Zombies are real

CDC ADMITS: Zombies are REAL and the CDC Supports Fraudulent Global Warming Corporate Science to Reduce (GHG) Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Comments from StopTheCrime.net:

First, it is most important to know that the CDC is NOT a health protection organization. The CDC is a for-profit corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet (like ALL the so-called “government agencies”). The CDC does not serve the American people as will be demonstrated.
What you will read in the link from the CDC website – the “Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response”. The CDC has prepared for mind control robotic humanization, aka transhumanism. Both the mind control and monitoring are already in use and have been for many decades. The monitoring has been verified in many documents and by the recently declassified “Octagon Program” out of Danbury, Connecticut in which they were able to listen to conversations using a parabolic dish with a microphone placed at the focus of the parabola which has been revealed in recent disclosures by not only Snowden, the NSA whisler-blower, but previous NSA whistler blowers that told us “everything” that we say is listened to and we are controlled with self replicating nano wires that grow within the fissures of the brain. We are monitored and controlled like a two-way crystal radio and remote controlled toys. The CDC knows that the technological advancements for mind control works through self replicating nano wires in the brain and electromagnetic pulsed microwave and/or infra-red interface mind control in conjunction with super computers. (as described as radio hypnotic inter-cerebral control in the book “Were We Controlled?” by Lincoln Lawrence – 1967 Library of Congress Catalogue Card No. 67-15098 – pages 25-32) It was known and anticipated by the CDC that there would be Zombie attacks which started in 1998, and that these attacks would be ongoing. (Ref. “Aquarius Operations Briefing” on www.StopTheCrime.net). Zombie attacks can be committed by – lawn mowing crews, tree trimming companies, plumbing repair services, pest and bug spraying companies, etc. that are sent in to stock, intimidate, harass, steal and target victims with (DEW’s) directed energy weapons, chemical and psychotronic weaponry. Individuals within corporations and the military are covering up these crimes used to attack victims. This is organized crime . .

You can be assaulted from someone you just met, or do not know, or someone you’ve known and loved for years. A mind controlled Zombie could be your own child. nephew, niece, brother, sister, uncle, aunt or other relatives, neighbors and even animals used to attack people. A mind controlled Zombie could be someone in a relationship that has suddenly turned aggressive, angry and violent with very little warning. Some examples of what they can do: grab your stirring wheel while you are driving on the freeway not only causing you to go out of control, but to injure others . .

It could be a medical practitioner i.e. nurse or doctor, that has been predetermined by artificial intelligence to diagnose a non-existent or fictitious disease to create an illness and cause death. Artificial intelligence (AI) uses directed energy weapons to create the disease or symptoms that the doctor, who is under mind control, has already described . . or the doctor, who is under mind control, can get you in the operating room and botch the operation – perhaps nick the small intestine or artery, or leaving sponges inside the patients body cavity, etc. Zombies are real and are a combination of bio-weapons and super computers created by man. These are the global elites weapons being used not only on American’s but the Global Population and all other living things! The planet is under attack by chemical, biological, radiological and bio ethic specific weapons that have been engineered to deliberately poison the food, water, air and all living plants, animals and humans. All the wireless pulsed microwave weapons are LEGAL. These weapons are being deployed and allowed by the Department of Energy, the public utilities, legislators, the FCC, the Telecom Industry, and more. These weapons include the global smart grid, cell towers, antennas, GWEN towers, satellites and our wireless communication devices, and this includes RFID chipped appliances that are all part of the silent weapons system a use of frequencies to control our minds, torture and eliminate “free-will”. All this information is documented . . .

Watch the YouTube 
“The Cooking of Humanity”. 

Here are just 2 zombie attack stories 1 2   

The CDC also claims that we MUST reduce greenhouse gas emissions to prevent climate change and adverse weather conditions in- order to reduce health risks . . Below is a graph that provides an overview and that illustrates the CDC’s position of corporate political made-up science NOT based upon REAL science . . . The CDC is NOT a health protection organization. The CDC is a for-profit corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet (like ALL the so-called “government agencies”). The employees of the CDC do NOT work for the American people. Their job is NOT to protect Americans from harm. The job of the CDC is to give cover (plausible deniability) and credibility to a deceptive health industry and to promote agendas that are advancing an economic and weather warfare weapons system of death upon the population.

The CDC is clearly misrepresenting real science as demonstrated below: 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Seems we all need HELP


  2. TMWKTMBNE says:

    They are maybe talking about ‘Satanic super-soldiers’

    see this TAP post and interview with Russ Dizdar, who was a Chaplin to the Ohio police dept. and trained police depts. on how to deal with and understand satanic crimes


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