False flag war continues as CIA keeps trying to bring Europe into war mentality against Russia

Late Thursday night, 17 July, a Kiev­ origin clip on YouTube mixed and melded the Su­25 military airplane downing – an incident in which the fighter plane was seriously damaged, only – with the total destruction of flight MH17. The clip presents alleged recordings of a conversation between a pro­Russian separatist and his coordinator Vasyl Geranin, claimed to be a colonel in the Intelligence Directorate of the Russian Army. Their conversation concerns an airplane that is forced to the ground but the translated version does not distinguish whether this was a civilian or a military jet, and may well concern the Ukrainian Su­25 in an incident which the Kiev flash mob government first claimed to be action by pro­Russian rebels using Russian-­supplied anti aircraft missiles. 

In that Su­25 incident, Russia promptly denied any involvement. Later on in the same clip, it ends with another conversation this time between an unidentified, purported rebel leader and a claimed Cossack militant operating in eastern Ukraine, backing the rebels. The Cossack says that markings on the wreckage of MH17 clearly show it is a civil airliner – claiming to say pieces of wreckage are so large that “Malaysian Airlines” can be easily read. This is technically almost impossible following the total destruction at high altitude of any type of plane, followed by its wreckage falling to ground by gravity and further dislocating while doing so.

Like the Ukraine, Syria is a high-stake geopolitical game. Claimed motives as to why Vladimir Putin’s Russia never wavered in its political support to the Assad regime included the “Qatar gas pipeline” story – in other words the false flag of Syrian toxic gas utilization was fabricated in order to create western public support for the overthrow of Bashr al Assad and the later building of a gas pipeline across Syria bringing “friendship gas” from US ally Qatar’s giant gas field to Europe via a Mediterranean port. In theory, this could seriously dent Gazprom’s “stranglehold” on the lucrative European gas market, resulting in Putin backing Syria’s Assad. Follow the gas, follow the real narrative.

If you know who the real aggressor is in this drama then you can guess what’s coming next. The false flag war will evidently continue, and become even more violent and bizarre.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Today’s newspapers are an absolute disgrace and nothing whatsoever to do with facts or truth. “Putin the Terrorist” FFS! A tissue/torrent of lies more like, and out and out Zionist BS propaganda. Anyone who buys the rubbish deserves all that’s coming to them in ZOG’s World War 3. These presstitute editors and reporters know exactly what they are doing and how wrong it is. They are as guilty as the cowardly Israelis and their latest Gaza blood-fest and should be dealt with mercilessly when the day of reckoning comes – which it surely will.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “If you were bitten by a mad infected dog, who will you blame? The dog or its owner? Definitely the owner. So… all the blame is on USA Government’s shoulders for adopting and supporting a state like Israel.
    ~ Robert De Niro



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  3. NPP says:

    I listened. Where was …
    BILL MALONEY – He’s been told he can’t reveal anything known about living Royals and current serving Prime Minister and Chancellor, and their involvement in paedophilia…

    I did not get that part.

    I spoke to a friend last night. He was adamant it was pro-Russian rebels because the Daily mail and TV news said so.
    “Not all journalists are corrupt” he declared.
    I had a reminder of how difficult it is when suggesting the ‘internet’ provides alternative views.

    It is not easy to relate years of following the alternative media and explain how the mainstream can be directed and manipulated.

    I had my suspicions about this latest Malaysian flight by 7.30am that morning just by listening to the BBC’s take on it. Explaining it not easy.

  4. Anonymous says:


    CIA analysts have pointed out that U.S. satellite reconnaissance photos show that the missile that brought down Flight MH17 was fired by Ukrainian troops from a government battery, not by ethnic Russian rebels.


  5. Anonymous says:

    @ 5:58 pm I’ve long since distanced or disassociated myself from such ‘friends’ as those you describe. They are so embarrassingly thick as to be not worth saving and certainly not having as friends any more. Such drones are likely to buy a daily newspaper as their main source of (dis)information and not have a computer. They will accept TV and radio news as gospel when they bother to watch it between mind-numbing soaps or similar trash. Such types that actually have a computer will merely use it for games or endlessly forwarding joke emails to their similarly mentally challenged contacts.

    “We have already contrived to possess the minds of the goy
    communities…[they are] looking through the spectacles we are setting
    astride their noses.” (Protocols of Zion, 12)

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