Where’s our MP? Paterson’s sold his soul to the devil.

Over many years Owen Paterson has acted out the role of a caring and loyal constituency MP. Until last year he was liked well enough.  Today he’s abandoned his constituents, and they’re angry.  
Paterson is backing the destruction of our farms, businesses, livelihoods, communities and health by fracking.   The release of methane gas and other poisons across North Shropshire’s beautiful towns and villages, into our air, water and soil, will be nothing less than catastrophic.  The water table beneath the ground will be destroyed forever.  People and animals will be made sick, and forever after, we will have to rely on water supplied from outside, leaving us vulnerable to exploitation and shortages.
The drilling has yet to start but already houses, farms and businesses near proposed drill sites are unsellable.  The other effects of fracking will soon be felt if it goes ahead –
  • earthquakes, vibration, subsidence of buildings  (http://stopfyldefracking.org.uk)
  • poisoning of ground water, soil and air (Watch Fracktured Future on Youtube)
  • people becoming sick, deaf, blind, shaking and vomiting, and dying. (TIMES 29.4.2014. pp30)
Let’s hope local opposition groups are successful in stopping it.
Methane’s invisible, odourless, and is known as ‘the silent killer’. It attacks the nervous system, disrupts DNA and the endocrine system, one of the most poisonous gases on the planet.  Yet Paterson wants you to laugh it all off with stories about cows farting, backed up by his ‘dodgy dossier’, a document which deliberately conceals the known inevitable consequences of fracking. 

 Read http://www.fraw.org.uk/mei/archive/extreme_energy_and_climate-critical_review.pdf
Many scientists believe the mass extinctions of species 250 million years ago and 50 million years ago were caused by vast methane releases from under the sea.
Fracks are, in effect, small scale extinctions. The government says it’s all OK, yet a mass of evidence from around the world shows with fracking, contamination is the rule.  Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, with twenty times the greenhouse effect of CO2.  


Invited to become a Bilderberger, Owen Paterson has abandoned us and agreed to deliver the agenda of the powerful. 

What is the Bilderberg agenda?
At the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, The Agenda for the 21st Century (Agenda 21) was agreed. Agenda 21 was adopted by the United Nations, and signed into by countries like America and Britain. This Agenda places nature above mankind, banning all human activities that are classified as ‘unsustainable’, requiring the following measures to be taken by governments (Watch ‘Agenda 21 For Dummies‘ on Youtube) –
  • the clearing of all people from the countryside into cities
  • the rewilding of the countryside
  • large reduction in the world’s human population
  • the ending of all private property, including private cars
  • the end of the nation state
  • the removal of children from their families and their raising by the state
Fracking is simply a weapon designed to clear the countryside as required by Agenda 21, which classifies farming as ‘unsustainable’.  Coal mining is also made impossible by fracking.

The worst thing about fracking is the total consumption and permanent destruction of water reserves.  The Great Lakes are being drained in the USA.  In Australia, the Great Artesian Basin is disappearing.  Underground water is made unusable for anything at all, in perpetuity.  

Water is being deliberately made a scarce commodity worldwide, and is being used as a weapon.  The people of North Shropshire must rise up, stop the drills at the well-heads if it gets the go-ahead, (as others are legally doing), and save our Country’s water and land, not to mention ourselves and our way of life. As for our MP, he’s nowhere to be seen, avoiding a series of public meetings to which he’s been invited.  He’s sold his soul to the devil.  

The North Shropshire Anti-Fracking Association

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  1. When things start to get really bad, they’ll just cover it all up with a war to wipe the collective memory of a whole generation or 2.

    Did Paterson lose his soul, or is he just a liar who never had one in the first place?

    When is this Transatlantic Partnership [TAP – hahaha] deal due to be signed? You know – the one designed to turn Europe into a giant sweatshop?

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