Drug-resistant superbug infections are exploding across U.S. hospitals. Don’t go there.

Drug-resistant superbug infections are exploding across U.S. hospitals, with new infections skyrocketing 500% according to a published study.

Natural News lab tests confirm that juicing is safe! Heavy metals levels found to be near-zero in homemade juice:
Update: Strawberries have been proven to block mercury from fish. If you eat fish, you may want to start the meal with strawberries first:
Magnesium deficiency symptoms explained: Do you have any of these?
Tragically, a Malaysia Airlines jetliner carrying 295 people has been shot down over Ukraine. Here’s what we know so far:
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One Response to “Drug-resistant superbug infections are exploding across U.S. hospitals. Don’t go there.”

  1. shirlz007 says:

    I TOLD YA’LL THAT SARAH FIRTH WAS HOT!!! good taste in women me! … she does know Putin, as ex KGB, psychotic and megalomaniac as he is… is being set for this.

    Russia will know whats happened… who’s responsible. RT is still propaganda.
    RUSSIA KNEW WHAT HAPPENED TO MH370!!! (it had it the flight and passengers under surveillance) AND RT DID NOT REPORT ANY OF IT!!!

    It is true what people like JAmes Corbett and others have said… people shouldn’t have to choose between Putin and The West in terms of geo-politics
    (I can’t help but love him though!)

    I may have underestimated CIAs involvement in this…

    flights out its regular flight path? Why? Over a war-zone (a European one)

    This is why journalists get pissed, borders with intelligence ‘analysis’, which is guess work, speculation, and if you do have something… you cant reveal your source.


    first MH370, now this over Ukraine… FIRST UKRAINE IN GENERAL!!!

    We’ve ALL just been fucked in 2014!!!

    Except maybe Peadogeddon. Middle England got slapped in their silly faces with it with their Sunday papers! KEPOW!

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