All wars are against you and your freedom

The ‘Islamic Resistance Movement’ (Hamas) was founded & deceitfully instigated by Mossad with the strategic purpose to prevent the formation of a Palestinian State.
‘Deception is the art of war’ — Israel has clandestine operatives & agent provocateurs continuously planted within Hamas — Israel historically & currently manipulates and covertly controls Hamas handlers and (cointel psyop) duped recruits to do its bidding

cui bono? 

Notice the striking similarity with the creation over 50 years ago by the British MI5, the CIA and the same Mossad of what is now known as the “global terror” (based on the real Arab terrorist groups founded earlier by the German Nazis). Trained, armed and funded by the Global Elite, the fabled enemies are used as a smokescreen to hide who all these wars are really against: wherever you live, these wars are against your freedom, they are against you

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