God created us equal. So what went wrong?

“UNITED NATIONS, July 15 (APP): Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the U.N. mission in Afghanistan strongly condemned two attacks that took place yesterday, one in Kabul and the other in the eastern province of Paktika, which have killed and injured scores of civilians”. 

Not one iota concerning Israeli attacks on Gaza killing and maiming innocent families in their homes while destroying infrastructure and denying Palestinians water.

What a load of PIG-SHIT!!

Read more: http://thejewishwars.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/talmudic-judaism-posits-that-jews-have.html 

Mr. Putin counters,“God created us equal,” as he argues that it “is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional.”

Obama on the other hand sees himself as God and wants the world. Including your CHANGE!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    How do we find out the actual result of the Change petition to Ban KI Moon so many of us signed, to have Bliar sacked as envoy to ME?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m starting to really like this Putin fellow. I wonder if I ask him nicely he’ll consider standing for MP at our next general election

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yahweh is (according the many sources) the ‘god’ ANU… brother and enemy of ENKI. This makes the whole issue rather interesting, ‘God’s People’ being those of ANU (hater of humans).

  4. Anonymous says:

    Put-in this way, Putin would be a serious contender in my book considering what’s on offer in this country. That said, getting back to the subject, please see this excellent youtube video “Dead Palestinians Don’t Matter to Mainstream Media”.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Anon 12.40… Anu was Enki’s father, Enlil was Enki’s brother of different mothers.
    It has been suggested that Enlil (Enki’s brother) is Yahweh of the bible as Enlil was against Enki creating mankind.
    Enlil took up council with his father ‘Anu’ over the matter and Anu called for a meeting with Enki’s Adapa (first successful human).
    Anu ruled in favour of Enki and allowed the experiments to continue – giving Enki control over them against Enil’s wishes. Enlil did everything in his power to stop it – he feared the Adapa (humans)would become like them – (powerful and immortal) – ‘as gods’.

    Enlil being the first born son wanted his own son to rule over Earth however Anu gave the position to Enki’s son ‘Marduk’, as Marduk was in love with a human woman and wished to stay on Earth with her. Giving rise to the biblical story of the ‘Fallen Angels taking daughters of men as wives’
    Marduk was bound by Anu (his grandfather)to remain on Earth as Lord for a thousand years and was not allowed to return back home (heaven)until the thousand years had passed, after which he would be assessed on his progress on the earth (judgement day).
    Enlil set about destroying the flying machines and weapons of mass destruction to avoid Marduk leaving Earth. Hence the following bible story…

    ‘When God called a meeting in heaven with all his Angels Satan came forth and God said..”Who are you and what do you do?” Satan replied..”I am your son and I walk up and down the Earth”

    It was common for generations in ancient times (and still do in some cultures) to refer to grandsons as sons.

    Enki returned back to the home planet (heaven)

    Marduk is modernly suggested to be Shaytan (Satan)as he was given lordship over the mortal beings and sometimes known as the God of the dead as he was in charge of funerals.
    Also Enki (his rank badge being the symbol of the serpent)also because he educated the humans -(Tree of Knowledge); and Enlil as ‘Yahwey’ the destructive God because we wanted to destroy the human race Enki had created.

    Fortunately for us all here today Enlil – who’s title means ‘Commander in Chief’ – didn’t get his own way thanks to ‘Big Daddy’ Anu.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Sumarian story of Noah who’s name was actually Uptanmishpa is even more intriguing!

  7. Anonymous says:

    On the subject of Noah most know the story of the flood, (you know the one pre 1947)so here’s an interesting take on the Hydroplate Theory- The Origin of Earth’s Radioactivity.



  8. Anonymous says:

    I am reliably informed that in Holy Scriptures, God warned the exiled Jews not to return to the ‘Promised Land’ or create a ‘New Israel’ without His express permission.

    This of course is red rag to a Rothschild (meaning Red Shield) circumcised bull and the godless counterfeit Ashkenazi Jews(sic) who make up most so-called (Zionist) Jews of today. They have no historical bloodline connection to the Holy Land whatsoever and are usurpers of that sacred land in every sense of the word. The Ashkenazi usurpers are in for one hell of a shock.

    The bastard and uniquely blasphemous creation known as Israel will cease to exist along with its godless occupiers. It’s only a question of time. They can attempt to kill every Palestinian man, woman and child on Earth and God will ensure even more Palestinians rise from the Gaza ashes to exhaust and ultimately annihilate this murderous, devil-worshipping, fake Israel entity.

    Talk of God makes many people uncomfortable and I identify with those people. However, what is sickeningly happening in Gaza before the eyes of an increasingly awakening world – especially in light of the UK’s Paedophilia Gate – should focus our minds and give us hope that we Patriots and Truth-seekers may not be entirely on our own as it were, even if we don’t entirely believe it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Re: 6:58 pm

    Read all of Jeremiah 31 and notice the word “I” not Mr Balfour, Churchill, Roosevelt, the League of Nations or anyone else. God himself (and probably literally Jesus Christ) will gather and lead Israel (12 tribes of Jacob) back to the land of Israel (the land of Jacob: the land of 12 tribes) like Moses did. No mention of any singular tribe here but the plural “Israel” the collective 12 tribes.

    What we have today is Satan’s attempt to copy God by using the descendants of Esau-Edom-Idumean-Jews who have usurped the name of Israel, the tribe of Judah in the land today we call Israel.

    Put another way our world is held captive by who? Jews! Through governments. If you are Satan’s in this world you get the top jobs. Look around!

  10. Leslie Michael says:

    God created us equal. So what went wrong? The answer lies in my book, “The Angel With A Broken Heart.” It describes in detail why Lucifer, the most magnificent of the angelic hosts chose to challenge the power and majesty of God. Yes, Lucifer was proud but why would a third of the angelic hosts join him in the rebellion, just because of his pride? There was a real and compelling reason to rebel – so compelling that an incredible battle for Heaven took place.
    I realize this is self serving, but there is not enough space to explain that compelling reason. So please read the book.

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