Doctors Without Borders spread disease across borders.

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Can’t post as much as I would like due to technical difficulties with my telephone line and internet connections which are spasmodic. However, I was pleased to see this morning that you picked up on Mike Adam’s article “Fluoride is contaminated with toxic heavy metals,”at

Dr Mercola’s latest post reveals that 84 people have been exposed to anthrax.

Over at todays article talks of the deadly Ebola virus which has already killed 600 people in four African countries and that locals are singling out international “aid group” (NGO-CIA) Doctors Without Borders, one Guinian charged, “Wherever those people have passed, the communities have been hit by illness.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i used to give 50 pence a week to Dr Patels food aid for gaza, they used to sneak doctors through the tunnels with urgent medication for those in palestine who had no doctors, everything from asthma inhalers to penicillin, bread and drinking water as there was none
    but several doctors were killed by israelis for bringing in aid
    and i think it finished then

  2. Anonymous says:

    CNN interviewed the wife of Patrick Sawyer, who died of ebola a few days ago. Haven’t we seen this before? What woman, after the death of her husband, puts on full make-up & rushes to appear on CNN? The woman showed absolutely no emotion whatsoever regarding her “husband’s” death. And Reuters interviewed the wife of one of the doctors who died. Her response was to ask the Liberian people to donate money. If the MSM is pushing the story, it is because they have an agenda. You don’t see them warning of the dangers of chemtrails or nuclear radiation or GMOs. CNN also had an interview with Sanjay Gupta, a vaccine shill if there ever was one. Is this only about fear-mongering? Or are they looking for an excuse to start closing borders? Or is it about mass vaccinations?

  3. Anonymous says:

    hey 3 39 this is very good and i agree with you 100%
    so everyone read 3 39 again and take it in

  4. Anonymous says:

    To 3:39 Its about all 3. Fear, so people will go get vaccinated with a lethal cocktail of GKW (god knows what) and close the borders so those with the virus stay in one place to spread it further and reduce the population there.

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