Australian Ex-Politician Whistle-Blower Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21

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July 1 2014 | From: Youtube

After years in Australian politics Ann Bressington bided her time, gathering intel and real evidence till she had enough information to go public about Agenda 21, and the reality of it.

In a radio interview on June 29th 2014 Ann reveals the truth about how the government is controlling you, their plans for world depopulation, control of food supply, ways they are poisoning people, chemtrails, how voting is rigged, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you still think your government loves you, and is there to 
help and protect you, think again. This is a real eye opener, with real evidence. Agenda 21 is an official document with a world plan of total control and oppression of humanity.
Comment: Unfortunately Ann seems to have become embroiled in the OTTP / Swissindo scam but hopefully she 

will figure this out in due course. That is a separate matter however, and should not detract from her first hand 
experience with Agenda 21 matters in the Australian political arena.

Ann’s Facebook page can be found here.
Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club Of Rome
Published on Feb 3, 2013

Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome, Sustainable Development, at the Lord Monckton Launch 
2 Feb 2013 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
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2 Responses to “Australian Ex-Politician Whistle-Blower Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21”

  1. Anonymous says:

    A picture’s worth a thousand words…

    GREEN is the NEW RED – Agenda 21


    I believe the recent flooding of the Somerset Levels UK was NO Act of God or Nature but a deliberate use of HAARP to ensure storm after storm pounded that area selected for ‘Wildlanding’ under NWO Agenda 21. A ‘test run’ so to speak.

    The lunatic elite really can now manoeuvre the Jet-stream to help guide engineered or natural weather systems exactly where they want them to hit. Terrifying or what? Time is short to take these godless creatures out.

    Hurricane Isaac – 7 years to the day from Hurricane Katrina

  2. NPP says:

    I must have listened to Ann Bressingham before, I do not recall every name and issue, but the short video is terrific, powerful and the longer interview I started listening to late last night while working… became tired, I’ll do the rest today. She is the sort of witness you want to post everywhere and tell everyone, but from experience I know the reaction from others is rarely as I might hope for.

    TAP. Just fascinating, if alarming.

    I listened to Brian Gerish & co on Common Purpose yesterday too. So much fits into Agenda 21.

    I have painting to complete and think about all the 9-5ers and parents who simply do not have time to be aware let alone do anything.

    The BBC R4 on as I type. I have to know what they are crapping on about.

    I wish I could plant Bill Maloney in the BBC studio or even the Commons live and say Bill, quietly, calmly, what do you know?

    Yesterday David Mellor adamantly defended Leon Brittan. Witch Hunt he said:
    “No one has actually seen the so called dossier except Leon Brittan.”
    Even I wondered, oops, is Leon being unfairly accused?
    I can report from my observation there is a gentle management of the situation going on.

    I must say being touched on the trouser groin does not seem too serious. I worked in Soho for several years. I learned to stand my ground. Mind you, I was 20 something, older tan 15-16. However, the stuff Bill Maloney talks about is horror film stuff.

    The thing is David Mellor, we are so used to you lot, MPs, talking absolute bollocks, I do not trust your ability to judge nor comment on a situation without being tarnished by ‘club’ and ‘private’ interests.

    David Icke has persistently said ‘sue me’. They never do. Why not?

    TAP. Are we in danger of being witches round the gallows yearning for a head to roll? Yet, just watch Ann Bressingham and you know huge issues are being manipulated, managed and lied about.

    I’m bored with repeating myself. You fracking useless BBC, for frack sake grow a pair and step up to the fracking plate.

    Keep going. Keep sharing. Whatever Hitler and his PR chaps said about the bigger the lie… I must trust the truth is more powerful than the lie.

    Share the short Ann Bressinham video today with some one you can share with:
    Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome
    Lord Monkton

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