You think fracking won’t happen where you live?

Map showing areas of the UK licensed for oil and gas exploration and areas under consideration for licensing
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How land ownership rights have evolved

Illustration of how land ownership has evolved over time

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Before the twentieth century it was assumed a land owner’s rights extended from the centre of the earth to the top of the sky. But a series of key court cases have challenged that notion.
1931: US court rules that a sewer 150ft deep was not on land belonging to the home owner above.
1946: US Supreme court rules that transcontinental flights do not trespass on land below.
1978: High Court of England and Wales says aerial photography plane was not trespassing.
2010: UK Supreme Court rules that diagonal drilling down to 2,800ft from an adjacent plot of land is still trespassing under the surface.
Now in the Queens Speech, the law is proposed to be changed to state that drilling under someone’s property is not trespass.

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6 Responses to “You think fracking won’t happen where you live?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Todays daily mail says that vicars and any church people who vote for BNP or NF will be sacked immediately.
    Yet its ok for them to keep child molesters and poofy sociliasts within their ranks and what about those church people photographed blessing the planes and tanks going out to kill in iraq ?
    thou shalt not kill, remember
    the hypocrisy makes me sick

  2. Anonymous says:

    I see there are no licences to frack on the duchy of cornwals land. The royals won’t have it yet we are made to.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if the recent change of the Land Registry was done in anticipation of fracking?. I recently learned that the Land Registry is now a private company, no doubt foreign gangster owned. Also they have now computerised the information and conveniently done away with old paper documents and plans which used to be passed on with the sale of a property-the corrupt Law Society was complicit in this as they instructed acting conveyancers to destroy old paper records.

    Now with the sweep of a mouse a persons ownership of a property could be erased, or the records “go missing” as they do.

  4. bosky says:

    I’m not sure that this legal(ese) BS would stop anyone standing in their capacity as a man or woman (rather than as a ‘citizen’) from making a claim under Common Law against a named individual (ie. the CEO of a fracking corporation) that their property has been interfered with, and that they have suffered loss, harm or even trespass. Could be wrong on this, but hopefully not.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Land Registry is a private company….It’s all about profit!
    You’ll find all councils are limited companies. It is because government is not allowed to make a profit from the people as it belongs to the people for the people so by making every council a limited company they can make as much profit as they can get away with by increasing costs of fines, rents, sales, parking fees etc etc.
    Plus as a limited company all liability is limited to the company as an entity in itself as apposed to personal liability of all council officials and government
    Basically, the company carries any losses (which in the case of councils is passed on to tax payer) not the officials that cause the losses.
    Government protects it’s own!

    It’s all about money and liability

  6. Anonymous says:

    Anon 10.33

    Yes they may well be private companies. But I doubt its to do with liability. Back in the seventies it was well known that organised crime was moving into legal ways of extorting such as insurance etc, hence we are getting to the stage where if we dont have continual toilet seat insurance we will be hit with a ” penalty” 🙂

    But councils handling millions£££ of bullied from the peasants revenue should not be foreign owned.

    I read somewhere that some councils are owned by those people we fought against on D-Day!

    The irony of it all eh?

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