Spivey’s blog taken down again

Off topic Tap, but VERY important. Chris Spivey’s site has been taken down after he released some of the information from his upcoming Woolwich hoax article ‘Look Back in Anger’. When the site is back up and running or the article is published I and others will post here. 
Many thanks.

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4 Responses to “Spivey’s blog taken down again”

  1. shirlz007 says:

    Operation Paedogeddon…
    51 MP’s are now supporting an independent inquiry and investigation!!! XD
    Thankyou Mr Goldsmith! (we’ll ignore the ‘marrying a Rothschild’ for the time being Zac)




    ‘Passports’… honestly! Who gives a fuck about passports… shame on you Daily Mail!

    This might be a good time to launch a ‘mainstream’ media and newspaper campaign in support? Mail? Guardian? Mirror?… Murdoch as usual can fuck off!
    Apparently Princess Diana may have been wanting to speak out in regards to decades of child abuse and cover-ups… I’ve never heard that (I know of the ‘Palestinian’ thing… but not child abuse)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh Dog give me strength …What some believe .you couldn’t make it up ..lol They don’t give a fig about child Abuse or pedophiles you must see that ..Mps Royalty.media ..

  3. NPP says:

    Chris. Cut out the ‘cunt’ language and it might spread the message more easily. The language is not my concern, this info is, but if you have a message to share, make it easily to share.

    Information that makes others nervous – that is another matter. Eliminate the ‘blars-fer-me’ and then at least we know you are being attacked for the message, not the language.

    Can’t abide all over body tattoos. Reminds me of over paid fotballers. Love Spivey’s work. Love football.

  4. Why people part with money via paypal donations in order for Chris Spivey to read the Daily Fail for them is beyond my comprehension.

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