warm jet stream up from the south at this time of year.
    Early morning starts off with high pressure coming in from the south but by 9.30am it’s all change and suddenly from nowhere a wind and clouds start coming in from the North and temperatures plummet even though there is s sporadic sunshine between the cloud cover.
    I watch it physically happen in the skies – an instant change occurs, it’s unnatural.
    It’s playing havoc with the crops as the fruits need the warmth and sun.

  2. Tapestry says:

    They can flip the jet stream using HAARP and that can change the weather direction with the click of a mouse. Not to mention chemtrails.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve just done a bit of checking and the jet stream has been redirected across Italy and pushed away from Britain.
    What are the motives I wonder?

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