Iceland sets a good example of courageous politicians.

This is an informative article from Professor Chossudovsky who is a true scholar and he has written some excellent books too!

The time has come when it is necessary to evaluate what is happening globally which also enables us to see the good out there among people in remote parts of the world that can inspire us all!

Iceland is a small country but is blessed with courageous politicians: President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson and Interior Minister Ogmundur Jonasson are examples to other presidents, prime ministers and ministers.

This is the type of leader: A leader like President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson we need in every country.  What President Obama needs is a mentor like President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson. President Obama’s life has been destroyed by the same people who are destroying the world. It is easy to blame President Obama but we need to have a lot of compassion for him for what he has gone through and continues to go through with Zionists always telling him exactly what and what not to do.

Iceland President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson chose his people over banks.

How inspiring is this great President!

There have been few politicians who have stood up courageously against trouble makers who have a plan to take over the entire planet and steal all resources while destroying millions of people through war, famine, manmade whether disasters and diseases etc.  

Belgium MP Laurent Louis is one out of a very few such rare politicians and following is one of his courageous speeches given at the Belgium Parliament!  America and other countries need politicians like MP Laurent Louis.

FDA, FBI, DHS in the US are all under the Zionist control.

FBI no doubt was trying to infiltrate into this nice country: Iceland to create trouble to the Iceland Government and people and because of the astute politicians the country was saved.

If we are to be free of this Zionist yoke we need honest, courageous and caring politicians like President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson and the Minister of Interior of Iceland Mr. Ogmundur Jonasson and Belgium MP Laurent Louis.

President Grimsson of Iceland got rid of the parasitic bankers and Minister Jonasson asked the FBI to leave his country and MP Laurent Louis stood against war and exposed child trafficking.

To protect us from the police state and other forms of tyranny we need a President like Iceland President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson and Senators and Congressmen like Iceland Interior Minister (former Minister of Justice) Ogmundur Jonasson and MP Laurent Louis.  And America needs politicians of this stature if we are to progress into a safe future. 

Minister of Interior Ogmundur Jonasson of Iceland who is very passionate about Human Rights is seen here speaking about Palestine.

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  1. shirlz007 says:

    ONE COMMENT! (im going to bed)…IM NOT FUCKING ABOUT!

    9/11! The Litmus Test!
    I don’t want to be ‘Anti-Semitic’ (ALL RELIGIONS ARE FUCKING RETARDED)… Israel just did 9/11! CIA, FBI, military… another country just fucking smashed you, and allowed to suffer over a decade of shit (Bush and co. aswell)

    WHY NOT?
    (call me a fucking Jewish shill again… knob)

    PEOPLE OF THE REPUBLIC OF GREAT BRITAIN… it seems at first glance we have a paedophile and Mossad free Cabinet (except Dave of course… Mossad)… plus some posh totty!

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