Why does the US Government deny the Great Lakes are being drained by fracking?

I had a great set piece battle with a shill on James Delingpole’s Facebook page running through last night into this morning.  Everything I was claiming to be true as regards fracking was challenged, and stated to be untrue.  It was almost pantomime.  I just ploughed on putting up videos as I went with Ian Crane’s reports backing up what I said, and other information, all to no avail.

We got to the bit about The Great Lakes disappearing and the Australian Great Artesian Basin being drained away by fracking.   The shill posted, in reply, a US Government Department report whose job it is to measure the levels of the Great Lakes, and they state unequivocally that the levels of the Lakes are exactly the same as they used to be.  I’ll put his link up at the foot, and my reply from National Geographic ‘The Incredible Shrinking Great Lakes’, which did the job of shutting him up nicely.

Down the Drain: The Incredible Shrinking Great Lakes

The Great Lakes hold a fifth of Earth’s surface freshwater, and they’ve shrunk dramatically.

I noticed the great Delingpole himslef wandered in to the conversation for a brief comment, indicating that he’s sold out to fracking.  

  • James Delingpole Wow Henry Curteis – you’ve really fallen for the “oil industry executive knows what he’s talking about” scam. You know, I could do this too: put on a hi viz jacket, say “I’m worked in the oil industry and I know the dark truth about fracking” and persuade people like you that it’s evil.

If Delingpole means I’m listening to Ian Crane’s weekly broadcast on UK Column, then he’s right.  I’ve fallen for the fantastic video evidence and reports he’s done each week for months, being on Number 22 this week.  Why doesn’t James Delingpole watch them himself?  He’s not running with the given media narrative surely.  I thought he was far too intelligent to be a Sun Reader and Rupert Murdoch sycophant.  Surely even the great Delingpole will be moved to comment as to why the Lakes are going down the drain.  Maybe he’ll watch enough to realise it’s him who’s on the wrong side of this debate.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    this is why people are not signing in on blogs with their real name, becayuse the shills are searching out your name and harassing you you with threats and name calling, look at how many have had their reputations trashed by shills and shits
    ruper murdoch has an office i heard on truth radio, where people are paid to harrang truthtellers, be careful please

  2. Anonymous says:

    Are we all going to HELL

    so many FRACKING mines.

    Highly flammable gas leaks everywhere.

    got to endup being an inferno all the land & everywhere.

    HELLS just round the corner.


    Ps the HIGH vis looks so cool tap

  3. NPP says:

    James Delingpole. Give him a watermelon for presstitution. These bloody useless so called journalists. Oi James, Ned here calling you a plonker. Henry is asking questions. Thank goodness he is. Thank goodness for the alternative media. Your tweet indicates what a bloody feckless body of media twerps we have to deal with. I challenge you and your fracking buddies to at least meet and discuss face to face with Henry and Ian R. Crane.

    If you and your mates are right, so be it, but we have questions and so far law is being implemented and apparently sanctioned by your Queen without our consent.

    What a stupid answer. What a wanker. Now run along James Delingpole and go join David Dumblebey for his weekly BBC wank-in with his panel of Dumfukistani official arseholes. The mind fracking boggles.

    Henry, you keep on doing what you’re doing. I appreciate your efforts even if watermelon brain does not.

  4. Anonymous says:

    hello henry, i nursed my grandfather in his last days, he was on the bombers in W W II but was always too ashamed to speak about it,except at the very end when i read this piece below, i could have been with my loved grandfather again

  5. Chris Jones says:

    This is a link to a great site regarding the Green agenda http://green-agenda.com/ and Agenda 21, Gaia etc including some classic dodgy quotes.

    I though Delingpole was a bit smarter but he makes the mistake of polarizing the argument rather than taking things on their own merit and comes over as arrogant as pseudo green communists

  6. Anonymous says:

    I was talking to the elctrician in work, ( i am one of the last people in the street to still have a job) and i said to him,
    “you come into work same route as me, why are people always pissing up churchills statue ” ?
    he told me people come from miles away to piss up the statue, its kind of a religious pilgramage to a mass murderer
    i didnt know what to say after that

  7. shirlz007 says:

    Anonymous 1:41… WORD!!!

    Tap and the ‘luvvies’ still banging on about Fracking (could kill the planet within 50 years… carry on, teach me something I probably would not ever otherwise looked into)
    GCHQ!!! ;D (no little green men or satanic shit)

    Ed Snowden, (who is extremely creepy now you watch him!) is nothing but a plant! An extremely well co-ordinated and carefully socially engineered plant! But a plant none the less…
    ‘9/11 was an intelligence failure’
    … honestly! Come to UK and il keep him up and down our Great nation! Can’t quite figure him out (I doubt neither does Putin!)…

    BUT! People fucked up and the information, certain elements from GB wanted leaking… ARE GOING TO GET LEAKED REGARDLESS!!!

    Snowden leaks that UK.gov suppressed’
    By Duncan Campbell, 3 Jun 2014

    ‘It’s been alleged that GCHQ’s Middle East base, where it extracts communications information from regional undersea cables, is located in Seeb, a coastal village northeast of Muscat, Oman. This information has been concealed since August 2013, when details of the strategic operation were originally released by the Independent. The news surfaced around about the same time the UK government was piling the pressure on the Guardian over its Snowden leaks, pressure that culminated in the destruction of the paper’s hard drives storing that information. When Wired.co.uk asked Duncan Campbell — the investigative journalist behind the Register article revealing the Oman location — if he too had copies proving the allegations, he responded: “I won’t answer that question — given the conduct of the authorities.’

    ‘British intelligence agency Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has three “above-top-secret” spy bases located in Oman, “where it taps in to various undersea cables passing through the Strait of Hormuz into the Persian/Arabian Gulf,” Duncan Campbell reported for the Register’


  8. shirlz007 says:

    ‘ “Business Insider …. There’s A Huge New Snowden Leak — And No One Knows
    Where It Came From [UPDATED]
    JUN. 3, 2014, 2:36 PM
    On Tuesday, news site The Register published a story containing explosive “above top secret” information about Britain’s surveillance programs, including details of a “clandestine British base tapping undersea cables in the Middle East.” Reporter Duncan Campbell, who wrote the story, said it was based on documents “leaked by fugitive NSA sysadmin Edward Snowden” that other news outlets had declined to publish.

    However, it’s not necessarily clear how Campbell got his hands on Snowden’s document stash.

    Glenn Greenwald, who published the first stories based on Snowden’s documents in The Guardian, told Business Insider on Tuesday that Snowden has “no source relationship” with Campbell.

    “Snowden has no source relationship with Duncan (who is a great journalist), and never provided documents to him directly or indirectly, as Snowden has made clear,” Greenwald said in an email. “I can engage in informed speculation about how Duncan got this document — it’s certainly a document that several people in the Guardian UK possessed — but how he got it is something only he can answer.”

    For his part, Campbell is not interested in discussing how he got the documents used for his story.

    “Journalists in the UK — just as in the US — do not reveal their sources, or respond to questions as to confidential sources. We protect them. That is our obligation and our duty,” Campbell wrote in an email to Business Insider.’

    (that island with the top secret US/UK military base where they landed a Malaysian commercial jet carrying 30/40+ Chinese defence experts, spies, military experts… and two tonne of undisclosed cargo)… that one yeah!
    How Rifkind, Chilcott, Blair, Cameron… collectively known as ‘The Nutters’ (disproportionate high number of ‘Jews’), launder their Iraq War Profits, Afghan drug money, and many other illegal activities through ‘boiler room’ companies, and offshore onto Jersey, Geunsey, Isle of Man, Virgin Islands, Gibraltor (I use to bang on about this ALL the time before satanic paedophilia and aliens!)


    UK troops die in Afghanistan whilst UK firms rip them off

    PressTV – Anglo-Zionist financial conspiracy


  9. Caratacus says:

    Well done for getting stuff published on Breitbart.

    I put up a comment on JD’s article disagreeing with him and saying that descending to personal abuse will not further his cause … and now I’m blocked by Breitbart from commenting on anything at all on their site.

    Free speech in the 21st century 🙂

  10. Anonymous says:

    Read on Abel Danger, that the longest fibre optic cable in the World is terminated at Diago Garcia.
    Only a few thousand American Military ‘spy type’ live there.
    Also, SERCO were involved in training the Air Controllers that failed to track MH370.
    Strange things are happening.

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