False flag events – the Malaysia connection

The first and most obvious suspicion is that this is Malaysian Airlines, part deux.  I am not saying anything ridiculous like they are the same planes, but rather that two Malaysian Airlines flights become “diverted” to become center stage media foci within a month as mere coincidence stretches credulity.  One recalls immediately the numerous TWA flights of the last several decades that mysteriously were lost, hijacked and shot down, all of which served specific political motives advantageous to the Western establishment.  A second related question involves Malaysian Airlines itself – who owns this airline, and what intelligence agencies might be able to utilize it for such covert operations?  Hardly anyone in the media is asking this question, nor was it asked the last go around.
Malaysian Airlines was started by the Liverpool-based Ocean Group together with Imperial Airways, back in 1937.  It is crucial to note that Malaysia was a part of the British Empire, and thus associations with British Intelligence will not be far removed.  Though the company was broken up soon thereafter, it was incorporated with various shareholders holding close connections to, and positions in, offices of Malaysian government.  For example, former Malaysian Airlines CEO Idris Jala formerly held high level positions with gas giant and Western establishment megacorporation, Shell, before entering Malaysian politics.  Malaysian Airlines is a GLC, or “government linked company,” which we can translate into intelligence linked company, bringing to mind classic examples of intelligence linked airlines, such as Evergreen, the famed CIA shell company that succeeded Air America.  Consider the extent of the CIA connections to airlines according to a 1986 Time Magazine article:
“Officially, the CIA says it has no record that Doole ever worked there, but among old agency hands, he is a legend. Operating out of a small, nondescript office on Connecticut Avenue, he founded and ran a far-flung network of airlines that the agency used to carry out its covert operations all over the world. Owned by a holding company, the Pacific Corp., that was itself a CIA front, Doole’s empire included Air America, Civil Air Transport, Southern Air Transport, Air Asia and dozens of small puddle-jumper lines. Together, at their peak in the mid ’60s, these CIA “proprietaries” added up to an airline that was almost the size of TWA, employing nearly 20,000 people (as many as the CIA itself) and operating some 200 planes. Even the CIA was not sure just how many. Asked by then Deputy Director Helms to account for all the planes in Doole’s regime, a staffer spent three months on the project before confessing that he could never be more than 90% certain. The problem, explained the exasperated staffer, was that Doole was forever leasing planes between his shell corporations and changing their markings and tail numbers.”
Malaysia is also home to a host of Western intelligence shady dealings, according to insider Peter Levenda.  Levenda claims as follows in his Sinister Forces, Vol. 3:
“Friends of mine in Kuala Lumpur-otherwise intelligent, rational people with a love for business and the easy, good life of their tropical paradise-take it for granted that the world has targeted Muslim Malaysia out of jealousy for the strength of their economy…[erroneously thinking] there was simply no truth to the reports that Malaysia was a haven for terrorists, even as one of their political parties praised the bombers of Bali, the World Trade Center, of the Marriot Hotel in Jakarta and met with Hamas and Hezbollah leaders in Malaysia in May of 2002.” (pg. 443)

Indeed, Malaysia was a meeting place of some of the bombers on 9/11.   More details below –
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone remember seeing the photos shown around the world immediately after MH17 was downed that in some of those photos of books titled BALI?

  2. Anonymous says:

    MH is a clue, Mycroft Holmes.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I was going to post something along the lines….. the fact that the malevolent jewsmedia are all – bar none – screeching from the same Zcripted hymn sheet on this one topic and demonising Russia and President Putin, should tell anyone with half a brain cell that Russia and President Putin had F all to do with it. Then I saw this comment on beforeitsnews:

    “If you want to know the truth about anything, just watch CNN. By watching CNN, the viewer will be able to just automatically know that the opposite of what is being broadcast on this network is the truth. Its a flawless pattern.”
    Reply: CNN [BBC/Sky] = Contains No News.” LOVE IT!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Watched devil’s disciple Cameron spewing its unforgivable gut-churning lies about Russia and President Putin to a complicit and paedophile infested, Zionist occupied, Friends of Israel parliament earlier on. I couldn’t help but think that the culling of every buggerer in that godforsaken place is well overdue. Surely a more evil place on Mother Earth never existed. The bastard place MUST be demolished, preferably with all the perverts inside screaming for forgiveness. Same goes for Buck(sic) House on The Mall and the equally despicable royal shirt-lifters who have sold Britain down the Zionist River of Blood. Good riddance to bad rubbish, both royal and common quisling.

  5. shirlz007 says:

    sorry… Im interested in MH17…

    but, Il shit ALL OVER the CIA! 😀

    putting together ablog is actually harder than it looks (IM SHITE ON COMPUTERS!)… this is why I want someone else to do it!

    Work in progress! not finished by a looooon shot! (Ive got LOADS to post)… back tomorrow.

    ”Down in Mexico… Cocaine and Guns, The Sinaloa Cartel, CIA, HSBC, Bush and Obama administrations, Operation Fast and Furious, Eric Holder, ‘El Chafa’ Guzman”


  6. shirlz007 says:

    like I said… work in progress.

    WAIT TILL I GET TO THE COLUMBIA/BOLIVIA BORDERS!!! ‘MR COCIANE’… THE NUMBER 1… it aint a myth! (no matter what MI6 and CIA tell ya! most probably don’t know of him themselves!)… he’s probably ex Oxford, Bullingdon club… running the global Cocaine empire from the jungles of Bloivia! He’ll has an army surrounding him… in a jungle!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Here is another clue, SERCO will be involved in the incident.
    Rupert Soames is the head of SERCO.
    Nicholas Mycroft Soames a former UK Minister of Defence, is involved with MH airlines.
    Mycroft Holmes is the airline MH.
    SERCO are involved in airline bookings. SERCO were involved in fraudulent Tag claims, nobody went to prison, after millions of pounds were claimed fraudulently.

  8. Anonymous says:

    O wow 9.47pm

    Many years ago (almost 20) I contacted a relatively new ‘ethics centre’ in Oz.

    Yup, you read right-an ethics centre.

    I was at the time deeply troubled by some issues which I regarded as seriously unethical, and was gob smacked to find a public institution which handled such questions.

    Again, I was gob smacked by the ineffectual conclusion that I was led into by the psychologist who took my call.
    Reinforcing my view that there is no such thing as an ethics advisory service in the public arena of health, law and ethics.

    Please be aware here that I am keeping a long story short.

    So in recent years I was hearing, albeit not loud and often, the name Serco, in relation to security services, jails, detention centres, especially in Australia, which for so long has been a dumping ground for the world’s unwanted and other assorted run-aways. That includes my family.

    Now I have become ‘learned’ in the true dynamics of war mongering and lucrative contracts etc, and when going through old documents (from around 20 years ago) I had to hold onto my chair when I saw that one of the persons who sat on the board of above mentioned ‘ethics’ centre, also sat on board of Serco.

    I can’t tell my story to anyone here in Oz because they just think I am wacky-doo.

    Yet it is all disgustingly, deadly true.

    Thanks so much. You are the first vindication of my experiences.

  9. MH17: Are Pristine and Expired Passports a Smoking Gun for a False Flag?


  10. Anonymous says:

    Soames Sr pal of Charlie boy threatened Diana ‘ don’t meddle in things that you know nothing about because you know accidents can happen.’ allegedly.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible that the said Air Crash could be a total Hoax.
    Quite a lot of friends and relatives have been identified as actors.
    Just for comparison, compare the crashes in 9-11, no bodies at all.
    If SERCO falsely claimed millions of pounds in the UK, what’s to stop them claiming millions in insurance claims on the victims ??

  12. I saw some interviews with relatives of people on the flight on Ch4 news. At least 2 sets seemed genuinely bereaved, and they were on for an embarrassing amount of time, looked very genuine…

    There was another, however, that seemed to be acting – showing no real emotion. Could have been an actor, could have just been a bit of a psycho.

    It’s likely some real people died.

  13. Well, having just said what I did, this vid is extremely bizarre!!!

    Netherlands: grieving for loved ones lost in MH17 | Channel 4 News

    Interview starts at about 2 mins. Dad can’t stop smiling!
    None of them appear bereaved at all. Not a trace of sadness. None. WTF…

    Dad says: “so many people have lost their children, and now it’s our turn” (Big Smile), I expected him to then say “It’s wonderful to be called to serve Lucifer!”…

  14. Anonymous says:

    Send a message to the UN:


    Speak against genocide in Gaza, demand action

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