Congratulations Germany! You’ve won again. (nothing to do with football)

“There won’t be [shale-gas] fracking in Germany for the foreseeable future,” Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks said Friday.–

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**Thank you, to all those noting that the ban has not, yet, been passed into law. German law makers have been consistent with their words and actions, in leading the way toward a clean, renewable energy future. We have chosen to take them at their word. Some people will interpret this news differently and we welcome your opinion. We share your belief that all political leaders need to be closely watched and held accountable for their words and deeds. If they recant, or fail to follow through on their declaration, we will be the first to call them out for it. 

TAP – Has Germany won the environmental game?  I remember reading her agriculture went heavily GMO.  Chemtrails are everywhere just as here.  Getting rid of nuclear power is obviously a good one.  It’s still a mixed picture though.

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3 Responses to “Congratulations Germany! You’ve won again. (nothing to do with football)”

  1. NPP says:

    Bayer. BASF. May be German intelligence is just bloody clever and the 3rd Reich really did have a long term plan while as ever the German people just like any general populous have no clue about the bigger agenda. They simply take the chemical plan to the rest of the world.

    What nationality is Monsanto? USA?

    I noted child abuse mainstream stories from Mirror to Mail yesterday, Sunday. Names I’d not seen linked before. Boyson, Joseph. I thought wow, this is breaking through, not no. Hardly anything if anything on the BBC.

    Plenty of the usual reaction to Israel ‘defending’ itself.

    More budget for the war on terror though.

    My correspondence with Tesco re removing WDDTY magazine continues: “I fully appreciate your concerns regarding this and it has been brought to the attention of our Buying Department to be made aware of for future reference.”
    This is probably an appeasement statement, but it progress on previous replies.

    It really is an effort on all fronts and tempting to just leave it, but I recommend if you have the urge, write that next letter whether re fracking, Bill Maloney Chris Fay, GMO, food etc…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tap – I remember reading somewhere recently that Germany had banned Gmo’s – I think there may be mixed messages being put out to confuse us.

  3. Anonymous says:

    France and Germany are apparently leading the way in the European fight against GM foods.

    Spain is the largest producer of GM crops in Europe with 76,000 hectares (190,000 acres) of GM maize planted in 2009 (20% of Spain’s maize production).[19] Smaller amounts were produced in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, Romania and Poland.[19] France and Germany are the major opponents of genetically modified food in Europe, although Germany has approved Amflora a potato modified with higher levels of starch for industrial purposes.[20] In addition to France and Germany, other European countries that placed bans on the cultivation and sale of GMOs include Austria, Hungary, Greece, and Luxembourg.[21] Poland has also tried to institute a ban, with backlash from the European Commission.[22] Bulgaria effectively banned cultivation of genetically modified organisms on 18 March 2010


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