I forged Obama’s birth certificate

Nancy Ruth Owens said… Hello Tap. The Obama Forger Here. Mike Volin won’t allow me to post this video on YouTube so I bypassed him and posted it on LiveLink.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The same woman claims to have killed Pablo Escobar.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Either completely freakin nuts or 100 per cent genuine! Don’ know which is the more alarming! What a strange world we inhabit. Peace.

  3. shirlz007 says:

    Malaysian 777 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpa has crashed over Eastern Ukraine, no sign of survivors.
    Possibly shot down…

    Not in Europe! Not on a our fucking doorstep! (as bad as that sounds)…

    something’s got to give now! 2014!

    Stalemate over Iran, Syria is a warzone… they’ve kicked over a shit bucket right on our fucking doorstep! A DANGEROUS ONE, INVOLVING THE TWO SUPERPOWERS! Reignited the cold war… and it’s turning hot. Ukrainian ‘Government’ are INSANE (understatement)… no understanding of geo-politics… REALITY!

    Operation Peadogeddon is still on…

  4. shirlz007 says:

    My first suspicion, IF it has been shot down… the Ukrainian, Neo-Nazi, Anti-Russian groups, who are fighting pro-Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine… possibly with the backing of the Ukrainian ‘Government’…

    WITHOUT the backing of US (maybe some elements of US, doubt it though).

    I personally can’t imagine ANYONE being stupid enough to think they down an international flight in Europe, and expect the desired results.
    (I don’t see this being CIA)

    The Ukrainian Government is already saying it was shot down?
    (How the fuck do you know!!!)

    … It’s Malaysian flight again.
    Possibly Chinese passengers? Can’t see anyone of importance being on a flight from Amsterdam to Malaysia. Someone from another flight (US, Europe… Malaysia?… a handful of passengers at most?)

    IF the ‘alternate media’ took more of an interest in solving MH370, and broadcasting what they believed occurred, collectively… THIS MAY NOT HAVE HAPPENED!!! (EVERYONE THAT I CONTACTED!!!)

    I personally think (first hunch)… The Ukrainian Government has lost the plot, and inteneds to try and pin this on pro-Russian forces… they may NOT have had the CIAs backing… and the CIA/US may not be able to control what it’s unleashed (Frankensteins monster once again!)

    Aangirfan will be the best to go to…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Too obvious to be CIA? Nah! They are past caring and getting arrogant with it. Trouble is the masses are waking up and can see thru their games. If it smells like fish then chances are it is fish. CIA helped install the shyster Ukraine govt and are doing their damnedest to provoke Putin to starting WW3. Putin far too good at chess to fall for that gambit! ;>)

  6. smrstrauss says:

    Re: “Either completely freakin nuts or 100 per cent genuine!

    The answer as the first Anonymous showed with her other claim is that it is completely freaking nuts.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Obama has many names, but ALAN…..?
    You got it right with ‘freakin’ nuts’.
    I notice that the Google graphic for today is that saintly man, the former terrorist Mandela – who for some reason it took five days to bury, six months after he died.
    Yet the central Christian festival of Easter was not even acknowledged by the satanic synagogue of Google.

  8. What good does it do for blogs like “the-tap” and others to bring you the truth if you question the very thing that yours eyes, ears, and mind are telling you?! I don’t get it. Thank you Tap for giving me this outlet!

    I hope you don’t mind me sharing this with your readers since it contains further VISUAL proof. It is not a very active blog so I wouldn’t advise that your readers follow it expecting daily or even weekly updates.

    Look with your own eyes, people. As ludicrous as it sounds, Congress HAS placed a foreign King on our American throne which renders each and every member of Congress obsolete!

    Obama is a creation of the 1980’s Medellin Cartel.

    As you can hear Mike Volin say in the video, they knew my brother was up and coming WHEN HE WAS A SENATOR but chose to do absolutely nothing. They waited until he hit the world-wide stage so that Mike “Zullo” Moore, whom I had a very brief sexual affair with, could burst on the stage looking like some sort of hero.

    ZulloMoore’s a coward, folks and he was known as the investigator who never came out at night because he knew that was when the bad guys were most active.

    In the early 1980’s I provided ZulloMoore with info from the Medellin Cartel on how they burned their fingerprints with acid to obscure being identified at crime scenes.

    That was to Jorge Rivi Ayala’s and my credit since I brought it directly to Mike Moore out of the back woods Cocaine Wars battle fields of South Florida which ZulloMoore refused to enter, (See Billy Corben’s Cocaine Cowboys documentaries on Rivi).

    ZulloMoore did ask me if I wanted partial credit since for his article since it was going to be submitted to a crime magazine. I said no because to say yes was a guarantee of being murdered.

    To cement this weak relationship, we had sex in his office and later began discussing the murder off of his wife.

    Today, I say otherwise. Mike Zullo Moore. You do not deserve any of the credit for the acid burning fingerprint investigation. That goes to me, Rivi Ayala, and the Medellin Cartel.

    This is just one of the reasons why ZulloMoore does NOT want you to know my name. This is why, I believe, he will only discuss the PDF files and not the actual birth certificate.

    I have sent an email to the FBI requesting that they get another investigator on this. I’m not sure if anything has changed, however, so don’t expect any breaking news from the Zullo/Arpaio camp anytime real soon. More than likely, never.

    Again, “the-tap,” thank you for this providing me with this outlet.


  9. Kate617 says:

    Mike Zullo and Mike Moore are two different people and Moore is at least 15 years older, if not more, than Zullo as he was in the Marines in 1964. Zullo has lived in AZ for the past twenty years while Moore has been in Clewiston for several decades. Moore’s Facebook page has pictures of him and when compared with Zullo, you can easily see they are not the same person. I don’t believe Volin was paying attention to Nancy when she was rambling on in the phone call and said “yes” without realizing what he was saying. Her stories change from one telling to another. She originally said she only forged the LFBC, and yet now she says she didn’t do it but someone else did. The woman is a liar and is mentally ill. She really needs to seek professional help. Listen to her talk about killing people as easily as if she was going to the grocery store. She’s just an attention whore like Orly Taitz.

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