UK Column threatened with £250,000 fine, removes its videos from the net

Mr Peter Johnson, Chief Executive of ATVOD is not interested that the members of his organisation have interests which make them anything but impartial.  Main media doesn’t want competition.  Ruth Evans for example has a CV which is unbelievable.  A finger in every state organisation, human genetics commission, selecting people for power positions all over the shop, a Fabian, BBC, NHS, Round Table Sustainable Development, MIND, Maternity Alliance, Liberty (Paedophile Information Exchange connections) plus about fifty other jobs on her CV.

ATVOD are not being challenged.  Unaccountable people, meeting behind closed doors with no minutes.  They don’t even know what their own rules are.  They don’t know the scope of the regulations are that are being enforced.  They claim to be doing big work to prevent porn channels, defining them as ‘television-like’ documents.

They claim to be looking after vulnerable people.  Peter Johnson was from Board of Censorship on films, where pornography has become the norm.  Now he’s stepped across to regulating the internet.  ATVOD has declared its intent of full censorship of people who speak in front of a camera on the internet.  Blatant censorship from the British government.

PRESS RELEASE – ATVOD: A Major Risk To Freedom of Speech on the Internet

The following press release has been issued by the UK Column. If you can help spread this to anyone you know in the media, politicians or other interested parties, it would be greatly appreciated. There is a pdf version available for download on the UK Column website –….

Thursday, 26th June 2014
ATVOD: A Major Risk To Freedom of Speech on the Internet
The UK government has finally moved to directly regulate Youtube content and internet freedom of speech.
On the 2nd February 2014, the UK Column received a letter from ATVOD, the Authority for Television On Demand. ATVOD is a subsidiary of Ofcom, the UK government’s communications regulator. 

The ATVOD letter gave notice to the UK Column that as the result of a Statutory Instrument amendment to the 2003 Communications Act, the UK Column was required to notify ATVOD that it was running “an on demand programme service”, to pay a fee, and to submit to regulation.

ATVOD mainly chooses organisations to regulate based upon whether or not they are perceived to produce “television-like programmes”. In several television conversations between the UK Column and ATVOD, an ATVOD representative admitted that there is no fixed standard for what constitutes “television-like” video content, and that their determinations are made on purely arbitrary opinion.

When asked by the House of Lords Select Committee on Communications Inquiry on Media Convergence and Its Public Policy Impact on the 5th February 2013 if “[ATVOD] had trouble defining [television-like services], Ruth Evans Chairman of ATVOD replied, ”yes. It is an evolving art.”

It is on the basis of the “evolving art” statement that ATVOD’s claims of a “light regulatory burden” should be seen. At present ATVOD claims to exist in order to prevent harmful material becoming available to children and to prevent hate speech. It is clear, though, that anyone submitting to the current “light regulatory framework” joins a fluid and evolving regulatory framework with potentially draconian financial penalties. 

The penalties allowed for through the Communications Act 2003 amount to 5% of the regulated organisation’s turnover or £250,000, whichever is the greater amount.

Following discussion with ATVOD, the UK Column made the decision that ATVOD’s requirements would be detrimental to our freedom of speech and expression on the internet, and we would not submit to regulation by ATVOD.

ATVOD subsequently issued an “enforcement notice” giving the UK Column ten working days to comply with their demands. Having carefully considered our options, we decided to cease the activity which ATVOD describes as an “on demand television service”, and removed all UK Column video on demand content from the internet.  

UK Column co-editor Brian Gerrish says, “this represents an immediate and dangerous attack on free speech on the internet and should be of massive concern to all Youtube users, as the government seems to be moving to censor individuals directly, putting them on the same regulatory footing as global corporations like the BBC and CNN. As a government agency, ATVOD’s clearly flawed working practices and their alignment to the corporate media pose a direct threat to our personal liberty and freedoms.”

UK Column co-editor Mike Robinson says, “it used to be that to produce high quality ‘studio based’ video content, the financial barrier to entry was very high. Today, with ‘television studios in a box’ costing as little as a few hundred pounds, ATVOD seems to be attempting to extend its remit to even the “one man band” producer operating out of his bedroom. This is a dangerous road to tread.”

For editors:
Further detail can be found here:

The UKColumn is a self funded voluntary community news organisation receiving no commercial advertising or sponsorship. It particularly focuses on the exposure of fraud, corruption and crime within the UK’s political and banking arena, and the interwoven stealing, trafficking and abuse of children facilitated by paedophiles at the highest level of the political and establishment society. 

UKColumn has been fearless in exposing the subversive activity of the political charity Common Purpose, the BBC and other major mainstream media, and has led publicity of several unique cases of child stealing and abuse by the British State. 

Working alongside the British Constitution Group, the UK Column has also continued to track and expose the wider subversive Westminster attack on the British Constitution and Bill of Rights – two vital foundation stones of our freedoms and liberties. UK Column has also been at the forefront of the campaign to reinstate the Bradbury Pound as our debt free national currency. 

The UK Column’s Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson can be contacted by telephone on+44 1752 478050, or by email at 

ATVOD is the independent co-regulator for the editorial content of UK video on demand services that fall within the new statutory definition of On Demand Programme Services.
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8 Responses to “UK Column threatened with £250,000 fine, removes its videos from the net”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Only the paedogangstas will be allowed to have a voice, if they cant discredit or kill the opposition, they will bankrupt them, using money collected from the sheeple in taxes. Mankind does need a reboot, although not of the Agenda 21 type.

  2. NPP says:

    Alarming. Serious. Very funny too.

    Everyone, share this link:

    Who gives authority to ATVOD?
    £250K fine?! Nice business!

    At what point does TAP become a television station, since TAP presents videos?
    Is FaceBook a TV station?
    What about Gerald Celente’s Trends In The news released to the UK audience?
    Or Alex Jones?
    Perhaps UK Column should broadcast off shore?

    There are no stipulations and even if ATVOD said there were, according to what authority?

    As Brian Gerish states about 4 mins in…
    “…it’s really the truth that does the damage, not the viewing figures.”

    Share this video and press release far and wide while you can!

  3. Tapestry says:

    Form a new youtube channel name every day.

    UK Column
    UK Colum
    UK Collum
    UK Collem
    UK Coolem
    UK CoolM

    OK Column

    and so on.

    New website every day.

    People will soon get used to finding you. Use other bloggers to publicise your day’s website and name, and keep a list of your previous names with links.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does this mean that Windows On The World will be next?

  5. I’ve just had a look at the regulations outline here:
    The arguable points that the UKC doesn’t come under their remit:

    1) The principal purpose of the service is the provision of programmes,
    2) the form and content of such programmes are comparable to those normally included in television programme services,
    3) There is a person who exercises editorial responsibility in selecting and organising the programmes,

    Basically, they could interpret that any old way they like. Any Youtube channel could be included. I suppose if the vid wasn’t ‘on-demand’ but was played at a set time, that would be considered broadcasting and come under ofcom. If there’s just sound, but no video – what then? What about podcasts?

    It’s clearly just a gross violation of free speech.

    The Human Rights Act says this:

    Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. This Article shall not prevent States from requiring the licensing of broadcasting, television or cinema enterprises.

    So it’s about as much use as a pig in a synagogue.

    The only solution is to return to the Real Law, whit at bare minimum says: Do no harm…
    Actually love thy neighbor. (But not his wife’s ass, eh)

  6. TMWKTMBNE says:

    Why can’t they route their www site from a server in another country? (not the USA, what about Venezuela, they seem ‘friendly’? )

    So, they are not then a UK website, under jurisdiction of UK authorities?

    I’m sure this has already been thought of and tried..?

  7. Anonymous says:

    We are under attack by those people who are in charge of the country, if not by their consent, by their ignorance and short sighted greed. We are being poisoned with geo-engineering (chemtrails), fluoride, aspartame, vaccines with mercury and other muck, additives in food such as aluminium (in deodorants too), genetically modified crops etc. We are being attacked by the utility companies outpricing their products so people can’t pay their electric/gas bills for fake global warming issues, yet now the government are allowing one of the most harmful projects to destroy nature, fracking! We are having our NHS broken down into little pieces so it will all be sold privately. We are at war with people who want to rid the nation of poor and middle class people, even the rich, it’s time we took control of our lives and insist that the poisoning and demolition of our society stops!!!!!! There are no excuses, no reasons to destroy our environment, except of course the reason is, to attack us all to drive us out of the countryside for agenda 21!

    See also:


  8. Anonymous says:

    The Government of repression-HMGOV,is alive to the TruthBearers and is running scared. Press (Iranian) TV was removed 2-3 years ago prior to what they thought would be a certain strike on that country. Last year Richplanettv was removed from Sky and now UK Column under attack.I have noticed some of my friends who are not hardcore activists are realising some items of newsworthiness are being ignored and propaganda style reporting is becoming more prevalent.
    If you can get some YouTube footage of the miners strike and the Stonehenge atrocities against ordinary people expressing legal concerns and right to assemble ; you will have some idea of what is coming under Cameron as it was under Thatcher.
    Sebastian Tombs

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