Windows On The World gets re-started. First show 26th June 2014.

I enjoyed watching all the sections.   Bosnian pyramids.  Bio-metrics and bullying on the London Underground.  New book written from awful experiences of American psychiatric hospital.   Donovan talking about rebelling via song-writing.

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4 Responses to “Windows On The World gets re-started. First show 26th June 2014.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant stuff on the pyramids, we should use them to help ourselves, and the planet, to heal.

  2. Fred the BS Cleaner says:

    Why is the author never named to any of these ‘Mucky Windows-Hickie’ joint promotions, such as this one posted in here?

    Could it be that this was written by Windows or Hickie themselves?

    Is this an honest opinion from a viewer, or has Tap ‘lost the plot’ and has now become the advertising agent for this pair, who were probably both Fired from TPV?

    Why have they both ignored any requests to explain the real reasons for the ‘Bust-up’?

    Never mind, I’m sure we’ll find the truth about them both very soon and the public will decide for themselves.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Keep hurling/spreading the bs, Fred!

  4. Anonymous says:

    re, the 1222 comment above was from me Phil in Canada sorry to disappoint Fred.
    Peace and pyramids my friend.

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