The flaws in UK government support for ‘fracking’ technologies

Fracking for Shale Gas — Extreme Energy in the UK

Lecture from SchAdvStudy London University

Paul Mobbs 

(author of numerous books including ‘Energy 

Beyond Oil’)

The Government in Westminster is pressing ahead with

support for a new set of “unconventional” fossil fuel 

technologies in an attempt to boost the UK economy. These

 technologies — shale gas (also known as “fracking”), coalbed

 methane and underground coal gasification — have a 

problematic safety record, and are known to risk serious 

environmental contamination as a result of their operation. In 

this lecture we’ll examine the technical details of these 

“extreme” energy technologies, what ecological risks they 

present, and the flaws in the reasoning behind the UK 

Government’s support for these technologies.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Off topic but very important! Tap, it looks like Chris Spivey’s site is being hacked again, especially as he is just about to release his expose of the Woolwich hoax. He has the police camped outside his house and ringing his doorbell.
    He has said if he is nicked tonight everything will be released by others.
    It looks like your site is being messed about with too as everything down the right hand side of the page is missing.
    stay safe mate and keep telling the world the truth.

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