Connecting up knowledge

I watched 12 minutes and have to stop now. Well worth a watch. School run. Hope to get back later in the day.


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3 Responses to “Connecting up knowledge”

  1. Neil Austin says:

    Hi Tap,
    Thrive looks good doesn’t it?…But remember, behind the high production values lurks a murky past. Follow the money.

  2. Tapestry says:

    It is all too well funded for my liking too, Neil, but I was attracted by the possibility of learning something. As usual keep your filters on!

  3. Neil Austin says:

    Forgive me, I wasn’t criticising your intellectual curiosity. How could I?
    I merely wished to emphasise to your readership what ‘Thrive’ hasn’t highlighted; namely that we already know that ‘free energy’ is a reality, it has been weaponised and was used against humanity on 9/11. We already have the evidence to support this hypothesis, and yet those such as ‘Thrive’ will do anything within their powers to divert attention from this fact.
    Best wishes

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