The end of the road for Tony Blair – The Coleman Experience is back!

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It would appear that the end is nigh for warmongering, lying, Mossad rent-boy, Tony Blair.


We won’t forget his involvement in the death of John Smith, who was murdered to let in New Labour.
We won’t forget his collusion with demented slag, Margaret Hodge, over the thousands of care children who’ve been raped and murdered for decades.
We won’t forget his role in the staged 7/7 London bombings and the tragic shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes.
We won’t forget his sickening lies over the Iraq War, which resulted in the deaths of innocent British soldiers and thousand of civilians.
We won’t forget the hand he played in the murders of Dr David Kelly, Jill Dando, and Princess Diana.
We won’t forget his treacherous plan to flood this country with immigrants and destroy our once great nation.
We won’t forget his smarmy, perma-tanned, ugly, satanic face, strutting around the world stage making millions from our misery.

We won’t forget a thing.
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17 Responses to “The end of the road for Tony Blair – The Coleman Experience is back!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    this has made my day, i almost wept with joy to read this.
    thankyou for this exposure, and on behalf of all those people who dies in iraq, and the soldiers we sent to their deaths, and also the men from W W 2 betrayed in the graves by a filthy satanic war criminal, i say justice is coming, and it is coming soon.

  2. Anonymous says:

    blair must hang for war crimes
    i dont know what to make of this vid ?
    help anyone please..

  3. You won’t get him convicted.

    Do you think even if they said ok we’ll throw him under the bus to make you think we’re listening & Tony Blair was convicted of war crimes that all this would stop?

    But they won’t do that. Tony is far too good a psychopath to go to waste.

    Politicians are just the people at the customer services desk. They don’t run the show.

    What about David Cameron/Libya?

    War is to get in the corporations. Corporations own politicians. Once you’ve proved yourself as a good psychopath like Blair, you get to set up a foundation. These are ‘charities’ & are used to amass fortunes. When you’ve been in the game long enough, you get to own your own war-machine corporation, like Cheney.

    Corporations are owned by banks. The Chinese Development Bank & Chinese Construction Bank are doing deals with the government here to ‘invest’ in [take over] our country. These ‘deals’ are actually LOANS. This is how it starts. A country is eaten away from the inside by the tapeworm. If anyone steps up to protect the people & the country, they get the shit bombed out of them.

    Don’t kid yourself they care about nationalities. They only start talking ‘Britain’ when they’re getting you on board to start another war.

    You can’t stop them.

  4. Oh, & by the way:

    One Lesson Of Many On How To Cripple A Country:
    When they say HS2 will be funded by the taxpayer, that just means they borrow the money from China & we’ll pay back the loan. Or should I say, our grandchildren will pay the ‘price’. These Chinese ‘deal’s are being done, right now & under our noses to enslave us. Is there any way we can stop it?


  5. Somewhere in Europe says:

    Bush and Blair covered themselves already

  6. Anonymous says:

    The United Nations should be relocated
    to a neutral non-hegemonic-warmongering country
    that doesn’t seek to interfere
    in other countries’ internal affairs
    around the globe
    under the spurious and apparently catchall pretext
    of ‘national interest’.

  7. Somewhere in Europe says:

    Anon 10:16 Hear! Hear!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Before he’s humg for war crimes, would someone please nail that cap to his head. Dirty little…..

  9. The United Nations [originally the League Of Nations] is the blueprint for the One World Government.

    It should be dismantled immediately.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Nooka Your comments are consistently spot-on

    The United Nations is definitely the blue-print for what most people in the world DO NOT WANT!

    Just keep on saying it. Others on the web are and so must we, wherever we are.

  11. 3:12: The United Nations is set-up & run by the Global ‘elite’.

    They are worse than communists.

    The U.N. are behind Agenda 21.

    They are based in the U.S.

    They’re unelected & not accountable to the public, but are behind government policy.

    They run all the NGOs.

    The E.U. is a mini-U.N.

    A couple of examples: Common Purpose, child-snatching, land-grabbing by any means – U.N.

    They deliberately choose soft-spoken, slightly dithery spokesmen [actors] to make you think they’re not psychopaths.

    They want you to think they care. More & more control over THE WHOLE PLANET is being handed over to them via governments.

  12. IMF & World Bank – U.N.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Nooka You mean like Kofie Annan and his cool Swedish lawyer wife? So elegant!

    I have noticed that these Masters of the UNiverse have proclaimed all sorts of dire warnings over Australia. We do not have any one with any brains here, so these supra national authorities/experts are brought in to make their unique difference, and our stoopid government has paid something like 5 billion dollars to get their temporary seat at the UN.

    Makes me sick, all the while really intelligent Australians are silenced by what ever means legal or otherwise, to keep the PTB in charge. I am aware of the IMF World Bank and Feral Reserve ploys to keep Planet Earth resources for private profits, with UN a major instrument of plunder and exploitation. ‘They’ are also in Switzerland. Geneva to be precise.

    I am also aware that anyone who seriously challenges these authorities is eliminated/vaporized with impunity.

  14. 9:56: You do have people with brains – you. Please don’t take that as flippant.

    They are everywhere & are behind everything. They are in your local social housing associations, in your schools, in your environmental groups & doctor’s surgeries.

    They will destroy everywhere like Detroit &, like Detroit right now, people will beg the U.N. for help – running straight into the arms of the monster who created the nightmare in the first place.

    It makes me sick too. It makes me sad. Hang on to your soul. <3

  15. Anonymous says:

    Nooka my first comment about …not having any brains should have been in quotation marks, or perhaps I should have said my tongue was in my cheek, because only certain people with certain qualifications from certain institutions are the only heads allowed ‘air time’.
    Yes, it has been clear to me for some years just how destructive our societies are, which was always such a vexatious problem to me, since we have resources of every kind, to create a society in which everyone’s needs for food, shelter, health,education and spiritual well-being are met.

    So while I was vexed, I asked questions. Lots of them, to the point where I ended up in a pretty solitary position, where I remained, bloody but unbowed.

    I found a pretty special mentor who saw me thru the dark years, and I have come out the other end of that tunnel.

    So thank you for your wise comments here-it takes one to recognise one.

    What more can we do, but stand strong, knowing ‘the score’?

  16. 9:46 I get a lot of flak for this, but I don’t see a happy outcome to any of this. These big boys have always existed. They are predators & psychopaths & they always get what they want.

    All I can suggest is don’t let them change you or frighten you, never go down the ‘if you can’t beat ’em join ’em’ road & be careful of accepting ‘truth’ about your origins & the universe from others.

    The mind is a precious thing & is yours & yours alone. It is the bridge between your experience & your character.

    None of us get out of here alive. It’s how the journey affects you that matters.

    Stay strong & don’t lose your sense of humour. It’s a great defence against monsters & tyrants as they can never laugh at themselves.

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