4 Responses to “US Iraq veteran asks ‘how is it that we ‘won’? All we did was build terrorists.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The iraq war was to ruin the countries infrastructure so israel could rob it,
    same as we did to germany

    but see this…


  2. Anonymous says:

    thank you Tap for this impassioned call to ‘take back our countries’

    In Oz today I heard some smug politician talking about ‘humanitarian’ intervention and I walked out the room, slamming all doors behind me.

    Thank You also for showing the latest Kevin Annett video, eloquently outlining how we the people CAN take direct action.

    Wonderful materials for all of us to be proactive in reclaiming our lands and our resources as equals with one another.

    Who would want the alternatives?

  3. Of course they won. Look at the place. They liberated the Iraqi people from their way of life. That’s how they roll.

    The third world war has been going on a long, long time. The war on the so-called third world.

    They are now rendering down the west to third world status & then the third world war will come home.

    They’ll send in their snipers & death squads & we won’t know what the hell hit us. We’ll think it’s factions & insurgents & all the time it’s them.

    They keep warning you it’s coming. They’re ramping up the paranoia with stories of extremist terror schools & other B.S.

    Never mind. Just keep focusing on reptiles, aliens & gossip about who is whose illegitimate child & kid yourself you’re ‘waking up’.

  4. paul maleski says:

    The soldier never did say who the ‘special interests’ were?

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