Child Theft. The real story behind the 65,000 Mexican children dumped into the USA

Jim Stone July 8 2014

Here is the video

Here is the video where a Mexican who works at the train yard in Guadalajara tells all – no children have ever come through on the trains and therefore other eyewitness accounts of these children being stolen and shipped up on buses are the REAL story.

The only children coming up are stolen and sent up by people operating to destroy America. Mothers are warning the children to stay away from white women who are working for charities and other so called “outreach programs” because once the children get involved with these people, they vanish.

There are no children on the trains AT ALL, no children walking the roads (I just spent 3,000 KM riding all the roads on a motorcycle and never saw a single child walking the roads, no packed rest areas, NOTHING. So if they are not on the trains, and nowhere to be seen on the roads, yet they are vanishing there is ONE ANSWER and it came directly from someone in Nicaragua:

“During this research, I’ve been asking expats how ‘gringos’ are treated and a woman from Canada who is in Managua, Nicaragua replied back by email and said that this past 6 months or so, Nicaraguan mothers have been warning their kids to stay away from gringos, especially women and ESPECIALLY ones claiming to work for NGO’s or missionary types. Apparently, there have been a lot of “runaways” and young pregnant teens going missing and the locals there are ‘very suspicious’ that they’re being taken by these people. After thinking about it, I believe this would be a perfect plan – go to Central American countries, set up orgs to help children, once the kids are under their legal guardianship, they can then take them out of the countries and ship them to the US.”

This, in a single statement, says it all: The children are not leaving Central America on trains, they are being taken and shipped up to America by so-called “relief workers” who steal them and put them on buses and have them shipped directly up to America. There are no “trains of death” or huge waves of people walking the Mexican countryside, and Arturo himself, in the video, clearly states that the police would not tolerate having them on trains, so such an exodus is impossible.

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3 Responses to “Child Theft. The real story behind the 65,000 Mexican children dumped into the USA”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The question remains, why?

  2. Anonymous says:

    5.32 don’t you think this looks like the same scenario that Kevin Annett is dealing with at the mo? wipe out the population under the ruse of aiding the poorer nations.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is child trafficking for those who make huge profit out of doing so. Those children are being bought and sold, for a hefty profit. They may be lured into leaving home, without realising what awaits them. Those who traffic them take the money, and it’s highly likely that those children are to be sold into servitude of some sort, either during their journey or at the other end when ‘relatives’ or ‘guardians’ collect them.
    There must be collusion at the top of the U.S. administration for this to happen.
    It is all disgusting.

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