Censors try to bottle allegations of child rape and torture by Parliamentarians

Before It’s News Censored? Child Torture & Paedophilia in UK Parliament News Censored by Alternative News Media.

Friday, July 4, 2014 8:09

At this time almost all of the real alternative news media outlets are buzzing, absolutely buzzing with the claims from UK child abuse survivors, that they were sexually abused, and by that I mean drugged, trafficked, raped, and tortured…., by senior politicians in Parliament and even by members of the royal household.. The country is awash with allegations of this nature. REAL allegations, real news, in the public’s interest news. Alternative media outlets and campaigners are putting the evidence out there as often and as loud as they can.. This includes statements from surviviors, accounts of police ‘mishandling’ of these survivors, and the systematic demonisation of them for upsetting the status quo. The Establishment and MI5 go extreme lengths to keep them quiet. 
People here are horrified when they finally hear these tales and then shown the evidence by online journalists like Bill Maloney, Matt Taylor, Brian Gerrish or Chris Spivey (whom has also just been censored by Google, try searching his name or website). People are horrified, naturally, as this news has not seen the light of day on any of the State Controlled Propaganda channels that most of them watch, which ultimately tell you what to think and will even make up your mind for you subconsciously, Those channels do not broadcast that their Queen (see video below) has been found guilty in an International Criminal Court of Crimes Against Humanity and who was sentenced on 25th Feb 2013 in her absence along with several others for no less than Crimes against Humanity.People don’t know about Vivian Cunningham who was forcibly detained under draconian mental health laws designed to protect the ‘Establishment’ for simply questioning the Arrest Warrants and what his orders were.  They (THE HEIRARCY ENSLAVING YOU) don’t want you to see, hear or think about that,
It upsets the ‘status quo’ so THEY make sure you don’t here about it by …
a) Not broadcasting it on their main stream media channels (all main stream media is own by a total of just 6 Corporations)
b) by ensuring all other references to the news they want suppressed are removed from as many internet sources as possible..
 it’s called censorship, 
But just who do THEY control?.  

There is not a shread of coverage on Main Stream Newsthat Leon Britton (see video below that!) has been accused directly, by a child abuse survivor, of child rape.  The allegation, which was reported to police by the, now grown man, was initially investigated with over 70 pages of statement taken, but since then…….  nothing from the police, and no Main Stream Media channel will report on these allegations.  
Bill Maloney, who sat in on the interviews with police and who has campaigned tirelessly to expose this massive and deep rooted paedophile ring within Parliament, has urged any and all child abuse survivors who were abused by politicians, now and historically to come forward and will shamelessly hijack any live broadcast to get the message out there, and good for him for doing so.
Bill Maloney breaks the story of an alleged child rape by a senior politician

Bill Maloney hijacks BBC live to inform the population of Paedophilia in parliament.

All of this coverage has been done without the help of the Main Stream News Media. Alternative News Media alone carries the stories
But what of Before it’s News alternative online news paper where it proudly states on our PRESS card…

“First amendment rights: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free EXERCISE thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

So with this in mind The Metropolitan Peace would like to ask the Editor of Before It’s News why we have had no less than THREE articles in the past 48 hours TWO of which relate to the above, the other pertaining to an allegation of perverting the course of justice and police brutality),have been removed from our Bio as well as the main news sections of The Law, and Terorism? . These articles were published on Before It’s News up to 7 months ago and REMOVED without any consultation, notification or explanation.


The articles we refer to are, in no particular order were

Put bluntly Editor, W am frankly flabberghasted that you have removed these articles. This is NEWS THAT THEY DON’T WANT US TO HEAR and this is where we were promised we could broadcast the REAL news right?. 

The credibility of Before It’s News now stands in question. 
If an article is removed by an administrator, would it not be correct and right to notify the journalist concerned and tell them WHY their article has been removed, or better still consult them BEFORE their article is removed with what issues there are with it?. Because if that is not the case, and it clearly isnt as I have scoured my inboxes looking for some sort of explanation from Before it’s News, I have even sent bug reports via your bug reporting system with the urls attached in the vain hope that these articles disappearing are just a technical glitch, but one look at the headlines tells me that these articles were taken down deliberately, and if they were with no explanation, then we must call it what it is…..

Many activists for change and campaigners against State and Church, (ie The Establishment), sponsored crimes of the above nature go largely unreported due to censorship. These activists often risk their lives to get this type of information out, and upon closer examination you will find that in some cases that risk became a reality. 

Sir, it is OUR job to get that information out thereYou claim to present a platform for us to do that, but then articles exposing such high level criminality, depravity and brutality are removed. These articles, in the UK especially, are explosive and the public has a RIGHT TO KNOW.  

Is censorship now going to be the case with Before it’s News editor?

Because if so you might want to think about removing the mission statement, shown above, from your PRESS card.
If not,then please review and republish our missing articles to our Bio and their respective news sections.
your faithfully,

joe public,

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Sent in by Gordon

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11 Responses to “Censors try to bottle allegations of child rape and torture by Parliamentarians”

  1. Anonymous says:

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything American public believes is false” William Casey, CIA

  2. shirlz007 says:




    hey!!! if ‘Gordon’ wants to talk about ‘Real Life X-Men’, Mutations, next stage in human evolution!!! GO AHEAD! BE MY GUEST!!!… I WAS (still am) starting a revolution in Parliament, amongst Law Enforcement… Intelligence)


    its the bloodline!!! :'( RH Negative (some of you need to check if your a part of it… THE JEWS ARE! you may very well be! the other population came from Europe)

    Mark Passio is as close to a truther as you’ll get!

    The Bloodline Conspiracy (20th Dec 2012)… is as close to ET, Satanic truth as you’ll get! (in two hours… he crams it in in two hours! LUUUURVE IT!)

    (look in the mirror!!!)


    ‘of course I believe Im special! I cant understand why no-one else seems to think they are aswell!’


  3. shirlz007 says:

    before you ‘all’ (some of you aint) laugh at ‘Psychics, MI5, Rothschild, Zionists… Satanism? ET’s?’

    LET’S GO BACK TO THE BEGINNING (BEFORE ‘Arab Spring’, Syria, Libya)…


    the reality of what might have been! (even some of you retards played a hand in preventing it!)


    London 2012 (Duff knows the deal), Syria targeted with nukes… UKRAINE!!!


    MH370! (come on now… lets talk about the Apollo Missions!!!)

    you know Im right! ;D
    (come on hun 🙂 Im talking to YOU here!) 🙂

  4. shirlz007 says:

    they already have Charles! it’s called The National Defence Authorisation Act… even if its ten years down the line Charles… IT EXISTS… as do us!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Could the length of Rolf Harris sentence be an attempt at distracting the public?
    While we wait 28days for the “appeal for lenient sentence” ruling (which apparently any one can apply for on any sentence, even just one member of the public) the focus of media/public is transfixed for a result. Not to mention all the reports of new victims coming forward. Smells like a little “smoke in the mirror tactics”.
    Also in Australia an inquiry into establishment child abuse apparently will require a further 2 years to investigate aligations and has requested over a million dollars to fund it!!!!!
    It would be no surprise that after the 2yrs that the results would be inconcluse?

    Just saying

  6. Anonymous says:


    “It would be no surprise that after the 2yrs that the results would be inconclusive?”

    If every one who KNOWS the truth about child prostitution/drugs/murder, the pressure would be too great to keep any lid on the issue.

  7. Anonymous says:


    Yes of course the pressure is building in light of all the revelations, the tipping point is inevitable, these actions they have taken are their pressure “safety valve” to assess/gauge public reaction and buy some time to plan the next move of misdirection. Most probably something to do with the fear of public safety. To control someone, control their fear.

  8. Anonymous says:

    They won’t be able to hide it forever. If the pressure is kept up their pot will crack eventually and it will all spill over and there will be nothing they can do to stop it all being exposed.
    We just need to keep the pressure on non stop despite any distractions.
    They are human – they are not infallable – they have weak spots

  9. NPP says:

    I assume this is a Mum speaking out. Share her letter in Peterborough Today newspaper…

    My Opinion: Question of fingerprinting in schools:

    “As parents and grandparents begin shopping for shirts, shoes and geometry sets, I wonder how many realise that on the first day at secondary school their children will have their fingerprints recorded and added to a catalogue of biometric data.

    From the schools’ point of view, the use of a child’s fingerprints reduces administration, cash handling and, theoretically, prevents bullying. However, some parents, including me, have reservations about the collection and storage of unique information about our children.

    Firstly, the system is managed by large corporate bodies who do not have a brilliant track record for ethical behaviour.

    Secondly, the system is not foolproof and has been known to confuse data. Thirdly, more child-friendly alternatives are available, for example encouraging pupils to actually speak to dinner staff and librarians.

    Finally, I understand why children should be finger-printed by the police if they are suspected of a crime but is the routine harvesting of biometric data for schools’ convenience really necessary? Why not just give all the kids electronic tags and finish the job?

    Thankfully, the law is clear. The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 ensures that where schools have IT systems which prefer fingerprints, an alternative system must be offered for parents who object to the expansion of this Big Brother technology.

    Why not get your 11-year-old to join the resistance?”

  10. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous @ 12.41: “To control someone, control their fear.”

    Maybe. The delightful irony is however that the controllers are controlled by a fear of losing control!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    An Australian “Judge” is now comparing incest to homosexuality, these are the minds of people in power, unbelievable-

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