Chris Spivey. The truth will not go away.

Hi Tap,

It’s me again…..please be discreet with my details!

Chris Spivey’s site is down-yet again! I’m sure it is only a coincidence that it has happened just as the world is hearing that the ‘heroine’ of Woolwich Ingrid Loyau Kennet has been sectioned for alleged racial abuse and Chis’s various articles on the farcical pantomime of Woolwich are going viral! 

Please could you let everybody know that everything that is possible is being done to restore the site and no matter what happens it will be back and the truth will NOT go away!

People should check in with his Facebook page Christopher D Spivey for updates. 

Many thanks.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Chris is back up and running-it looks like the Tech guys managed to sort things out! However this is happening far too often and it shows just how worried the dark forces are with what Chris is exposing-but they will NOT stop the truth, it is an out of control snowball about to smash down the house of cards and many other previous places of safety for those who have got away with things for far too long.

    Many thanks Tap for posting the alerts.

  2. NPP says:

    I listened to this Dr Rebecca Carley interview. Thanks.
    The gap between convention and real, useful, ‘true’, healthy practise is apparently enormous.

    The description of ‘concrete’ poo stuck up her bum was pretty cringe making, but truth is truth.

    Let’s keep buggering on – as that well know WWII cigar smoker might have said. Hmmm. How views of previous heroes can change.

    Dr Rebecca Carley seems to be more like the contemporary heroine (politically correct grammar) we must support.

    Great stuff recently TAP. I’m struggling to keep up.

    As I type BBC pressitute R4 PM mention how drinking water and fracking in UK is a problem.

    I’ve written a stinking letter today to Tescos and MP about taking WDDTY magazine from Tesco shelves. I suspect Matthew Hancock MP and NPP have reduced association as of today. Somehow I mentioned biometrics and fracking to Tescos along with WDDTY. I even mentioned Geoffry Dickens’ lost dossier.

    Ah life! You gotta laugh or you go under.

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