Ben Fellows and Ian Crane on the Lou Collins Radio Show

Lou Collins Radio Show 12.5.14 Ian R Crane & Ben Fellows

Update July 20th 2014
Ben Fellows did an interview with Lou Collins in past few 
days. Ben is living in Spain now because of threats etc.. He 
plans to publish a newspaper for all English speaking 
residents in Spain and tourists. He’s in good spirits and had 
planned to challenge Ken Clark as opposition leader, so he 
could force him into an open discussion. PS – Mark Windows 
has attacked and ridiculed Ben Fellows, along with many 
other brave Souls who risk their lives exposing the plans and 
agendas of the NWO. 


IAN – Ian Crane backs Bez of the Reality Party while he’s 
talking, which is interesting.  ‘Smart’ meters are about to 
become ‘Safe’ meters.

Every new car from 2015 will be fitted with tracking 
equipment .

Climate change will soon be called ‘climate disruption’.

Greg Nicolettos and transhumanism, Dr Graham Dowling 
discussed.  AV5 was a week away.  
David Lim.  David Boyle – intelligent design of the universe. 
Roger Hayes – the mortgage fraud of the banks.
Patrick Henningsen.  Land grabs in the US.  Agenda 21.
The unconventional gas agenda is chemical warfare.

Peter Braebeck Chairman of Nestles in 2005 – access to 
fresh water is not a human right.
Green Party are unelectable.  What alternative?
Can we establish one?
BEN  – I decided to get out of the UK and am in a 
secret location in Spain.  I am being harrassed by
Operation Fernbridge, and decided to leave the UK
and regroup.  

Ben relates the Ian Greer office event with Ken Clarke.
He was brought along as many members were keen on
young boys, and was told to lie about his age.  The Savile
revelations made him angry twenty years later and he 
started talking about what he went through as a child.

Royal Military Police officers are running Fernbridge.
Operation Fairbank came first.  Fernbridge are there
to stop information about Ken Clarke getting out about
Elm Guest House. Ben was told KC was above the law,
and he should stay off the internet.

Fernbridge are not there to investigate, but to suppress,
and gather intelligence for David Cameron. Ben’s flat
was broken into.  Masked man on street threatened him.
MI5 and MI6 are behind Fernbridge.

Ben’s been followed.  They want him to shut up, but he 
won’t do that.  Ben was going to run at Rushcliffe against
KC who has now stated he won’t be running at the next 

Ben was arrested outside the HoC.  They were military 
police.  Harassed.  Started from scratch in another country,
very stressful but better than the harassment in the UK.
The Police were not accusing Ben, but trying to 
demoralise him, and tell him it was Peter Morrison
and not Ken Clarke.

Ben’s walk of rebellion, eight weeks walk, was filmed by a 
Police informant.  All footage was lost.  Security services 
worldwide are colluding to cover up political child abuse.
Brian Harvey.  Bill Maloney.  Newspaper being made in 
Spain to publicise political paedophilia to tourists.

While Ben was talking, the broadband crashed as it always 
does when Ben’s on.  I’m in Lanzarote.  The British govt has 
no extradition powers there.  Local govt is not connected to
Spain. The Canary Island people are anti-government.

Many fugitives head for Lanzarote.  2000 copies of the 
magazine to begin with. is Ben’s website.

Lie detectors are run by G4S.  Ben offered to do a lie detector
test.  The only place that he can find independent lie detectors
is Russia.  The campaign to challenge KC is under way.
Two months later, Ken’s stood down.

BILL MALONEY – He’s been told he can’t reveal anything 
known about living Royals and current serving Prime 
Minister and Chancellor, and their involvement in 

Robert Maxwell was a paedophile.  People from the media.
Politicians, lawyers etc are involved.  They are all potential
blackmail targets.  Michael Shrimpton exposed Ted Heath’s 
activities on Morning Cloud, throwing the children overboard.

Many witnesses are coming forward. Bill Roach.Acquitted.
One girl under the age of eight.  Five victims were 
against him.  If they’re lying, prosecute them.  One of the
victims is now bringing an action in civil court. The victims
say they don’t trust the police.  The Police are either dodgy
or their hands are tied.  Some Police are coming to Bill with
evidence, and want the crimes stopped.  Alternative media
teams are vital, doing the dirty work.

TAP – Is that why Ken Clarke has been exposed by Ben
Fellows, and Leon Brittan is being exposed?  These 
are good covers for those at the very top of the protected
tree.  The scapegoats.
The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

17 Responses to “Ben Fellows and Ian Crane on the Lou Collins Radio Show”

  1. shirlz007 says:

    RIGHT!!! Tap commentators!!! (I doubt Aang will take it this far)


    Supernatural shit!

    I met one of you lot last night! Had a drink, discussed Ayahuasca, Icke, supernatural elements to this, Satanism, Mark Passio, supernatural shit etc… I think the lad was checking me out, checking out my story. I expected to be the teacher, instead I was taught a thing or two…

    I see Archons. I’ve been seeing them since I was a child. I’ve looked into idea Im seeing and experiencing spirits or deceased people (not the case, I don’t believe anyone does personally), I’ve looked into The Jinn from Islamic folklore… apparently what Im seeing are possibly Archons (inter dimensional beings)
    I SEE THEM AS CLEAR AS DAY! I don’t understand how no-one else does!!!

    Im being told to read John Lash – Not in My Image (I HAVE TO APPARENTYY)

    This is soooooo much more than just a ‘criminal conspiracy’… we’re wasting our time pursuing it as such.

    The Earth (Gaia)… she’s taking a beating, but she’ll annihilate us before we ever do actually threaten her existence! (I KNOW THAT MUCH!)

    Mark Passio – can’t get enough of him

    Satanism… their harvesting or utilising some kind of ‘off planetary’ energy? or Consciousness?
    (it goes back to Judaism, tribes, Gnostics etc… Il get the information that was relayed to me).

    The lad was one of you ‘hippies’, starting this by reading David Icke… but he did NOT judge me, or attack me, when I said, ‘the times approaching for direct action’… I mean possible assassination or violent ‘self defence’…
    he agreed that this movement is not achieving anything yet (more people are ‘awake’, but we’re fractured, in fighting and being fucked!)

    I do not regard those who are not waking up to this as the same species. If your not awake to this, or not taking any notice… I have no qualms about killing you! Your ignorance is as much a danger to us all, as the fucking Satanists!!! (that includes my own parents Im sorry to say)

    Im talking survival!

    My spiritual path in life (I feel)… is to try and save this God damn planet from destruction! I want a wife and family… and I want to ensure their safe and happy!
    END OF!!!

  2. shirlz007 says:

    If it was up to me… Id be working on the motorways, completely oblivious to this shit! BUT IM FUCKING NOT!!!

  3. shirlz007 says:

    and I have to do Ayahuasca and Mushrooms! (100% im off to Peru August/September, doing Shrooms in Autumn)… I grew up experimenting with Ecstasy and Cocaine… but, new experiences and all!

    Truthfully… I do not feel I belong on this shithole planet! (I honestly have vague memories of being somewhere else)… I feel completely alienated, I feel the truther movement is full delusional paranoid idiots, MI5 and British Intel are psychotic! I feel more in tune and with The Illuminati, with Rothschild… WITH THE CIA!!! than I do with ANY of you…

    you want to talk about fucking Superman!!!

  4. shirlz007 says:

    15/20 years…. WE’RE ALL OUT OF THE FUCKING GAME!!! We are ALL in serious trouble (geo-politically, environment sly… consciouslessly)


  5. shirlz007 says:


    Daily Star and Daily Mail… Jill Dando got blown away because she attempted to expose UKs Peadophile Elite…

    EXCLUSIVE: Tragic Jill Dando probed BBC PAEDO ring

    MURDERED TV presenter Jill Dando tried to expose a paedophile ring involving “big-name” BBC stars, a former colleague has claimed.

    Murdered Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando ‘tried to get bosses to investigate alleged paeodphile ring inside the BBC but no one wanted to know’
    Retired BBC worker claims that ‘big names’ were involved in abuse
    Dando ‘handed a file to management but nothing was done about it’
    The BBC said it had not seen anything to substantiate the claims


    How the fuck does EVERY newspaper know more about MH17 than The President of United States of America? than 98% of the intelligence community?


    You cowardly, pathetic sacks of shit… I WILL KILL PEOPLE OVER THIS! (FACT!)… Putin… you have team of killers of UK soil that will execute people regarding this ;D

    If you have a problem with what Im saying, don’t comment Anonymously, or have a cowardly pathetic joke to your slag of a girlfriend… COME AT ME FACE TO FACE!!!
    Daniel Hurley

  6. shirlz007 says:

    IF ANYONE has a problem with what Im saying… has a problem about anything I say or do… YOU COME AT ME TODAY! THIS AFTERNOON OR TONIGHT… AND WE HAVE IT OUT PROPERLY!
    (bare knuckle) I AM FUCKING RAGING!!!

    YOU have NO excuses after today…

    Im backing Vladmir Putin, the time is approaching when the ‘truther movement’ has to seriously consider resorting to guarilla warfare or IRA tactics (assassinate Cameron)… I didn’t want this, we didn’t want to be forced into Putins corner…


    Daniel Hurley
    8 HEysham Hall Grove,
    United Kingdom
    LA3 2RA

    NO FUCKING EXCUSES!!! (except being a pathetic, cowardly piece of shit)

  7. shirlz007 says:

    I thought King Neo-Con Nutter John McCain may have piped up (He should come to Morecambe!)… he singlehandedly started this shit!

    Remember? Back in February! Before… Dec 2013! When none of us had a fucking clue this was coming (MI5 had dropped hints, I did say Foreign Legion was full of Neo-Nazi headcases from Ukraine and the like, that BBC MI5 drama starring Bill Nighy dropped the bomb with ”their planning something bigger, in Europe. And this time it’s dangerous”!!!)…

    McCain handing out cookies and CIA…

    I think Gordon was the first to say ‘Anonymous Syria, Anonymous Egypt, Anonymous Ukraine… get the picture?’
    Some of you Anonymously commented like ‘oh yeah’… REALLY? just clicked that Anonymous is predominantly a CIA psy-op??? :/

    Where was I? McCain… either put him in an oven at 220 for 25 mins like a proper McCain… or someone shoot him in the face! WATCH THE FOLLOWING!!!

    Senator John McCain – with a psychopathic smile and a genocidal twinkle in his eye – 2011
    ”I think Mr Assad should be extremely worried. I think even Mr Putin… maybe a few Chinese… maybe all of em!”

    All of who John? All 3 billion of the Chinese? All of humanity? Elaborate please…

    Someone kill him…

  8. shirlz007 says:

    ‘The London Brigade’… gaumless little shits! EVERY FRONT PAGE!!!

    The problem is… no-one in ‘The London Brigade’ stands up to MI6!

    ‘we want this on the front page’
    ‘try telling me what to do with my newspaper and your leaving out the fucking window!… yeah fuckity bye!’

    MI6 officers falling from Fleet Street buildings! Mop that up CIA!

    Miserable fucking tossers… some of you need shooting

  9. Anonymous says:

    Maybe a change of name is in order here, maybe….

  10. shirlz007 says:

    that’s a point… I have one!

    Now I calmed down…

    (the Obama admin is pushing for it… BUT NOT THE AGENCY! some of them!)
    ”Regarding the shoot-down of the Malaysian jetliner on Thursday, I’m told that some CIA analysts cite U.S. satellite reconnaissance photos suggesting that the anti-aircraft missile that brought down Flight 17 was fired by Ukrainian troops from a government battery, not by ethnic Russian rebels”


    IM GOOD!

    Duff and VT seem to be taking it on aswell

    And Rense is pointing the finger at Israeli Mossad (MOST ARE WITH YOU ON THAT JEFF!)… Boeing needs investigating! Israeli Secuirty at Anthrpol Airport etc etc.
    Im just wondering… when MI6 turned up at EVERY British tabloid, and ordered you ALL on how to precisely spin this story… what did they say about child abuse coverage? Im all ears!

  11. Somewhere in Europe says:

    Shirlz – don’t despair. Everyone feels isolated at some point in their lives – alienated even. The more awake people you talk to the more that becomes evident its a shared experience. Feeling like they were born into the wrong family is a common one. Feeling you’re the only one awake is another. Its part of the illusion if you like, make us feel helpless. Its all the conditioning we go through on planet Earth. We are supposed to have all memory removed of any previous incarnation when we arrive here again except it seems some of us don’t forget all of it.

    That John Lamb Lash book is a good read imo and so is his website
    As with everything else read with an open mind and remember a human being wrote it so it isn’t the be all and end all. Have a gander at too. The same applies there – no-one is perfect and no-one has got the whole truth.
    This one has some good stuff and some of the comments are well worth a read.

    Stay cool, you are not the only one feeling as you do.

  12. shirlz007 says:

    Ive got a blog up and running… and its not going to be just ‘me and my boys’ (MI5, peadogeddon, geo-politics… ROTHSCHILD) etc…

    Ive met a new friend… and I think he’s the type of guy to keep me grounded (in terms of not losing the plot and wanting to kill everyone and anyone)… this lad seems to have ideas concerning Satanism, Archons… Icke stuff! He seems to know ALOT more than I do regarding it (next to nothing), and he seems genuine, articulate… extremely intelligent… he’s going to contribute from a ET/Satanic perspective.

    He’s been researching this after reading David Icke 7/8 years ago (I was at Uni taking drugs and sleeping around, completely oblivious to this!)

    This is what he’s introducing me to…

    ‘Who Wrote the Reptilian Agenda?
    The Origin of the Annunaki Script’

    Im going to lead it… being me! But if you don’t agree with me or my methods and points of view, I still recommend chcking it out. I want others to contribute about stuff I know nothing about… Environmental stuff (fracking, chemtrails), ET agenda stuff (Archons, Codices, Ancient past etc)…

    I am seriously going to take a fresh look at things… take a look at myself! Where to go with this now?

    ”Theres no real incentive for these people to stop what their doing”
    ”I can ONLY think of one my friend… and it’s what no-one wants to hear”

  13. Anonymous says:

    Nothing Found

    It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.

    You leave your address lying around the web you’re leaving yourself wide open for someone to follow you, learn about your hang-outs and hang-ups and then hey presto a new friend suddenly turns up.

  14. shirlz007 says:

    yeah… maybe because in 2010 I disappeared to The French Foreign Legion because I knew I had bitten off more than I could chew regarding a certain European Banking Dynasty! (I didn’t really know who they where)… ooooh we know now!… theres not really much point in hiding from them. Creepy Ed shows theres not much point in remaining Anonymous (it’s gay… unless you have to in journalism), I don’t really want to live in a society that deems it necessary… I think it’s dangerous!

    see… back in 2011/into 2012… on Facebook. I was at my prime, I pissed off everyone, up until the point I believe in Sept 2012… when I said Israel should held accountable for 9/11… INTERNATIONALLY! (being The Jewish shill that I am). IT GOT HACKED BY GCHQ AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT!

    I never use to be so vicious or small minded like Im being…

    I went for everything from Libor, to Murdoch, Jacob Rothschild,, London riots, Nathaniel Rothschild, aliens, MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS!, Evelyn Rothschild, Money laundering (HSBC), Israel… SOLIDARITY WITH PALESTINE!, paedophile rings, David de Rothschild, Mossad being responsible for almost every major terrorist atrocity late 20th/early 21st centuries, CIA, Lady Phillipine de Rothschild and her Satanic necklace (And dead brother! WEIRD!!! OMEN STYLE!!!), NDAA, Iran, Arab Spring, Libya … EVERYTHING!!! I might have to get it back and get some of the info.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if CIA or someone has poisoned me or drugged me to send me like this! (CUBA! I took the piss right out of ALOT of people!)
    I suspect I got chip in my right arm from Legion (I went to Alex Jones with that, wheren’t interested)

    If you wanna get weird and satanic and shit!

    I can’t believe NO-ONE else out there doesn’t have ‘abilities’ so to speak!!! FUCK OFF! (whether it Darren Brown and body language, Im adamant theres more to it… Magnetosphere of planet! Quantum stuff! Even in animal kingdom… SCIENCE CAN EXPLAIN IT!!!)

    I watched Batman begins in 07 with my mouth wide open! I DREAMPT THAT ENTIRE FILM (PRECISELY DOWN TO THE EXACT PLOT!) IN 2005!!!

    It shit like that… that makes me feel COMPLETELY alone.

    The Illuminati Card Game… that’s meant for me! (and maybe kinda someone else :/… fuck sake) I CAN’T EXPLAIN IT! BUT EVERYTHING IS IN THOSE CARDS! (surprised they don’t have James Bond one!)… and it’s aimed at me!

    No idea what sort of shit Jay-Z and Kanye do regarding Freemasonry and/or Satanism… that Niggas In Paris was aimed at me! FUCKING BRILLIANT TUNE THOUGH! probably one of my favourite tracks of ALL TIME RALMFAO!!!:”D

    DO I think Im special? (‘sound like the third Anti-Christ to some people!’ I’ve considered that myself!)… well I grew up watching Bond films and superhero films… I thought saving the planet was aim of the game!
    (I cant believe theres no yanks like me!)… plus I think the rest of you are all pussys!
    (Dicks, Pussys and Arseholes pretty much sums up Planet Earth!… PART OF NATURAL LAW PASSIO!)

    Im looking at my blog right now! Il post something tomorrow…

    Israel and 9/11
    (I am going to get my first tattoo this year! 9/11 WAS A ROTHSCHILD JOB… with second plane crashing into towers on my back!) ;D

    then a summary of peadogeddon! (that could take a while!)

    Screw you Jacob!

  15. shirlz007 says:

    just posted my first blog!
    (it’s me or Rothschild, not just blogging!)

    choice between ‘Hurley Coat of Arms’ – Ne tentes aut perfice (all or nothing)

    or 9/11 tattoo… gonna have to go with Coat of Arms! GAME OF THRONES TYLE! 😀 some of you are pissing yaselves, some horrified! :p

    I swore I wouldn’t do it for money! ;P

  16. shirlz007 says:


    tomorrow… or probably Tuesday!
    Israel – 9/11… I aint ploughing full speed into 21st century based on a god damn lie like that! NO CHANCE! aint happening

  17. Anonymous says:

    Seems your’e the only one commenting on the tap today, shirlz007.(apart from me) I’m in north west UK, up ‘t dales, we should meet. You gave out your address and all contact details :O that was brave, I have recorded same, lest you ‘disappear’. I need to go to Blackpool, and then make pilgrimage to ‘fairy steps’ the taxone is strong this time of year. You up for a pint or three next weekend? freebornman.

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