Why did David Lim back out of AV5?

Tap ,
What do you make of this :

David was unaware that we would be at the recent AV5 event. When he saw us he went straight to the organisers and asked for us to be removed. He also insisted that our flyers were removed. The organisers had no grounds to ask  us to leave, and so David Lim and his girlfriend left the event the next morning without appearing. That speaks volumes to us. Nobody in the history of any movement has acted like that as far as we know, so he has something to hide. Why would he be so scared of us, when all we do is listen and ask questions? We know why and will try to write this up soon, but in a nutshell he knows we can question him. We also suspect he was about to present things we have discovered in his talk and suggest that it was his information, as he has done recently on his Facebook page.
I thought it was strange when he cancelled at AV5 … Also , I tried striking up conversations with him on FB – he responded sometimes but not others  . I spoke to Ian Crane one time , and he warned against exactly this ( not DL ) – but Security services leading groups astray. He advised to keep organisations local and many – to avoid  groups being misled from the top. Obviously we all suspect each other. Was there much discussion regards this at AV5 ? The Look up site does look pretty good , but I haven’t looked through it all yet .
I’ll see what DL makes of it !

TAP – I have no knowledge about any of this.  I have seen references to David Lim being at Reading University.  No doubt they since deny he was there to undermine his credibility.
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  1. Josie strong says:

    Went to see David Lim at a talk in Bath last year, gave my email , along with 70 plus others, after reading your blog feeling quite stupid I did that! Have had 1 email from him a few months back titles my apologies (or something like that), it didn’t make any sense to me, just incoherent really so didn’t finish reading. Well there you go, can’t trust anyone”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, what I know is that Doncaster had a very heavy 30 degree, Chemtrail matrix today, Thursday.
    They also HAARPed the clouds which produced the cracked ice effect.
    The spray is in the fuel, because nearly every aircraft is laying trails.
    Personally, I think the Elite have created localised Global Warming, to con us into accepting all the extra taxes for CO2.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i had the same problem with david lim and i belive him to be disinfo
    there is a team just now who work to get close to whistleblowers so that they can discredit them make fun of them and ridicule them, they usually use such insults as liars homosexuals communists and frauds. i am told they are paif through an office subsidised by rupert murdoch but i have no proof of this

  4. Anonymous says:

    if you look at christopher bollyn maud dib chris spivey peter wilson
    and others, they have all been called homos madmen delusional
    and frauds by this same small crowd

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is any of the info really proprietory info?

    There’s a great many chemtrail exposers around.

    Wonder why there are so many attacks on David Lim specifically?

    Cui Bono?

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